Monday, September 20, 2004

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Britney Spears got married! Do I really care? Actually, yes -- to an extent. I just wanted to know how long she'll last with this one.

GOP Leader Dennis Hastert mentioned that the al-Qaeda are encouraging the voters to go for John Kerry. That is a new low for Republicans. Let it be known that the 9/11 Commission mentioned that in August 6, 2001 -- the intelligence folks told President Bush that the al-Qaeda is plotting to attack America, probably by using the airplanes. Guess what our Prez did? He went on a month-long vacation and did nothing to notify the FAA or anyone else in particular. Nothing. Well, I could go on the record that President Bush is working with al-Qaeda to create the diversions in this country. Go figure. After all, several of al-Qaeda's goals are being fulfilled by these cronies in White House when they went after Iraq.

That 70s Show which is featured on Fox TV has began an advertising blitz that claimed that it has a show that everyone will talk for years. That it was so shocking. It showed Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) with a new haircut. And his Dad knocked him out by the front door of the house. That his friends are shocked with Michael. The signs are pointing that ... Michael Kelso is coming out of the closet. I hope, that would be ... so twink! Ashton is hot, Michael Kelso is not. Case closed.

Ahh, Virginia Cavaliers football team is 3-0 and ranked No. 12 after the lopsided wins of Temple, North Carolina and Akron (the combined scores was 151-38). Up next is Syracuse. I believe that the Cavaliers are few years away from winning the Big One. But for this season, they probably will finish 9-2, judging the schedule. Coach Al Groh is that good.

That faded orange team whom I despised in Knoxville -- the Lady Vols. Their infamous Meeks (Holdsclaw, Catchings and Randall) seems to fail in making their marks on the WNBA. Holdsclaw used her medical reasons to disappear from the team, Randall never did well in the WNBA and announced that she's leaving the WNBA to be an Assistant Coach at Michigan State. Catchings is now using the crutches, nursing her wounds. So much for the Meeks to rule the world. Har, har.

Speaking of Women's Basketball, The Slam Magazine's Top 25 for Women's Basketball is ridiculous to start with. Louisiana State and Tennessee is the 1-2 Punch. That makes sense, but Baylor is No. 3? *shaking my head*

Last night, I was cleaning up my computer's hard drive and I discovered the pic of Virginia's Liz Sahin and Duke's Alana Beard playing in the ACC Tournament. Liz Sahin is from Turkey. *gasp!* She is Muslim! She has a tattoo! She wears shorts and tank-top uniforms! She dyed her hair! She has her hair shortened! Blasphemy of all, guess what, she is still Muslim! The picture should point out that Amy and Jeff Kurz's arguments about Islam is simply flawed. Islam has a wide spectrum of diversity, like it or not. Liz Sahin is a living proof that Islam is more than that.

Liz Sahin Chases Alana Beard

I felt bad for Marshall U., of Huntington, West Virginia. They have a great football tradition. One of my college buddies' father is (or was?) one of these assistant coaches at Marshall. It is not big name school like Southern Cal or Florida State but it has a long history of Football excellence. Marshall struggled to have a big-time schools to play them in Huntington so they had no choice but to play at their homes. They lost to No. 9 Ohio State in Columbus by 3 and to No. 3 Georgia in Athens by 10. Where is your guts, Ohio State and Georgia, to play in Huntington, West Virginia? You'd be massacred by 20, dumbfucks!

Speaking of dumbfuck, Web and I wondered if these terms, dumbfuck and idiotfuck, are being said by the ordinary hearing persons or is it just the deafies only? Oops! Did I just offend myself? *rolling my eyes* In ASL, it is easy to sign dumbfuck and idiotfuck, but with the voice? I have no idea. Inquiring mind(s) want to know.

Guess what? I'll stay in Hanover, New Hampshire with Shane and Chris. Hanover, New Hampshire is situated on Connecticut River and the home of Dartmouth College. By October 1, the fall folliage should be in full force. We already reserved the time slot at the local spa resort not far from the hotel. My massage therapist's name is ... check this out. Har, har!



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