Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Kappa Gamma Is Overrated

Many years ago, I was interviewed by Kappa Gamma thugs. I was instructed to sit on this particular chair where they would blindfold me. Then led me to an interview room. I wore an expensive suit. When they took the blindfold off from me, the first thing I saw was Brian Bippus & John Hencker on a table. I could feel the heat of the candle right next to my ears. 

Apparently, they put the candles very close to my ears. After going through the bullshit, I was pulled out of the room. After they took the blindfold off from my head, the first thing I see was the candle waxes were all over my expensive suit. 

I remember seeing Bob Dramin telling me, "Sorry about that. You have to go now." I remembered asking him, "Why did you guys do that on my suit?" I remembered him saying nothing. 

That was a major turn-off. They had the audacity to put the candles near my ears. David, what was that for? Was that even necessary? I tried to have the suit cleaned at a local dry cleaning store and the stains were so bad that they told me that I'd have to toss it away and buy a new one. I was stunned. You see, that suit I wore was the first and last time I used. And the so-called Kappa Gamma fraternity ruined it all. 

Even as of today, they still never paid me for the damages they did to my suit. 

This is one of few things that I disliked about Kappa Gamma. I had many friends who are in that fraternity. It is hysterical. They often spoke shit against each other when they are away from each other. But whenever they got together, they act like they are best pals. It is comical. I was roommate with one, and it was comical. From that point on, I knew I will never submit myself to that mentality of theirs. Needless to say, I chose the other fraternity.

One thing I liked about my fraternity, Alpha Sigma Pi, is that whenever we get mad at each other - we say it up to each other right away. Say it *now* so that we can move on past this. We would have a massive argument right there on the spot, never mind if it is in private or in public, the important thing is to get it off from our chests. Which explained why I am at ease chatting with my brothers than I'll be with these so-called but fake brothers in Kappa Gamma.

For boys who joined the Kappa Gamma fraternity, they did it not because they wanted to experience the "fraternity" feeling, they knew that if they joined, they would have "privileges" to get around. Which is overrated if you ask me. I know because I saw their paperworks and all their secret shit. 

Some of my good friends are in that fraternity. I must admit that it took some time for me to be accustomed with them - turns out that some of them are able to be themselves. Many do not. Keith Clark is a good example of what happened in the last few years. But whatever.

Anyway, I'll give you the link which you get to read what Scott Vollmar & Jesse Saunders created the PowerPoint for their pledges back in 2001-2002 when they were at Gallaudet. 

Today, Scott Vollmar is the ASL Specialist at New Mexico School for the Deaf (NMSD) and Jesse Saunders is the Coordinator of Youth & Outreach Programs at Gallaudet University. How disturbing is that, really? 

That link has 112 slides. As you can see, Vollmar & Saunders pretty much demeaned anyone outside of their fraternity. They also glorified the abuses. Whenever they held someone else in contempt, they would type in very *tiny* font. What kind of message is that, really? 

They celebrated the abuses. 
They made fun of pledges.
They demeaned women.
They trashed other fraternities.

And today, Vollmar & Saunders holds the positions that may make an impact on Deaf youths. How warped is that? It is mind-blowing thing, right? But to me, that is Kappa Gamma. They are full of contradictions to a point where I knew everything to them is not noble nor honest to start with. You'd have to roll your eyes and mutter to yourselves, "Here they go again."

In my fraternity, I never had to experience that kind of thing - I remember my pledge experience, it is all about us, my fraternity and everything within it. That's it. We don't worry ourselves about anyone else outside of my fraternity. 

When I saw 112 slides, I must admit I wasn't surprised by its poisonous messages. It is something that I kinda expected from them. But you see, I know Jesse & Scott, they are nice when you talk to them in person. But the problem is: Whenever they get in that so-called fraternity, they changed into something that is not something to be proud of. So are they really good people you get to know on daily basis? You do not know. That is the part you'll always wonder for the rest of your life, "Is he nice to me? Or is he using me?"

It is no wonder that Alex Abenchuchan has notified Kappa Gamma that he wanted no part of this fraternity from now on. When I first met Alex, I thought he was great despite the fact that he's bit high-strung on Christian beliefs. But I was surprised that he joined Kappa Gamma. I guess by going through the whole thing, Alex realized that it was a mistake from the start. So recently, he cuts them out just like that.

I hate to say this: What Alex Abenchuchan did was very brave but he will be ostracized for that. 

Food for your own thoughts: Look at ViableVRS fiasco, the majority of guys that got caught with their hands in a cookie jar? They are members of Kappa Gamma fraternity. 

Figures, eh?



Monday, July 08, 2013

Gee Whiz, Kappa Gamma Ruined Keith Clark, That Is For Sure

For a long time, I consider Keith Clark a good friend. When he was going through the rough patches, I checked on him from time to time just to see if he's doing well. He did. He was fired at two different locations because of his improper actions in Anchorage and in DC. But I still was there for him as a friend when many abandoned him.

Often when we were at Gallaudet, we would go out and party. It was always fun to hang out with him.

Recently I was puzzled that he quietly unfriended me on Facebook. Needless to say, I was curious so I contacted him upfront on that. 

For many years, Keith and I always had a good, honest & straight conversation ... until he joined the Kappa Gamma fraternity. I think the fraternity has ruined him as whole. Ever since joining the fraternity, I can see that Keith was not honest with me as he kept on making evasive & vague comments each time I tried to have an open conversation.

I knew that he had two brother & sister - both are erratic to start with. I'm not crazy about Paula Clark mainly because she does not regret what she did many years ago - she drove the SUV on Kendall Green and ran over a couple of students who were sleeping outside defending the rat funeral. Yes, someone got injured and all that, Paula was drunk. That was inexcusable. That was Keith Clark's younger sister.

And today, Paula is Mental Health Therapist at Deaf Community Services of San Diego. Imagine that. How crazy is that? I would not want her to be my therapist knowing that she never publicly apologized to the victims who were injured by her actions.

And today, I got a message from Keith Clark telling me why he had to unfriend me:

"Ricky... I had to unfriend you because your actions and words have negatively impacted so many people I know; friends, clients, co-workers, family and more. I cannot keep you on my friend list while also keeping relationship with them... I had to choose what I thought would be best for me at this time. Thanks for understanding."

Whoa, Keith had the audacity to say that to me? After what I did for him when he was fired at two locations (due to the inappropriate behavior, that is). Man, Kappa Gamma ruined a good person and made him think of himself before the rest.

Keith claimed that I impacted on his clients, co-workers, family and more? That is such a lie and he knew it. For that, I'm coming publicly to dish the dirt on his past. And Keith, guess what? This is what you get for siding with your fake friends whom was not there for you in 1st place.

Good riddance!