Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Last night, 1,000 were arrested in Manhattan at different locations, mostly berating and attacking these Republican delegates. Lots of the delegates were punched, shoved, spat, pushed and insulted.

Was it nice? No. Did they deserve? Yes.

Why? Because for a long time, we listen to their opinions on how to live our lives, that we are wrong, that they are right. That they knew the best than us. When it is our turn to say something else, they turned their backs on us. They refused to listen nor reason.

That is where the confrontation has to come in -- it is a must.

One delegate said something about Jesus not condoning this -- one protester shot back, "Who would Jesus bomb?"

I'd like for these so-called compassionate Republicans to answer this.

Stephen Baldwin is now a "compassionate conservative Republican" because he said he is now a born-again Christian. Oh, gawd. People who called themselves born-again Christians are merely the core extremists of Christianity. They are the exact carbons of Osama bin Laden and his minions who are the extremists of Islam.

The elder Baldwin dismissed Stephen, saying that the religious right will use him until they're done with him -- and they will toss Stephen in the garbage can. That is true.

Born-again Christians, that name made me snicker and roll my eyes. Memories, memories. I was 15. My brother was 13. We were at a county fair. We were waiting for funnel cakes, I believe. Gary and I was chatting in public -- we are not ashamed to hide our language.

One woman came to me with a note. It reads:

I am born-again Christian, I can heal your deafness. Please pray with me right now.

I read it, was offended. Slowly raised my eyes to the bitch. I gave her the evil stare. I showed it to Gary who snickered at the note. I wrote back, "No need to. We are happy being Deaf, you're delusional. Go away."

She insisted that we listen. The guy who sold the funnel cakes signaled that the funnel cakes are ready. I told Gary about it -- we went ahead to pick it up, suddenly -- the lady grabbed Gary's shoulders and used her palm to grab Gary's forehead and attempted to chant or whatever she did -- I grabbed her wrist and pulled her off. I'm not good with using my voice. So when I yelled, it might sound some kind of wild animal shrieking.

She was terrified.

I'm sure she thought I was Satan on that day.

Born-again Christians are funny and lame.

So are the Republicans.


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