Wednesday, September 22, 2004

To Sistah Berna ... !

Ridor and Berna For Good Old Times

Berna is my close friend of many years. There are priceless moments that we did together. The hours we spent at IHOP and Denny's talking from 11 PM to 5 AM during the school days. The adventures of our lifetime -- Tucson, Las Vegas, many bars, Great Falls and many more. It was insane. Truly insane. But I treasured it very much.

Berna hails from Bergen, Norway -- she once claimed that her mother would look down at me because of my appearance and antics. I ended up winning her mother's admiration, anyway! Berna was flabbergasted and stunned. Her sister is insane!

To Berna, good luck with your journey into the sisterhood of Alpha Sigma Theta. Do well and when you're done, slap your new sister, Rima Cornish for me.

With Love,


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