Monday, September 27, 2004

Deaf Weekend

Virginia Cavaliers is now 4-0, after a 31-10 win over Syracuse. The combined score of the season is now 182-48. This week is "bye" and next week, they will face the angry, wounded Tigers of Clemson who is crippled at 1-3. Good thing, they will not play at Death Valley. They will play them in Charlottesville.

Speaking of Virginia Cavaliers, I received an email from Liz Sahin. That was absolutely cool! Eventually, we shall meet somehow, someday, sometimes in the short future.

My weekend was very nice and mellow. The kitchen in my apartment has been ... imploded and replaced with brand-new stuff. Now I can finally wash the fuckin' dishes. Praise the Lord.

I over-napped last Friday, that was awful. I woke up much later and decided not to go to DPHH because it was too late. Later, KB said that the DPHH rocked. I'm completley jealous. I went to Nowhere Bar as I needed a break from my apartment. Ended up chatting with a friend of mine who is a bartender. One straight guy barged in the gay bar with two females. They were drunk and accidentally spilled the drinks on my shorts which I do not really care much, though. But the straight guy kept on apologizing and kissing my right hand. And bought me a couple of drinks. Relax, studmuffin, now -- go away.

Saturday, Web and I ventured out to Columbia University on West 120th Street -- it was beautiful day and beautiful campus. Very quiet. Since it was Yom Kippur -- the Day of Atonement -- lots of cute Jewish boys walked around. Probably to the local synagogues, I stared and drooled. *sigh*

The reason why I went to Columbia University is to watch the FunnyZero play which is performed by three deaf actors and one hearing actor. To me, I have the standards. I like the dark comedy. I like the stuff that you can find in Bill Maher, Chris Rock and all that stuff. I do not like the "light" or "cute" comedy. But the play was all right as can be.

I met my old pen pal for the first time in years -- Vigilante! That was her last name before she married someone else. Later, I get to meet her son who is 5, soon to be 6 on October 17, he said to me. Absolutely cute. But again, I'm not family-type. Like I told someone else earlier, if I have a kid, I'll toss it in the trash can. I can pamper but cannot raise one.

I decided to stay home on Saturday night because the next day was big day for many of us. Mark, Manny, Merritt, Lee, Dorian and Masa came in NYC from DC for Deaf Awareness Week Festival at the Lincoln Center.

I noticed something ... many people often said that I tend to talk too much, but in the last few years, I noticed that I underwent some kind of transformation -- I do not talk much, I get the kicks out of watching people. I smiled or snickered when one said the wrong things to others, or shared their opinions as FACTS to others. It was funny.

For example, I saw one guy telling the guy: "Did you know that I had a meeting with Ben Soukup in his office in Sioux Falls? Yes, true biz! It was strange for me!"

I'm like, "Who gives a fuck? I sat next to Ben at Deaf Way II and guess what? I never said a word to him because I do not find him interesting at all." No big deal.

Saw Karl Ewan, he was quite busy. Too bad, I could not say anything beyond "hi" to him. Dorian Fletcher is nothing new. He is still dramatic from DC. He fed me with cheap gossips which I am already saturated with! He also attempted to drop the bombshell which I yawned at -- that my childhood friend was diagnosed HIV Positive. Told him that I already knew. He gasped that I already knew. Knowledge is power.

It was good to see Margie last Saturday night. I was bit surprised that my blog does get around somehow. I shouldn't be surprised but still, a part of me is full of ego, a part of me wants to sulk a little.

God, I love Mark. He's crazy as usual. He is the one who inadvertently ended up on the stage with me in front of 1,000 spectators in DC few years ago. We had a lot of conversations to catch up and it was great.

It was good to see Lee ... he seems to age a little and matured a little which is much better than before.

Merritt and Manny, what can I say about them? They are just ... Merritt and Manny. Always dynamic duo from day one.

Thanks for a great weekend, lovers!


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