Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Who Is He?

Today, I strolled to a not-so-bad diner at the corner of 14 Street and Avenue B. There is a guy who works there named Christopher. To me, he is just average twink. A guy who shaves his chest and legs. A guy who went to a gym just to work out for 30 minutes then spend 180 minutes in the locker room doing what God knew all along. These type of guys that I do not find appealling. But Christopher is nice fellow. Always tease me for some reasons unknown to myself.

Today, he grabbed my crotch and groped me in front of patrons inside the restaurant. I was startled and looked at him, he passed me the advertisement. Oh. My. God. This fella is going to strip at CBGB's Gallery on September 18 at 8:45 PM. I groaned.

Christopher then spoke in a clear speech, "YOU ... MUST ... COME ... OR ... I ... WILL ... KICK ... THIS." He probably used his voice, loud enough for others to hear him barking at me.

I asked by moving my lips but in a silent manner, "You wanted me to see you strip?"

He said, "YOU ... MUST ... COME!!" Christopher kept on pointing his finger at me in my face.

"Oh, shut up, get that finger out of my face." I used my hand to scoff his finger away in a teasing manner.

"I'll be there to see how tiny one you have, ok?" I chortled. Christopher laughed out loud and said, "OK!"

He then allowed me to proceed to have my lunch.

Men in New York can be slutty.


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