Saturday, September 18, 2004


Last Wednesday afternoon, I had the days off on Thursday and Friday in addition to the weekend. That was fantastic! Benis and I went to a local bar in Greenwich Village to meet Web and Surdus and finally meet a studmuffin from Burlington, Vermont.

That dude is cute, charming and nice. Smart and funny. Blah, blah, blah.

Benis and I ventured to XL Bar where I ended up drinking too much. Alberto, Web, Surdus, Nick, Benis and I had a good time cruising and chatting. Then we thought, why not participate on a game show at XL called 'Faggot Feud'? Benis asked to sign up for 29th of this month. The participants are me (for sure!), Benis (Of course!) and the rest to be announced shortly!

So it will be Deaf vs. Hearing! I hope we ambush them. Leave no mercy or pity for anyone else. Open and close with heavy casualities! All I know is that if it is confirmed, the drama will escalate at Faggot Feud. Guaranteed!

We'll steal Amanda LePore's spotlight and put it on us for the rest of the night! Sorry, Ivana Dix and Missy Take, that evening is NOT yours!

The next day, Benis, Cynthia, Tanya and I went to The Hole and The Urge. Corey Tut isn't working at The Hole any longer, I believe. So it is bit dull than normal. The music screeched. Too hot. Off to the Urge, saw two deaf newbies -- one moved from Seattle, one was visiting from some town in Pennsylvania. I was the VEE-VEE at them. I was heavily buzzed.

At some point, the deaf guy from Seattle has a boyfriend whom he introduced him to me. Shortly after that, these two deaf persons left. The hearing boyfriend stayed behind at the bar, I watched him making out with someone else. Then he looked at me and said, "SSSH!"

I'm like, "Ugh, fuck yourself."

I ended up being locked out of my apartment for 3 hours, courtesy of Cyn and Benis. Thanks a lot, Cyn and Benis!! (I lent the keys to Benis who went to sleep earlier, which is why I was locked out)

Meanwhile, while I was stucked outside for 3 hours, I stumbled on something interesting. It is fun and cool. Check this out.

The next day, I was baffled to see a green turd in the toilet bowl. Wonder if alcoholism played a role in this? I only drank cranberry vodka and jagermeister! No, I did not eat asparagus or whatever that spells the shit. Later, my turds turned back to brown, thank God. Time to ask Tobes for advice since he is Jag Queen.

Benis then left for Norfuck. Needed a break, Me! Later, Surdus convinced me to stroll down to Mr. Dempsey's Pub for DPHH event. If you don't know what DPHH is all about, tough shit. Not in mood to explain nor educate. Not my style to spoon y'all. Had a nice and mellow time. Blah, blah, blah.

This morning, I woke up around 8 AM after a loud thunder -- then saw a bright flash of lightning right outside of my window -- I freaked out. My bed is by the fuckin' window. It rained hard -- I ended up sleeping on the couch -- to avoid the 'lightning strike' on my futon bed. Don't need to be electrocuted and fried in a compromising situation where everyone can develop a wild conspiracy theories about me and my futon bed!!

Got to watch Legal Blonde 2 and Serendipity. Reese can be so good at being a bimbo, is she?

I'm heading to New England with Shane and Chris who are hearing fags (*gasp!* Call the Press! RT is now meddling with that kind!) on October 1 - 3 to visit Dartmouth College (Chris' alma mater) and to relax in the folliage where I probably will lay in hot tub naked with Shane and Chris in the cold weather.

Can't wait for that ...



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