Thursday, September 23, 2004

Tony's Challenge!

When I was a kid in VSD, there was a younger kid named Tony. He had some kind of fetish with fire alarms. He thrived on getting attention when he pulled the fire alarm and forced everyone else to come out of the building.

At one point, he did it every night around midnight. Especially on a dare by others (probably his roommate), he'd ran past the houseparent who frantically chased him down but to no avail and he'd jump and bang.


The fire alarms blared. Many weary and tired boys ended up being moody and sleepy. Some cried for a moment of sleep. Some cursed Tony. Some laughed. Some in the state of daze after suffering the flashes in their eyes when the flashlights struck them in the darkness. Some walked out with the pajamas. Some walked out just with the white socks and white fruit of the looms underwear. Some came out of the building barefoot with a bright color underwear. When I was 8 or 9, it was not the time to check the erections or bigger dicks. Never thought about it.

For a week, pulling the fire alarms were a routine. Many houseparents became frustrated and decided to phone the local fire department who came to scold Tony. Apparently, one of the firefighters who did not want to deal with a deaf person about the hazards of pulling the false fire alarm. The firefighter told Tony that he already wired all the fire alarms, that if Tony attempts to pull it again, Price Hall will explode.

If that does not excite Tony, I do not know how anything will.

Tony walked into Harrison Hall, the cafeteria and announced that the firefighters claimed to wire the building with explosives if someone tried to pull the fire alarm ... "And I will pull it tonight because I hate this dorm!"

Many boys were in awe of Tony who seems to be bold and presents a formidable challenge to these wicked, evil houseparents who used their voices to bark around.

Several boys debated about the merits of packing up clothes. I thought it was ridiculous but my roommate, Jia, begged me to do the same because my comic books will be burned to nothing! I freaked out -- we all packed up and put it by the door, knowing that tonight is the inevitable.

Right across the boys' dormitory is Carter Hall, which housed the elementary girls. They also heard about this incredible story. They clamored to wait and tent out in two bedrooms overlooking our boys' dormitory.

The night came. Tony zoomed past and jumped.


I panicked and ran out of the dormitory, forgetting my luggages and books. I turned to see Jia only in his flip-flops and white underwear, pushing his wooden chest out of the dormitory. I saw Roger running out of the dormitory with only underwear on his body with his 3 heavy luggages and tripped over the wooden chest which was pushed by Jia. I thought of my comic books and tried to run back inside. But I was denied the entry. Lots of boys ran around and pleaded to get clothes before it explodes. The fire trucks arrived. We all saw the girls staring at us from these bedrooms in Carter Hall -- they are enjoying the free views of young boys running in their underwears.

and yea, the building never blew up anyway.

The next morning at Harrison Hall, many boys were ridiculed by girls. And Tony was the ultimate King of Price Hall. For a week. Before he was booted out of school.


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