Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Preemptive Strike: Bomb Dunkin' Donuts!!

There are days that I absolutely cannot stand hearies. Today happens to be the one. This morning, as I was heading to work, I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts. There was a long line.

Sensing the long line and hectic time, I wrote down the orders on my pad to save the time and hassle.

Little did I know that the workers at Dunkin' Donuts would blow it out of porportions. These people need to be murdered savagely for driving me nuts this fuckin' morning!

I wrote down on a paper pad:

2 - Croissant sandwiches with egg, sausage and cheese

Was that too difficult thing to comprehend, hearing people?????? Please fucking answer this question!

The lady at the front saw me giving her the note to read, she told me to wait and told a fuckin' customer behind me to order first. I interrupted and said it was my turn, not hers. The lady then took my note but did not read it, she went on to get another paper and pen and gave it to me to write down. I yelled at her to read that fuckin' note.

She rolled her eyes at me, then read the note. I fumed.

Shortly, she gave me No. 2 combo deal with a coffee and a croissant sandwich.

Fuck you, bitch. I said "2 - Croissant sandwiches with egg, sausage and cheese" -- not a fucking No. 2 combo deal, you dumbfuck cunt fuck!!!! Stop fucking wasting my fucking time!!!

It took a fucking 30 MINUTES for them to clear this up -- and give me the exact things I wrote down clearly on a fucking pad!

Suffice to say, I was not happy with hearing people this morning. I leered at every hearing person who walked by me on the way to the office. If I was Mordru, they'd be massacred right away. Slaughtered without any remorse.

But after arriving at the office, where I see few people of my kind, I felt much better. Back to normal. Hearies can make my living hell sometimes after a simple order.

Why do you fucking do that, hearies?! Next time, if you cannot handle a simple order, get a fucking shotgun and blow your head out, please!


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