Monday, September 20, 2004

Yes! Bush Is The Recruiter for al-Qaeda

For a long time, the al-Qaeda supporters wanted to gain more support against the West. After the bombings in Yemen, Tanzania and Kenya -- they still lacked the support. Many Muslims were horrified at Osama bin Laden and his cronies' antics.

Then 9/11 occurred. GW Bush responded by taking over Afghanistan but failed to find Osama bin Laden, his cronies and Taliban Mohammad Omar. He *failed* to do that. Instead, he went after Iraq and Saddam Hussein, where lots of moderate Muslims became disillusioned with Bush's arrogance. What Bush did sealed the exact thing Osama bin Laden hoped all along -- that Americans would trample the Arab World -- by alienating the moderate Muslims, Bush unwittingly became the al-Qaeda's best recruiter.

With the intelligence reports coming out, Iraq's future is not bright. It is filled with darkness and a possibility of civil war. Thanks to Bush & Cheney, who murdered more than 10,000 Iraqi civilians as well as more than 1,000 US soldiers. Plus, many of US contractors are beheaded.

There was a mother of US soldier who confronted Laura Bush and attempted to question her about her son's death. The mother was blocked and arrested. Awesome display of compassionate conservative.

GW and Laura Bush played the public for too long. GW Bush was well-known for snorting cocaine at Camp David while his father was President. Laura Bush killed someone else when she was drunk driving. They only used "born-again christian" status to protect themselves. Their daughters are much worse than Chelsea Clinton -- they are just tramps in comparison with Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton's daughter.

Basically, karma will take care of its sinners. LOL.


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