Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Insignificant But A Milestone, Regardless

As you may noticed -- on my blogsite, there is a line that says "The world's one and only blog reserved for the legendary Gay Deaf Militant Terrorist" -- I am simply correcting this manner. It must be stated like this: Deaf Gay Militant Terrorist.

Why? Because I am Deaf first, Gay second. Always had been, always have been and always will be. For some hearing persons, it may sound strange. Well, to a hearing gay man, I am Deaf first. They look at me, not as Gay but as Deaf person first. Instead of being negative with my identity, I embrace it and turn it into positive for my sanity. Or I'd go insane and steal the machine gun from some postal worker and turn it on someone else! In that process, I might find myself on the national news.

Since Chamique Holdsclaw decided not to play for the Mystics for the rest of the season -- the Mystics woke up and won the last 3 games and is within a game of 1st place in the East. What does that says about you, Holdsclaw? Go back to Astoria and live in the projects, that is what it says about yourself.

About ad hominem attacks, it is all ridiculous. Jeff, you are no better, either. With your venomous attacks on everything that goes against your beliefs simply reflected your insecurities.

I already saw a group of Jews who are against Israel, but does that makes them less than being a Jew? No. Not necessary. It simply reflects the diversity within its spectrum of Judaism. The concept applies to every religion, including Muslims. Yes, there are Muslims who objected to the treatments. There are bad Muslims, there are good Muslims.

Recently, I went to the GLBT Center. There was a room reserved for Bible Study -- for gays and lesbians. See? They did not cease to be X-ians if they profess to believe in Jesus Christ. Religions are similar to the evolution. It changes over the time. All religions tend to be rigid at the beginning stage (which Islam is as of now), but over the years, it softened itself. Evolved itself to improve the relationships.

It won't happen in our lifetime, but in next few generations. It is something that not many people like Jeff or Amy wanted to accept and be quiet -- they just wanted an immediate change to their society. That will never happen.

Last night, I watched the documentary show on PBS about Miss America Pageant. In 1957, one commentator asked a contestant, "If a qualified woman wants to run for the President of the United States, who will you vote for?"

Her response was appalling but it also reflected her thoughts based on the society in 1950s. "I will vote for a qualified man because women are unstable and emotional persons and they need to stay home and take care of children."

This was not a Muslim. This was a white trash girl. So much for ad hominem attacks, though. Sorry but no cigar, Jeff.


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