Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Interesting Scenario

Benis and I hung out recently and we were having a good conversation in ASL on some street in Chelsea. We were interrupted by a hearing guy who signed something to Benis. He quickly introduced himself to Benis, completely cutting me off and ignoring me off. It took a moment or two for Benis to introduce him to me. He glanced at me for a second then went back to Benis. Focused on him most of the times.

I was nauseated by the whole scenario. So was Benis. He asked Benis if he's single. When Benis said nope, he asked if we were together. Again, no. It was just irritating and annoying to a point where I wanted to bash his skull in.

In 15 minutes' span, this guy probably looked at me for, like, 45 seconds, and the rest was on Benis.

Later, Benis said that it was annoying as well.

Last Saturday night, Amanda LePore, that trannie thing at Boysroom tried to grope Benis and urge him to strip.

I really felt for Benis. He is good looking guy, good enough for anyone else in the world. But he happens to have a mind of his own. He's smart and all that. He may be a twink but he is also intelligent (same thing goes for Awon) and I find him very interesting to chat with. Which I cannot say the same thing for many hearing gay twinks in this country.

So naturally, it annoyed me to see guys hitting on him just because he looks hot. When he withers, will they continue to harass him? Or chasing the younger guys? Just to satisfy their lust for "youth"?


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