Friday, September 24, 2004

Where Is That Bottomless Pit?

It is amazing to observe the tactics of Republicans. They kept on breaking the new lows.

Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif) has been outed. There is a rule within Congress that family members cannot be employed by their senators/representatives in the offices. This faggot lives with Brad Smith, who is his Chief of Staff. Brad Smith is also the highest paid chief in the government. Do I smell the stench of liberalism? Nope, conservatives are the stench. David Dreier called himself the conservative Republican.

In Arkansas, there is the mass distribution to the rural voters by the Republicans National Committee. They sent the postcards to warn or scare the rural voters that if one votes for Kerry, they will expect that the Holy Bible will be banned, and that the gay marriage will be allowed. Is this a new low by the Republicans National Committee? RNC Spokesman admitted that they circulated these lies. Where is the apology for this false information?

And this one just came out of, gotta love Michael Rogers for doing his job. He just outed Jay Banning, who is the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Administration of the Republicans National Committee.

It is sickening that we have too many Roy Cohns in the Congress, and it was certainly no surprise to see many Republicans imitating Roy Cohns from day one. Denying people the rights but hide their pleasures and rights for themselves.

Fuck them.


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