Monday, September 27, 2004

October 15th

You know, October 15th should be considered as the national holiday. If people wanted to represent this country in a proud manner, October 15th is the perfect date.

Why? It is the Midnight Madness for NCAA Hoops! It is the starting date to practice and get ready for the fierce competition of NCAA Basketball, Men and Women. Go Virginia Cavaliers! As for Virginia Women, I'm curious about Takeisha Granberry, Sharnee Zoll and Denesha Kenion -- the newcomers on the team. Will they be able to turn the pessimistic tide of last season into a winning one? I'm sick of Connecticut and Tennessee hogging the Top 1-2 for the last 5 years.

Good news, Louisiana State is No. 1 -- bad news, Virginia probably will face them in Baton Rouge if they beat Arizona State in Women's Sports Foundation Classic Tournament. As of now, Virginia is virtually unranked in many magazines and newspapers -- a first in 20 years or so. Of course, I am not happy camper at this moment. Coach Ryan, if you fucked this season, you must be fired.

On other hand, I smiled with a glee that Florida State's Quarterback, Chris Rix is injured. He injured his ankle. Boo hoo. I never liked him or his arrogance. He was busted and fined by the campus security after some people told the security officers that Rix was using the handicapped parking tag to occupy the handicapped parking spaces. And on his website, Chris Rix professed to devote himself to the "Glory of God and his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ". Man, I love his website because it made me snicker so hard. So bad. Ugh. Rix is overrated and ridiculous to start with.

I have news for you, Chris Rix -- God does not give a fuck about your accomplishments on football field nor does he cares about winning or losing. People like you need to see that God has better things to do than to cheer for you, you prick. Oops, maybe that is why you got an ankle injury. To see that there is more to life than football.


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