Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I Felt Bad For Him!

This occured during Deaf Way II Conference in Washington, DC two years ago. After the hectic moments in the massive lobby of Deaf Way II Conference, I plopped on a couch by the window, I get to enjoy the traffic and thousands of deaf people mingling. It was a spectacular scene to behold.

Suddenly, I saw Shannon standing few yards away from me. Shannon is a dear friend of mine who stood about 5'2 tall. Somehow, I looked around and saw a little boy wandering away from his parents who were talking to someone else. Right behind the little boy was a guy of taller height ... maybe 6'2 or so, the taller guy waved to get Shannon's attention.

Shannon turned to see this taller guy and shrieked. Apparently, she hadn't seen the taller guy in a long time. Suddenly, I noticed that the little boy was startled by her shriek and assumed that it was directed at him. Shannon then walked towards the taller guy who were also walking towards her. In the middle of the path was a little boy who thought Shannon was going to hug him.

The little boy then slammed into Shannon to hug her, as the taller guy crashed into Shannon to hug -- suddenly, Shannon was confused and shoved the little boy off and hugged the taller guy. The little boy was bewildered and confused -- then his parents ran to him and told him, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING ABOUT? DO YOU THINK SHE KNEW WHO YOU ARE? STOP ACTING LIKE YOU KNEW EVERYONE ELSE!"

I felt bad for him.

I never forgot that episode -- I really felt for him. He probably was traumatized.


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