Thursday, September 23, 2004

Quote of the Week

Today, after the meeting at workplace, I quickly went to a convenience store to get the snacks (No lunch or breakfast and my stomach was threatening to behead me for not living up to its promises). After dealing with a funny Egyptian guy who runs the convenience store -- I swear that this dude flapped his hands more than I do on a daily basis!

Anyway, upon returning to the office, something caught my eye outside of the building where some deaf people mingled. I stood and watched one elderly deaf person at the age of 88 which I found out much later that his name is Ben.

He signed very eloquently and very smooth with fingerspelling which is remarkable if you compare him with Rayni, really. ;-)

However, Ben confronted that nutty deaf woman who uses "Bush/Cheney" button, Ben said something that impressed me, considering the fact that he is 88.

"If you vote for Bush, you are asking for trouble! At 88, I already saw many presidents come and go, and Bush is the worst of all."

Bingo! This fella is just wise.


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