Friday, September 03, 2004

SK SK to Republicans

Republicans' time is done. I hope the delegates' time were tarnished in NYC. Mayor Bloomberg said that the protesters were trying to destroy New York by heckling the delegates. Actually, Mayor Bloomberg is dumbass. He always spew comments, then people tried to object and he shuts them out. What can the protesters do? Find a way to get the message across, through anything else.

Look at French Revolution, the masses staged an effective revolution by forcing their demands onto rich people and chopped their heads off. So rich folks, be careful with how you deal with the masses, we are so poor, so violent people. Boo!

Sometimes I'm tired of dealing with politics. Bloomberg administration is corrupted. Bush administration is corrupted. Many companies are corrupted. Everywhere I turn, there is a corruption. It is interesting to mention that many people who worked in these corrupted organizations tend to be religious. Go figure.

Last night, I was supposed to meet a "deaf, gay guy" from somewhere in the Midwest, I think. He is in town for US Open and wanted to meet at a certain bar. I arrived about 20 minutes late because of heavy traffic between 24 Street to 43 Street. Damn ... and I never found him. Instead, I stumbled on in some old friends ... chatted a little before they left. Hung out and analyzed people. It is interesting.

Benis is arriving tonight around 10 PM. It is Friday night! Partee? Nah. Bedtime for me. I'm gonna watch the tube and munch some meats, snacks and all that stuff and fall asleep -- let the cat rob me of my food. Maybe.

I'm talking nonsense.

That means what? I'm fucking tired.

I hate the extremists. I hate the Chechen militants. Shooting children is not the way to fight for independence. I hate the Al-Qaeda. I hate Bush.

Ow. Ow. My head hurts. Must go.



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