Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Islam & Islamophobia

Some people are decidedly retarded to start with. All religions has growing pains. They went through a period of massacres & wars to justify their beliefs and claims in the name of God or Jesus Christ or Ridor.

Islam is fast-growing religion and perhaps, the youngest religion of three: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Islam is only 1,400 years old. It is experiencing a period of disarray and disagreements among the members of Islam, which indicated that it is positive.

Don't tell me that I'm wrong on this subject -- I got an A on History of Modern Middle East, and an A in Cultural Geography under one of tough professors at Gallaudet ... at ease. I had no problem passing these classes. Why? Because it is my subject ... because it is something that I am interested in. I am utterly interested in Balkan region, Caucasas region and Middle East -- even to a point where I hope a fucking asteroid crashed in the region just to shut everyone else up and finish it with the holy land crap.

It is much more than just a religion when it comes to a conflict in the region. It is utterly stupid and silly of Amy Kurz to decide that it's a Muslim thing. I guess, for her, her background from Pensacola, Florida and Mobile, Alabama indicated that her intelligence is all but a shallow one.

The problem lies not with the religion but poverty and rights. Many Muslims lived in a place that does not allow them to have the personal rights. They cannot vote, they cannot have a decent job, they cannot have the rights to change the laws. All their lives are in the controls of some kings. Plus, many Imams & clerics are illiterate and owned by the kings who has money. The kings often told the Imams and clerics to tell the others what to do. When the Americans have the bill of rights to protect themselves, the masses of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq and Yemen looked at them with jealousy. They felt that it was unfair of Americans to proclaim these rights and yet, give the money to their kingdoms to oppress the masses. That is why they retaliated with the 9/11 terrors.

It was expected thing to happen, like it or not. How do we break the cycle? It is all about the mentality and the fairness. It is not about a religion. Osama bin Laden is wealthy person who has one advantage -- he is capable of manipulating the illiterate, bitter young men who are jobless and hopeless to help him out with the wars. So Osama bin Laden wanted a holy war, not all Muslims wanted that. Osama preached to the people who are hopeless and frustrated because he knew it is easy avenue to get them to do the works for him.

When people like Amy kept on accusing Islam of doing things as it did not -- Osama is winning. I personally believe that all religions should be crushed and put away permanently. And if I was the ruler of some world -- all people like Amy would be put to a dungeon where they will never see a sun again. Never to utter a hateful word ever again.

Of course, I am the only person who can utter a hateful word to anyone else. But certainly not anyone else.

Saw one deaf woman last Friday wearing the Bush/Cheney campaign button. I was surprised and asked her why. She said she supports Bush/Cheney because her church said she must support them. "My preacher told me that Kerry is bad, Bush will help to kill Muslims. Muslims are evil, they support Satan. They will kill our children. We must support Bush/Cheney. Yes."

I groaned. See?

I rest my case. As always, my hatred is much better and dignified than yours, Amy and X-ians.


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