Friday, March 22, 2019

Facebook Tried To Silence Me And It Won't Work!

Someone associated with Illinois School for the Deaf did not want my post to be out to be aired.  So they tried to remove my post and had Facebook suspended me for 30 days.

All because I exposed the sexual abuses at Illinois School for the Deaf.

Since they removed my post, I'm going to leave this original post on my blog for the world to google and find out.

* * *

Charles Hicks
After checking the sources trying to identify the individual at ISD that the state of Illinois is investigating regarding the sexual trysts/relationships between a staff and a student, I am able to identify the person with 100% accuracy.

Because this school has a long list of staff members having sexual/love relationships with the students in the last 50 years, it was not easy to make sure that that person is the one that the state is investigating.

There are half-dozen staff members who are still at ISD, there are several staff members who are placed on administrative leave with pay, some lasted for years. So the question was:  Which one was the one that the state is investigating?

I am able to pin on the person, his name is Charles Hicks.  Hicks is well known Deaf family generations in several states.  He is currently on administrative leave with pay at ISD and was instructed not to leave the state when he is under the investigation.

Charles Hicks is also the longtime boyfriend of Marybeth Lauderdale, the former and hearing superintendent of ISD.  In fact, Marybeth was the one who set in motion for cued speech program at ISD, throwing the school in turmoil.

Marybeth is now the Director of Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.