Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Root for Brian Ellner

I'm not political when it comes to the local stuff -- despite the fact that I am currently living in Philadelphia, I still heart Manhattan and Brooklyn. I may return to Manhattan when I am done with my dreams in Philadelphia.

Nevertheless, someone whined about this advertisement which Brian Ellner (Democrat) is campaigning to be the President of Manhattan Borough. He is gay. Since I could not hear what it was being said. I sought a cute hearing guy to write down. He did it. I was amused by the advertisement.

The script goes like this:
He says he promotes life but sends our soldiers to die. He says he'll leave no child behind but he won't fund out public schools. He claims he's a uniter but new yorkers know; the emperor has no clothes.

"Hi I'm Brian Ellner and I'm running for Manhattan Borough President to stand up for our progressive values and it starts here. I grew up in Stuyesvant Town and I know something about New Yorkers. We tell you how we feel, we don't apologize for what we believe, and we're not afraid of a fight. I'm Brian Ellner, and this is my partner, Simon.

Vote Brian Ellner, and make New York proud.

It does not hurt that Brian Ellner is cute as well. So is Simon. If I was in New York, I'd vote for Brian Ellner. Something different. Something new.



The Aftermath Pictures

I was surfing the 'net and saw this picture -- it made me wonder. Why are the cars' trunks open? Is it a new safety feature that pops open under pressure?

Here is the example of levee being breached. It is not small. It is huge one.

This is interesting, a tornado touched on a chicken farm in Georgia, probably sending thousands of white dots in the air for a little while. It'd be funny sight to behold. For sure, this place stinks!

Wow, the oil rig is stuck under a bridge in Mobile, Alabama -- it was pushed by Katrina into the bridge. It only takes 145 MPH to do that.

My friend told me that he stopped by the local gas station. They're out of regular unleaded. And, expect this to happen sporadically everywhere else. Blame it on Katrina! Blame it on Katrina! Blame it on Katrina!

GW Bush flew to New Orleans. He looked so gay when he stepped out of Air Force One with his ugly dog in his right arm as he walked to the helicopter to survey the damages in New Orleans. He boarded his dog on the helicopter. Sounds like the exact thing that Merritt Holloway would have done, right?

Here is our local idiot, Michael Micaravage, the leader of RepentAmerica who harassed gays for years -- he said that God destroyed New Orleans because of gays. Who's next? Anyone to wage bets who will say the most stupid things in the coming days to lay the blame? Only time will tell.


Well, well, well ... !

Click to read the comments on the image.

1. Gas prices. Blamed on Katrina as usual. What a crock of shit.

2. Levees breached. You know what is so funny? One person commented in French Quarters that they were spared by Katrina when the Hurricane headed up north. That there was minimal damage and no "flood" prior to the levees' collapses. I was holding my breath because I knew Katrina would pull a sucker punch. And she did.

I knew the levees would be breached *after* Katrina left the town, know why? The soil in Louisiana are saturated with water, the soil rejected the water and it went into Lake Pontchartrain. Of course, the lake grew bigger because Katrina dumped the rain on it as well as other water that flowed into the lake. Then the city of New Orleans attempted to pump all water that were rained on the city into the lake -- overflowing the capacity of the lake itself -- it breached several levees and flooded the city. Then the water pump tried to pump it back into the lake ... again, just to make things worse.

Basically, it was a time bomb waiting to happen in the first place.

You see, the environment where New Orleans is is not designed to support a major city. In fact, it is swamp. For years, people drained the swamps out of the land and make it a city. It is fitting that Katrina attempts to restore its nature by burying the town back to the original state.

For years, there were no communities on coastal areas. Look at Savannah, St. Augustine, New York, Jamestown, Baltimore, Philadelphia --these towns were situated not on the coastal area -- they were situated far inland bit outside of the coastal areas. Tthe people back then knew that it is not always safe to live by the coastal areas because of hurricanes.

But Time has changed -- thanks to our capitalism, it practically ignored the safety of others by providing what people wanted. Supply and demand, basically. People liked the beaches, they have the money and means to build a community right on the beachfront. In the last 100 years, The beachfront communities exploded all over the eastern seaboard all the way from Maine to Texas!

These communities are subjected to be taken care of by our mother nature's plaything: Hurricanes. Which is why Biloxi, Gulfport and others were trashed just like that.

It is not that I'm malicious. It is how the mother nature operates. We can either accomodate or challenge the mother nature's whims.

If people really wanted to keep New Orleans intact -- Jason Lamberton and I had a conversation via the IM recently and frankly, we had the same thing in mind. In fact, we IMmed each other at the same time of our "imagineable solution' for the city of New Orleans -- drain Lake Pontchartrain. It was frightening that we had the similar idea.

Simply close the flow into the Gulf of Mexico (mainly because it is on the same sea level) and drain the lake as much as they can -- sell the water to the West -- perhaps New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona or California? Build a massive pipeline from the lake to the southwest -- hell, Alaska did, did they?

Try to keep the lake down as much as 15 to 30 feet below the city. It is a possibility. Hell, the city of New Orleans can make bottled water called Lake Pontchartrain -- yeah, I know the lake itself is salt water but ... we can remove the salt and make bottled waters! Not bad idea ... the possibilities are endless -- they can simply drain the lake to prevent it from breaching the levees ever again.

We cannot get rid of hurricanes but we can modify the arrangements *around* us -- the only option is to close the lake and drain!

How did the hurricane come in formation? Well, you can always blame Africa, really. There is a natural phenomenon called Intertropical Convergence Zone, also known as ITCZ. It is situated near the equator where the northeast trade winds and southeast trade winds merges and created the low pressure that caused the tropical atmosphere in Africa.

These low pressures soon drifted into the Atlantic Ocean where it occasionally, thanks to the solar heats, worked its way into Tropical Depression. If the winds reached more than 39 MPH, it gets a name from the National Hurricane Center as well as classify it as Tropical Storm. If it goes over 74 MPH, it becomes a hurricane. They added "Category 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5" not a long time ago to define the might of hurricanes. Basically, it is ITCZ that produces hurricanes. Yes, the warm waters played a huge role in this. It was said that the Atlantic Ocean used to have less than 10 Tropical Storms/Hurricanes but thanks to global warming, we have more than 10 per year. It is still a theory amongst the scientists and meterologists, though.

Now, you can see why I can echo with the old man in the image above. He seems to be wise, is he?



Tuesday, August 30, 2005

8.30.05 Tidbits

John Constantine Is Cool: I watched the flick today where Keanu Reeves performed as John Constantine in Constantine -- perhaps some people do not like because it touched the issues of Heaven and Hell altogether. I loved when Constantine said, "God? He is like a kid playing with his ant farm."

When Lucifer failed to beat John Constantine, you could see John flipping him the middle finger. So dramatic! It was great to see that so-holier-than-thou angels were flawed as well -- especially with Angel Gabriel who turned out to be more of a human than an angel. That bitch. Keanu, as always, rocks my balls!

Way To Go, Arizona Daily Star! In Tucson, its own newspaper, The Arizona Daily Star, a newspaper for a conservative town like Tucson has had enough of Ann Coulter's antics as they dropped her syndicated articles as of now after she chortled that NYC would surrender if someone attacked the town. Good riddance, bitch!

Which One Is Better? Last Saturday, I was invited to a barbecue by a hearing but heterosexual friend of mine. I observed that they had the keg of beer, buffalo wings, burgers, hot dogs and condiments. It made me realize something ... gay men hosted barbecues a million times better than heterosexuals do.

What Do You Say To This Pregnant Woman? Last Friday, I saw a pregnant woman walking into the local bar and ordered White Russian drink, much to my chagrin. Nobody objected. I wondered what am I supposed to say in this situation? Should I walk over to her and say, "Honey, get an abortion, please?"

Mama Gotti Is Still The Champ! I watched the latest episode of that "Growing Up Gotti" where Mama Gotti and her boys flew to Italy for the summer vacation. I could not stop grinning when Mama Gotti seemed uninterested when the bus drove by one ancient building which is the Italian landmark of some sorts, she said, "Let's be serious! New York has these! I'm telling you, we are spoiled! New York has everything -- my grandfather said that Asians and Europeans fight to get in New York! We have Park Avenue, Madison Ave, 6th Avenue and many more. What does this town has that New York does not have?"

Later, they went to a decent italian restaurant where Mama Gotti was horrified when she learned the lunch she had was produced by an Indian chef, not Italian chef! Mama Gotti, despite the fact she is Italian, tried to communicate with some guys in Italian -- she ridiculed the folks, "Can you say this word? Cheap-o! Cheap-o!"

I'd love to have her as my mother for a week. Serious case.

She rocks.

Frankie, John and Carmine are still hot, fYI.



Monday, August 29, 2005

The Question Is: Is It Wrong?

A certain fellow referred me to and I browsed through the latest Fiscal Year budgets from different agencies for/of/by the Deaf. Oh, man. Is Communication Services for the Deaf supposed to be non-profit organization? What about the Captioned Media Programs? What about National Association for the Deaf? It mentioned the salary figures of prominent persons which I think the readers should know. After all, it is legal. If hearing people can do this, so can they.

At CSD according to 2004 FY Budget
Benjamin J. Soukup, President/CEO: $729,596
Patty Kuglitsch, Corporate Secretary/Compliacne: $140,634
Randy Gerloff, Corporate Treasurer/Chief Financial Advisory Officer: $357,795
Dr. Roslyn "Roz" Rosen, Consultant: $105,417
Jim Skjeveland, Senior Vice President of Contact Center Operations: $158,539
Dr. Phil Bravin, Technology & Research and Development Officer: $172,409
Ann Marie Mickelson, Senior Vice President of Interpreting Operations: $212,382

Except for Rosen, all lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota which is relatively cheap place to live. I completely understand that they are in these positions, but it is non-profit organization which does not really mean anything to larger non-profit organization -- why so enormous? Hell, I need that 30K out of Soukup's salary annually, really!

At NAD & CMP according to 2004 FY Budget
Nancy Bloch, Executive Director: $108,994
Andrew Lange, NAD President: $0
Anita Farb, Director of Outreach and Communications: $61,920
Kelby Brick, Director of Law and Advocacy: $55,336
Bill Stark, Captioned Media Program Project Manager: $98,669
Dianne Stark, Captioned Media Program Production Developer: $88,272
Jason Stark, Captioned Media Program District Manager: $68,587

I have no objection to these except for three Starks -- I think it is conflict of interest. I'm not familiar with this stuff so I'll leave you to your own imagination.

At Gallaudet University according to 2003 FY Budget
I. King Jordan, President: $513,364 with deferred compensation up to $69,304
Paul Kelly, Vice President of Administration and Finance: $268,301 with deferred compensation up to $36,221
Dr. Jane K. Fernandes, Provost: $233,263 with deferred compensation to $31,491.

Gallaudet also paid $217,958 to two investment firms in 2003 to manage their investments ... I think.

Gallaudet University Alumni Association according to 2003 FY Budget
None earned more than 90K. I guess they are that POOR! Contribute bit more to GUAA when you're in DC for Gallaudet's Homecoming!

Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness, Inc. according to 2004 FY Budget
Dr. Patriicia Hughes, Executive Director: $106,627

Nobody comes closer to her salary figure because there is a high turnover ratio at GLAD.

Deaf Counseling, Advocacy, and Referral Agency according to 2004 FY Budget
Rob Roth, Executive Director: $326,259 $89,252.

No one came closer to his salary figure at DCARA in Bay Area. I wonder why it pays more than GLAD in Los Angeles? As of now, Rob Roth resigned from his job and Jim Brune is now the Interim Executive Director.

UPDATE: Rob Roth informed me of an error which I checked and can confirm that he did not earn $326,259. IN fact, he earned $89,252. Thanks for letting me know so that I can correct this, Rob.

DeafREACH according to 2004 FY Budget
Sarah Brown, Executive Director: $68,645

Perhaps the only reasonable organization of all that is pretty fair.

New York Society for the Deaf according to 2003 FY Budget
Kathleen Cox, Executive Director who cannot sign worth a shit: $80,892
Elaine Weiss, Director of Housing who cannot perform anything: $59,622
Linda Lawson, Chief Financial Officer: $55,797

There are names on NYSD that I chose not to list because they are no longer working at the agency, what's the point of pointing if they do not work there?

As you can see at NYSD, these three persons hold so much power at NYSD -- Lawson, Weiss and Cox -- all cannot sign nor read anyone's signs. It is travesty that we allow these people to take over the operations and act in "good faith" or "goodwill" to represent us. Please get rid of people who cannot sign worth a shit.

Any comments?


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Few Tidbits About Katrina

Best Quote of the Week: Michael Seward, 45, reported that going to Mississippi is “That’s a fate worse than death.” He quipped that he fled from Mississippi to be in New Orleans a long time ago. Probably because he cannot deal with idiots that runs rampant in Mississippi.

Southern Decadence Jeopardized? New Orleans' famous Labor Day Weekend of hedonistic activities for gay men called Southern Decadence may be threatened with Katrina's destruction of New Orleans. Now, come to think of this, this may be the reason why Matt Drudge is interested in this -- he probably wanted to sneak to New Orleans for Southern Decadence, he has to keep tabs of what is going on in that town before he can arrive on 2nd of September. If the town is inhabitable.

Other Than Tornadoes, Floods ...: We have to keep in mind that not only the debris will float around the city of New Orleans if they are to be submerged by the nearby lake, there will be some interesting sights to see tomorrow morning -- know why?

The sewage plant treatment is right next to the levee, it surely will be flooded and all things that can pass diseases are out, floating. Want more? There are cemetaries in New Orleans which has coffins stacking upon the other as part of French Catholic tradition, they will float as well. Want more? Throw in some bayou alligators and snakes in the mix as well.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity to ride the city out -- if anyone else managed to survive, they are going to have several books lined up to be written about their experiences with Katrina in New Orleans.

One Bargoer Drops F-Bomb on FOX NEWS Reporter: On Bourbon Street, recently around 5:30 PM, Fox NEWS Reporter found a bargoer on the Bourbon Street drinking and played a videogame. He asked him why he's still around. The bargoer snapped, "None of your fucking business!" Suddenly, the reporter responded, "Good answer."

Whites Can Leave, Blacks ... Stay! I was watching the reports of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. As you already knew, thousands left New Orleans. Some cannot afford to leave the city as they either walked, hitchiked to the local shelters. I saw the footage of folks coming in SuperDome to ride out the storm, I noticed that the majority, I mean huge, of the people that seeks the shelters are African Americans. C'mon, what's that? This implied that the gap between two races has not improved significantly?

Which One Makes The Landfall? Many Meterologists claimed that to make the landfall, the eye of the storm has to on the landfall, period. I can understand the technical means of others to indicate that the storm's eyewall has arrived -- but the troublesome part of the storm tends to be the outskirts of the eyewall, so when it loomed into the coastal beaches, I consider it arrived. Not the eyewall itself, but that is me.


What Airlines Does The Best -- Discrimination!

After reading Kevin's suggestion, I emailed JetBlue through its Speak Up page about the in-flight captions.

They responded. In fact, they were lying. I checked with Jason Lamberton about it, he confirmed that they said the same thing 2 years ago when he rang them up about the in-flight captions.

As you can see, we need to whack some baseball bats in these airlines for perpetuating such discrimination on Deaf customers for too long. Boycotting will not help because they viewed Deaf customers to be "insignificant" numbers to deal with.

Here is the e-mail that I received from JetBlue:
Re: email received Friday,08/26/05 11:48 AM, Speak Up 1089962

Dear Mr. Taylor,

Thank you for your email regarding closed caption on the DIRECTV® system used on JetBlue aircraft. At this time our DIRECTV® system is not capable of decoding closed caption signals. However, we do have our engineers investigating ways for us to offer closed captioning in the future.

Please know that JetBlue is in full compliance with regulations regarding customers traveling with disabilities. We appreciate your interest in JetBlue and look forward to welcoming you onboard another JetBlue flight soon.


John Adams
Customer Commitment Crew
JetBlue Airways
Crewmember 21996

In fact, they are lying. DIRECTV is capable of decoding captions on all modernized TV sets! I knew of several friends that has DIRECTV in their homes. IN fact, they decoded just fine.

Did you know that they are working on a plan to modernize the planes with a system for hearing customers to use the cell phones for their convenient means? If they can do it, that is utterly unfair because I think the captions has to be done first before satisfy the damned supply and demand factor!

Obviously, the diplomatic approach as Kevin suggested has resulted in another bullshit by a hearing corporation -- so what is the next option? I'm in favor of something else.

I'm sick of dealing with these hearie liars.


Hurricane Katrina Part II -- Welcome Back!

After its brief but weary lash of South Florida, Hurricane Katrina has regained its strength then added some to make it category 5 -- which means the winds will exceed more than 155 MPH and can spawn many tornadoes at one time.

This appeared to be a direct hit on New Orleans. Historically, hurricanes often missed New Orleans because of its Mississippi Delta which prevented any hurricanes from going straight to New Orleans. But this time, it is category 5 -- which means it has the strength to absorb the impact of Mississippi Delta and head down to New Orleans.

For the continuous update of Hurricane Katrina's progress, check this link.

New Orleans is a town that is below the sea level, it used the levees and water pumps to pump the water out of the town into the nearby Lake Pontchartrain. But this time, rain will flood both areas -- which means what? When New Orleans attempts to pump the water into the lake, it will be flooded and spill it back into the city -- in other words, the city of New Orleans will be submerged.

After all, it is Republican state, do I care? No.

Of course, I love the hurricanes. This one may be the big one in years. Of course, I'll keep an eye on the development. People should not be so concerned about it, after all, they do not live in the region. Folks from New Mexico should not issue an entry, urging people to do this, that and there. This person never experienced a hurricane in his lifetime -- it is ridiuclous. In fact, the whole concept of hurricane is a blessing and a curse in its own way. Its first impact is always devastating -- but the nutrients that it mixed the soils during the heavy winds and rains made the soil fertile and rich possible. Consider it a blessing in disguise, already.

With this hurricane of big strength, it probably will hold its strength for two or three states until it dissipates. Following the jetstream, they probably will roll through the Virginia highlands and Pennsylvania -- that's where I'll say "Hello, Katrina!"

I am willing to bet you few dollars that the oil prices will increase this week because the oil companies will say it was Hurricane Katrina's fault! Totally bullshit. A decade ago, there were many hurricanes that rolled in The South, not a cent of gas prices increased. What is the difference?

It is greed, simply put. Something that the oil companies does not want to admit. Even the Republicans knew but denied it.

Welcome home, Katrina. Have fun bashing the Big Easy! Oh, by the way, where is GW Bush when the natural disaster strikes this country? Of course, on vacation.



Ridiculous -- No, No -- Make It Ludicrous!

The miseducation of Deaf people's needs continues to plague us all. In Russia, this is no exception.

This is such a retard of anyone else to say that with the Cochlear Implants, Deaf Culture will dissipate. That is not entirely true. Like George Veditz once said, "When there is sign language, there will be always Deaf Culture around us."

Deal with it, Valery Panyushkin. Valery is definitely stupid.

Read this and laugh if you want to. I felt bad for Sasha, he is being duped by people who claimed that he'll be hearing person after getting the Cochlear Implants. But too bad, there will not be any articles that will do the follow-up on the surgery 's process and see if he'll be the last one standing. The whole thing is farce -- in fact, even if he got the implants, he'll still be Deaf, whether if you like it or not.



* * *

From the newsroom of the Kommersant, Russia, Saturday, August 27, 2005:

The Last Deaf Mute

Sasha Mitichkin can be taught to hear and speak

by Valery Panyushkin

Sasha Mitichkin is two years old. He can't hear. The doctor says that Sasha is too little to suffer because of his deafness. He doesn't understand yet that people speak but he cannot, because he has never heard it being done.

The boy accepts the hearing aids his mother puts on him when he gets up in the morning as interesting toys, as other boys have toy stethoscopes. With the hearing aids, he boy hears faint, indistinct sounds, 20 percent of what people normally hear. The game ends at night. Sasha's mother takes the hearing aids off and puts him to bed to sleep in total silence.

They live in Voronezh. Sasha's mother Marina is a doctor by training, but she didn't understand that her son doesn't hear until Sasha was a year and a half old. Marina had some sort of infectious disease when she was pregnant. She didn't say what kind of disease, and I didn't ask, because she was already embarrassed by the involvement of a stranger in her life and her son's. “Maybe you don't have to photograph me? Maybe only Sasha? He's handsome and smiles all the time. I'm not very pretty any more and don't smile very much,” she said.

Marina's son was born deaf because of the infection his mother had during her pregnancy. But you can't tell whether newborns hear or not. Marina shook a rattle over the baby while he was in his crib and he followed the rattle with his eyes. Everyone thought he could hear. The doctor says now that the baby had exceptional eyesight, even peripheral vision, because of his deafness. All his mother had to do was lift the rattle and Sasha was watching and followed it with his eyes not because he heard it, but because it was red and shiny.

When Sasha was a little bigger, it seemed to Marina that he always turned when she called him. Or almost always. The doctor says that, because of his deafness, Sasha is disoriented and doesn't feel safe. He looks at his mother more often than she calls him. When Marina called him, the boy looked at her simply because he tried to keep her in view all the time. He couldn't tell that she was near otherwise. He couldn't hear her.

When Sasha was eight months old, he said his first word, “Mama.” Martina was flattered. When he was a year old, he still said “mama,” but nothing else. And when he was a year and a half old, just that repeated syllable ma.

Marina took the boy to the doctor. An audiologist in Voronezh said that Sasha had fourth-degree hearing reduction, that Marina had to buy hearing aids and work on his speech development. The doctor also recommended that she take him to Moscow for further examination. In Moscow, they said that Sasha was profoundly deaf.

They work on his speech development any way. It seems that Sasha hears a little through the hearing aids. Marina shows the boy a postcard with a picture of a cat on it and the boy makes a sound that resembles meowing. She shows him a picture of a dog and his make a sound similar to a bark. Marina beats a drum and the boy marches in time to it. He doesn't like that exercise, but not many people like marching. It's possible that he doesn't hear anything even with the hearing aids, and is just trying to make his mother happy with what he has learned by chance, meowing at the picture of a cat and woofing for the dog picture. He could be marching to the drum because he sees the drumstick rising and falling, not because he hears the drum.

I ask Marina if she takes him to kindergarten.

“No,” she answers. “We have a kindergarten for deaf children. They teach children sign language and lip reading there. But we need to teach him to hear.”

In a few years, there will be no more deaf children on Earth. The technology for cochlear implants already exists. It allows children who are born deaf to hear normally. Crudely put, the hearing aid is not placed on the ear but implanted in the head. But the operation is very expensive. Sasha's parents don't have the money for it.

In a few years, cochlear implants will become cheaper and more accessible. All deaf children will have the operation and will be able to hear.

Sasha Mitikhin will be one of the last deaf children on Earth.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Only In New York!

Thia happens only in New York.

Chicago? Maybe. Los Angeles? Likely. Richmond? Never. Miami? Never. Houston? They would be silenced somehow.

But in New York? Anything goes. If you are pissed off at something else and you decided to do something about it -- people will pick it up. At first, someone saw this guy masturbating on the subway train. This girl took the picture of this guy discretely. Mentioned about it on flickr and Craigslist (Craigslist rules! Nice cock on ugly guy but on subway train? Totally tasteless!) -- then suddenly, several bloggers picked it up. Then the NYC's Tabloid, NY Daily News picked it up. Now DrudgeReport is picking it up.

Only in New York, my dear, only in New York! The town where you can retaliate on anyone else for doing something so tasteless.

On Another Note: My friend, far away in the Midwest, IMmed me to mention that she noticed something odd about the distribution of DeafDigest operated by Barry Strassler, "Why is Barry Strassler doing this at 2:30 AM in the morning?! Makes you wonder why he does it at nighttime, is it?"

That is good question, I wonder about that as of now.


M-Ann Coulter Is Still Dumb Bitch!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAccording to this website, Ann Coulter, whose her gender was questioned a while ago, mentioned on the FOX NEWS Cable Channel that if Islamic Terrorists attacked New York, New York would have surrendered, just like that.

This bitch is nuts! She claimed to reside in New York but she obviously limited her means of transportation in Upper East Side. Outside of Upper East Side, there are many groups that would go out and destroy the intruders who dares to mess with the way of life in New York.

How? We have Italian Mafia. Russian Mafia. Orthodox Jews. Puerto Ricans. Gangs in Harlem. Dominican Republicans. Gangs in The Bronx. Gangs in Queens. Bad-assed gays & artists who are very protective of their arts in East Village. They won't surrender at all. These folks knew the city better than anyone else -- they'll kick anyone's ass before they attempt to overtake the city. Why do you, Ann, think New York is the greatest city in the world? Because we have these people to back it up.

Ann needs to have her face disfigured permanently.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Bitch Session X

Disclaimer: This session was written not by me -- actually, I wrote only three -- the rest were compiled by readers via the emails and some via the IMs. I am not responsible for any comments that were produced against someone else. If you were targeted, you may defend yourself in the next session by retaliating as well. Happy readin'!


* * *
I *heart* Ricky Taylor! He is funny and real to the core.

Offering $20 to straight men so they can unzip or unbutton their jeans for you to suck their cocks, Kenton, is an act of desperation.

You have a great sense of humor and laugh/smirk, RT

Dorian has bubblegum ass. No need to insert a penny in his asshole. They will bounce and go up down for free.

Too bad that you are not getting laid or having dates. Says something about who you are and your lack of appeal and shallowness.

Dear God, are you there? Dear Jesus, please save me and fellow Americans from President Bush!

Ann Lynn Smith has no class! You don't invite people to your wedding and not the reception and you don't invite people to the reception and not the wedding. Are you cheap or stupid, or both?

I *heart* Katie Roberts

Joe, cut out the smothering smoochiness. It's too much sometimes.

Give all the hands more powers!! Check this site out!

Tiri Fellows- sorry the sex was lousy! At least you got a kid out of it :)

Jade is the best! Beautiful strong woman! See her website at She has cool new trailers!

The NYC heat (and humidity) wave has been quite horrible! Hurry up, thunderstorm with your majestic ground-rumbling thunders, cool heavy rain, and the cleansing drama you stir up and sweep away. Come to NYC, please!

Anderson Boy, as you aged, you looked awful. Bitter. Sad. Paranoid. Do us a favor, drink some urine and snort some Meth.

Chris Brawner, still mop the floor as everyone walk on it?

Anthony Mowl- If you lost weight and dropped your arrogant girlfriend, you would be hotter than Brad Pitt in my eyes.

AJ, AJ, AJ -- telling people that you got this virus by rape is a lie. You knew it. You barebacked all the time. Please do not accuse my friend that he raped you -- it was not. It was your ex who gave it to you, don't ever lie!

Joe Santini, you are the saving grace of myself. I will always treasure our friendship for I fully appreciate everything you've given me- and I'll say it once again with feeling! (*cue music*)

Love ya Ricky, you the best!

LAUREN ABBOTT MAUCERE: Ever wonder why your husband, "the" JOHN MAUCERE of Deafywood fame didn't marry someone from good ole' Gally? Ever wonder why he married someone (you) much younger than himself? IF you haven't started wondering, then you should start....IF you have been wondering, then you are on the right track! Many of us who know him are saying, "Oh yeah, not surprised he married someone younger & naive and not from Gallaudet to avoid her knowing him too well...."

Amy Kurz: Anyone with two IQ points above you knows that you are full of crap. "Ratexxxxxxxxx" only proves one thing, that you set this person up, and pretended to be a someone else, then attack that person. Sorry to notify you that nobody is buying this crap.

It is so unattractive of Rosey to make such threats on a girl who dumped her for what kind of person she is. But was I ever surprised? No, not at all. In fact, it is not the first time that a lesbian like her would accuse someone of raping her ... long after the partner decided to terminate the relationship. My dear Rosey, first this girl, second this another girl and now this particular girl -- grow up. Stop crying "wolf" each time you get dumped. One day, nobody will hear your cries when a real rape occurs. How pathetic would it be?

Your blog is mostly about Ridor, and you went ahead and set up an Anti-Ridor blog?!?! You must really love Ridor that much to do this. Do me a favor, forget him, forget your workplace back in Iowa, and forget those people already!

Alberto looks like a RAT with ADHD and serious drug problems. He is in the right city - NYC. He has lovely neighbors, the NYC rats who are his cousins. Your mama must have fucked one of them large cat-sized rats.

Cynthia, let's see how many months are left before you have a hole in your nose due to cocaine use.

I am in love with Ricky Taylor! He is the hottest man I've ever fucked!

Melissa is two-faced bitch. her beauty are fake.

Fuck you whoever gave all the new Gallaudet freshmen a lobotomy. Never before has this campus been invaded with such stupidty.

Did anyone sees Mr. HK after he sheds 35 lbs? Very hot.

You moved out of Iowa to set a new life, how about do it already? It is still there, waiting for you to start. If you keep clinch to the old life, the new life will go away.

For your bitch session ... heard Suzy Stecker was fired from CSD due to her infamous poisoning people and turning them against each other. What's new huh????

On the top of the email says:

No, bitch. You have the cold heart to send me a stupid email! I can't stand that mumbo-jumbo crap which only festers and breeds spam and virus sharing among the attached email addresses! Holy Hell!! Get a life and stop forwarding those shitty emails!

It is over, Amy's blogsite is gone! Long Live the Ridor!

Why can't people be like Rayni?! With her flashy attitude with homemade wits, who cannot resist hanging out with her? She kicks anyone's asses with her winks.

Carrie, when will you ever update your blogsite?

Ridor, when will you show up on Jason's VLOG so that we can make fun of you about your appearances?
(Ridor's Note: Very soon, you bitch!)

Adam Novsam and Eric Scheir: stop inviting yourselves to parties and gatherings in Seattle. Nobody likes you and you two need to accept that!

Virginia Cavaliers Women's Basketball Schedule Is In!

Category: Women's Basketball

I know you guys do not care about the sport but I do. I'm looking forward to the new season, the new era, the era that will bring the national championship to Virginia since we got rid of losers and is bringing new players in.

The season, in my opinion, is very challenging for a team that has only one senior and for the team that lost 5 seniors -- these 5 seniors are the group that lost more games than anyone in the school history. They compiled the miserable 68-54 record in 4 years, simply unacceptable.

In November, Virginia Cavaliers will play at George Washington in Washington, DC and in St. Thomas, Virgini Islands where they will square off against Alabama. If they win against Alabama, they will play Minnesota, the same team that eliminated the Cavaliers from the 2005 NCAA Tournament. Only one home game will be featured in November versus Wright State.

So it is easy to assume that I will be in DC on November 17th to 20th. It is a must, for me. Merritt, Travis, Manny or Burke -- host me on that weekend? Lambykins, wanna date? Sonny, convince your wife about Virgin Islands! Time is running low.

In December, Virginia will play Harvard and Marshall at home in addition with its own tournament where they will host Boston University, Holy Cross and Yale. Their two away games will be at Seton Hall and Richmond.

It is interesting to note that Marshall is the only school in its mid-major conference I had been following ever since the program signed and brought a deaf player, Ida Dotson, to play for Marshall. Ida Dotson is 2-time Gold medalist for Deaf USA Women's Basketball team, thwarted Sweden's hopes to dethrone the hold on Gold since the first Gold Medal game of Deaflympics Women's Basketball. No, Ida already graduated from Marshall two years ago.

In January, Middle Tennessee State and at Marquette are the only non-conference that will play against Virginia -- then it is all about the ACC, what a brutal schedule -- Florida State twice in a month, NC State, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Miami, Boston College! Boston College is the newest addition to the ACC slate.

Then in February, Virginia continues to play Virginia Tech, Maryland, Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Clemson and one non-conference game versus Longwood.

For sure, on February 5 is the date that I will return to DC to watch Virginia taking on Terrapins. Perhaps, Darlene and I will heckle at each other at Comcast Center. Coach Brenda Frese is cool woman, she is going to take Maryland to high heights -- I'm hoping that Virginia gets there FIRST!

So I boldly predict that Virginia Cavaliers will finish the season at 26-7 and a return to the Sweet Sixteen in the 2006 NCAA Tournament!



Remember Barry Winchell?

Since the 9/11 occurred, the GW Bush Administration and his cronies has drummed up the patriotism and support for the United States Armed Forces. They insisted and believed that by going into other countries is the answer to deal with terrorism. If that is the case, how come we did not even find 6'6 Osama Bin Laden?

When Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan, the military went on to tell the world that he died fighting the Talibans. IN fact, he did not. He was shot by his own soldiers. *Imitating Dr. Frank-N-Furter*: "What a guy!"

By chasing the phantoms do not solve terrorism, we need to apply pressures to the nations that oppressed against the mass which drove them to do the acts of desperation, which the fundamentalists embraced. By doing that, deaths would be averted in the first place. But now, we are merely playing tic-tac-toe game with people who hated our way of life.

When I see the yellow ribbon that were tied on some posts, trees and yes, bumperstickers, I grinned. For a long time, according to the military's observations, yellow is a symbol for cowardice. But somehow, it evolved to the idea of courage. Whatever suits you is fine with me. But at least, each time I see one, I know the truth.

Not only that, we went to Iraq under a false pretense that Saddam Hussein has the Weapons of Mass Destruction. So far, more than 1,800 US soldiers were killed in Iraq. More than 14,000 were wounded.

You know, many of these casualties were done in very brutal fashion. Many people were plainly killed or maimed with either severe or light injury. Am I touched by their "heroic" performances? No, not necessary.

Why? Barry Winchell. Remember him? He was the Private First Class of 2nd battalion, 502nd regiment at Fort Campbell Kentucky. He was only 21 years old when he was savagely beaten down by Calvin Glover and Justin Fisher while he was sleeping. Why? Because Barry was seeing pre-op transexual. It was well known that Barry was harassed by Justin and Calvin for a while before Justin egged Calvin to take his Louisville slugger bat to whack Barry when he was sleeping. The beating was so brutal that his mother could only recognize him by his tattoos which reads: "I heart Mom".

Of course, the hateful, anti-gay, homophobic atmosphere at Fort Campbell was pretty hostile towards Barry. When Barry ran along with his battalion, there was a song ridiculing gays, "Faggots! Faggots!"

Is this supposed to be professionalism? Is this supposed to be the ones we should support in the War on Terrorism? Frankly, I do not care nor support a soldier that much, why should I?

Suffice to say, Barry was only 21 when he was killed. The officials at Fort Campbell was quick to deny that it was hate crime but only after the persistent coverage by the national media which the officials conceded that it was hate crime, after all. Why deny it in the first place? Why did not they do something to protect their own? They were supposed to be better than us. They often clamored to be the "one for all, all for one" -- in this case, they utterly failed PFC Barry Winchell.

Calvin Glover was sentenced to life in prison but he can get out after 15 years. Justin Fisher was sentenced to prison for 15 years but probably get out after 3.5 years. Was this justified punishment? Of course not.

If one wants to see a film about Barry Winchell, they can rent "Soldier's Girl" like I did recently tonight. I heard some about Barry Winchell but after seeing the film, I checked the backgrounds on Barry Winchell on the Internet -- let's say, it was travesty.

So each time, a soldier gets blown apart in Iraq, they probably deserved it. After all, what did they do when Barry needs their help? They turned their back on Barry.

So much for Sempfer Fi.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Jeff Carlson Battles Hurricane Katrina

My good friend, Jeff Carlson, is in North Miami, the epicenter of Hurricane Katrina's path. As of now, Hurricane Katrina is bulldozing through Miami at 90 MPH.

My brother, Gary is in Florida City, whereas Jeff is in North Miami. I paged Jeff because I wanted to talk about something else. Suddenly, he told me that he is in the center of the violent storm -- I completely forgot about it. It was Hurricane Katrina rolling in his neighborhood, just north of Miami.

Here are some edited comments by Jeff Carlson via the IM (thank God for his sidekick pager, since there is a massive blackout in the region that affected more than 1.5 million residents as mentioned by DrudgeReport).

Ridor9th: enjoy the hurricane?
Ridor9th: what mph?
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am outside now.
Ridor9th: LOVE IT -- you lucky dog!
IamJEFFCARLSON: 50 to 70.
[the conversation after that was cut off because it was unrelated to the subject, we were joking about things that could make his mother pale.]
Ridor9th: what shit?
IamJEFFCARLSON: It is raining very violently now.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am outside fyi.
IamJEFFCARLSON: Under the shelter.
Ridor9th: u lucky bastard
IamJEFFCARLSON: But rain water made its way to me.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I was going to watch America Psycho before all hell broke loose.
Ridor9th: hahahaha
IamJEFFCARLSON: At least, my first hurricane in six years.
IamJEFFCARLSON: Hope it won't shut down my work tomorrow.
Ridor9th: why not
IamJEFFCARLSON: Because they won't pay me for not being there.
IamJEFFCARLSON: It is either work or suck your dick.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am sorry, but working is more attractive option for me.
Ridor9th: hahaha -- u d love it
Ridor9th: news said that 1 million plus are without power in South Florida after Hurricane hit
IamJEFFCARLSON: Count me as part of those ppl.
Ridor9th: it is not Tropical Storm -- it is Hurricane Katrina
IamJEFFCARLSON: Yeah, I know.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I knew it would happen.
Ridor9th: where are u
IamJEFFCARLSON: Based on my theory...
Ridor9th: where are u now
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am in north Miami.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I was at the eye.
IamJEFFCARLSON: Based on my theory...
Ridor9th: it's 90 mph as of now
IamJEFFCARLSON: In south FL, it is always hot in the summer. Then it rains to cool down in the afternoon.
IamJEFFCARLSON: It is our form of ying and yang to keep the grass green.
IamJEFFCARLSON: But, the past week, there wasn't much of rain.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I was like, "Uh-oh"
IamJEFFCARLSON: Then I got up this morning with a warning. Go figure.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am freezing now.
Ridor9th: freezing in Miami? Unheard of!
IamJEFFCARLSON: Drenched wet.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am going to dry myself.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am shaking hard.
Ridor9th: u're in north Miami-Dade?
Ridor9th: ok
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am going to bed now.
Ridor9th: i'm gonna blog about u
IamJEFFCARLSON: Not about my cock?
IamJEFFCARLSON: I can tell you right now I am inside, yet I am feeling like the rain is falling hard on my face.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am still wincing to brace for that.
IamJEFFCARLSON: That's how violent it was.
IamJEFFCARLSON: I am closing my eyes and all I see was the reflection of the street light on rain water falling on my face.
Ridor9th: shit
Ridor9th: about your cock, i could blog about ur massive hung cock someday!
Ridor9th: ;-)
IamJEFFCARLSON: I don't care.
IamJEFFCARLSON: My cock is like Jude Law's.

The last few comments are irrelevant, of course, but who could not resist blogging this? Jeff and I seemed to have some kind of special rapport that we can poke fun at each other in spite of natural disasters et al.

As for my brother in Florida City, no word but I'm sure he is alright considering the fact that Hurricane Katrina struck in the northern part of Miami area. Perhaps, in time, Gary will get in touch with me.

Enjoy the pics that Jeff took from his sidekick pager.



Toby Is Now 30!

Happy Birthday, Toby Overstreet!

Get some Jagermeister shots today just for me, okay? Toby, join the club -- at 31, I get more fucks than I did in twentysomething. So you and I'll be fine as usual. Which I cannot say the same thing for others. Har, har.

Toby is the owner of Toby In Wonderland, go and check his stuff. Sometimes he has interesting tidbits, though.

Brilliant Advertisement: I occasionally saw this on MTV and ComedyCentral -- its subtle message is right on the target. Simply brilliant.

On Another Note: I heard a lot of raves about Ed Hottle, the new Coach at Gallaudet. It was said that he is fast learner at ASL, he could not sign worth a shit when he was first hired. After a month, it was said that he knew lots enough to sustain a level of communication with the players or anyone else. And I also heard how hot he is amongst the student body. Perhaps, this time, I will be able to enjoy the Homecoming Game. You know, it is pretty much eye candy for me -- looking at these butts in tight spandex in action. Now, this is heaven.

Of course, I am smiling with a wicked grin. It is about time that Gallaudet hire a coach that is da-bomb in terms of appearances.



Wednesday, August 24, 2005

8.25.05 Tidbits

The Glass Closet: There is an excellent article on Latasha Byears and her dismissal from Los Angeles' Sparks after the alleged accusations that she sexually assaulted someone else at her apartment in Marina del Rey, California a while ago. Latasha Byears, graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, is Lesbian. Prior to the accusation, she helped Los Angeles Sparks to a league-best record at 28-4 and two WNBA Championships. Nevertheless, the Management of Lakers/Sparks was swift in terminating Latasha Byears's contract with Los Angeles Sparks based on an alleged accusation.

I guess, it is appropriate thing for the management to dismiss someone based on the alleged behavior of a player because it reflects the team, right? What about Kobe Bryant of Lakers? He did not get dismissed at all -- in fact, he was accused of raping a woman in Colorado at the same time that Latasha Byears was accused of. And the management protected him at all costs despite the fact that Kobe drove many players off the team i.e. Shaquille O'Neal, Karl Malone and few others. Whereas Latasha Byears was pretty popular with her team. Why? Because Latasha is an all-out Lesbian, Kobe is marquee player. Is this right? You can read about it on but you'd have to register the bullshit to read it.

Don't You Hate It When ... : A friend of mine from California told me that when she flew to San Jose from Maui, Hawai'i, she watched a film on the plane which featured our friend, Ty Giordano in A Lot Like Love. She was furious that the film was not captioned. She attempted to ask the flight attendant who came up with lame excuses that they do not have the equipment.

It reminds me of one I dealt with when I flew to Los Angeles, I asked the flight attendant to turn the captions on as I can see where she meddled the box that handles the TV and VCR, know what she said, "But the captions offended fliers, we do not want to offend them. Sorry."

That pissed me off. How dare of her! I rather to crash the plane than to endure the lack of captioned films on long trips. That, having to watch the uncaptioned film, is a form of torture, in my opinion.

This Is Priceless: Click on the image to read the dialogue. Totally funny.

Look At Bright Side: At least, by doing that, he is telling us that we can be sexually active at that age, right?

Coach Huggins Fired: In Cincinnati, the controversial coach at the University of Cincinnati was fired (depends on your perspective) after the ultimatum from the President of the University. About time if you ask me, but why is that the timing so late? Bob is famous for berating anyone else that comes in his way for years, coddling his players who broke the laws and decency at times and yes, he was also arrested for driving under influence last spring. Why did it takes the university to issue an ultimatum yesterday after many months?

Gallaudet Gets New Coach: Oh, lord. Not many Deaf schools fielded football teams thanks to the dwindling numbers of students as well as the cutbacks of state funds (Fault? Hearies, always.) as well as many deaf children going to the mainstreaming schools where they were often ignored by the coaches (unless they are massive big, extrardinary athletic players to start with) and left on the benches -- Gallaudet routinely gets smaller, thinner or out-of-shape football players to play for the team.

Gallaudet has descended from the Division III status to the club status over the time. It is a proof that the sport is dying amongst us all. For years, Gallaudet Athletic Department and that wacko Barry Strassler has been saying that the football team will be back to Division III and compete better.

They just hired a full-time Head Coach, Ed Hottle (He's HOT! Whoo! Whoo!) for Gallaudet football team. I think it is all right with me. But I"m skeptical. I'm realistic. I look at the rhythm of deaf schools and mainstreaming schools where Deaf children are being used to play sports -- very few schools like Maryland, California-Riverside and Texas can routinely send the best players to Gallaudet. But what else?

I have a close friend who is now working with the team at Gallaudet, I wish him the best. He deserved it all the way to the bank. God knows, I love him. The bonus of everything is that Ed Hottle is hot as well. But I just cannot fathom the idea of seeing Gallaudet football team doing well these days, not with the fact that the players are withering in comparison with another Division III team, Bridgewater College's roster!

Why did I mention Bridgewater? Because a long time ago, Gallaudet played them! But not these days. The team simply cannot compete, thanks to circumstances at deaf schools and mainstreaming schools that left them sparingly small to do the best they can. I wish the coaches better in their quest to return to the Division III status -- but you know, there is no shame in exiting the back door by folding the whole sport.

Yes, it was Gallaudet who reovlutionized the huddle before the play, but honest to God, does the Southern Cal team cared? No, not at all. I daresay that Matt Leinart will not know that the huddle which was invented by Gallaudet to shield the hearing opponents from reading their signs in late 1800s. Yes, Gallaudet's football team is more than 100 years old. Yes, the sport has many stories -- I still have the Centennial Anniversary of Gallaudet Football somewhere in the storage bin. I treasured it very much. But for our dignity and pride, let's exit the back door rather than dealing with 70-0 blowouts in every game like Praire View A & M University did a while ago.

Some said, if we do not have football team at Gallaudet, we will not survive! Come on, look at George Washington University. No football team needed. They're doing fine in many sports. If they can, so can we. Let's preserve our dignity by exiting the back door. Unless we have a sudden surgence of Deaf births and so on, then we can resume this. But at this pace, it is going nowhere.


UFC Is Stupid

Last Monday night, I flipped the channels and hit the Spike Channel which showed the reality show of Ultimate Fight Championships where muscular, good-looking guys compete against each other in order to get the spot in the "coveted" competition of UFC. It is ridiculous idea.

People claimed that wrestling is good outlet for exercise, people claimed that karate is a form of self-defense against bad things that could happen to you ... bullshit.

Many will use it for wrong reasons. To apply their skills for wrong reasons like the Ultimate Fight Championships.

I remembered the first time I heard of it -- it was from Todd, a friend of mine who told me that I was invited to his party later in the evening on a cold Friday night -- he mentioned that we will watch "UFC" on Pay-Per-View and mingle with friends as well. Never mind, Todd is Christian! He spoke highly of UFC. I did not know what the hell it was at that time. Maybe I was naive. But Todd insisted that I would enjoy that program.

Later on that evening, after seeing the first bout of Ultimate Fight Championships, I was shocked. I did not enjoy it. It was simply barbaric. I turned to look at people, including Todd, laughing, whooping and cheering at these nonsensical fights. Wow. Is this supposed to be the civilized society, promoted by so-called beliefs of Christianity?

I recalled reading a newspaper article about Dan Severn, himself the dominant fighter on UFC which resulted in bloody fights, knockouts and so on. His wife said that when he went to fight, she turned the phones, radios and televisions off because she was afraid of him getting hurt -- instead, she cleaned up the whole house. This is supposed to be amusing, is it? Well, it is not.

One word: Barbarianism.

Several times, the captions would appear on Ulitmate Fight Championship where they declared some fighter to be the winner of some fight -- then they interviewed this person, several times I get to see these idiotic people saying, "I thank God and Jesus Christ for being on my side in this fight."

What? Am I seeing this?

No, you little dumbfuck -- God, as I knew, is all about Love. I'm sure Jesus Christ would be horrified if he saw these nonsense fights. And at the numbers of so-called Christians who clamored to be for Jesus but enjoyed these wacky fights.

Last Monday, I saw one of several fighters who prayed before each breakfast, lunch and dinner and before bedtime. Do you think God and whoever it is out there will be OK with this fighter who prayed all the time but takes the time to plummet someone else's face with his fists? No, it is not.

Hitting anyone else in the face for *any* reasons is not good for us, for you and for the society. We are better than that. I rather to offend you with words than to assault you.

It is amazing to mention that the sport is growing leap by leap, despite the fact that many states banned the competitions. But I will not be surprised that the majority of fighters and spectators are none other than these so-called Christians!

If they want to fight, just go to Middle East instead of using our Armed Forces. Pat Robertson is full of crap -- I mean, he has the ability to spew his hatred but when it mattered the most, he ran away with his tail under his legs. Typical Xian.

It is interesting to mention that many Xians decried and whined about gay men's ability to love other men, but they are pretty much in favor of beating up on other men. So much for their Christian beliefs which encouraged them to love others as is. I rather to fuck guys than to beat up on guys.



Who Is Jade?

A certain friend of mine requested me to post this up to encourage people to check out Jade's stuff. I certainly agreed with Sarah. I already met Jade several times, she is very laid-back and easy to converse with. Despite the successes with her films, it does not stop her from socializing with her true roots in New York.

It is time that we demonstrate some kind of support for people like Jade.



* * *

JADE, A Film Producer/Director/Entrepreneur

Jade, my dear friend, is well on her way up in the film industry.

See, over the past year, she's been invited to and accepted into a number of film festivals, had a film premiere, and attended events including but not limited to:

* Pan African Film Festival (California)
* Deaf Filmmakers Panel (California)
* PAFF Night of Tribute (California)
* BioPic Premiere in Los Angeles
* San Francisco Film Festival (California)
* Tampa International Deaf Film Festival (Florida)
* National Black Deaf Advocates Conference (Florida)
* South Street Seaport Deaf Fest (NYC)
* NYU Entrepreneuership Conference (NYC)
* DCTV Collaboration Project

This summer, the Director Guild of America (DGA) invited Jade to join their prestigious union membership. What a honor that she was being recognized in the Hollywood and Independent mainstream film industry as a director! DGA provides East and West coast union membership supports to independent directors in their efforts to get their films made, distributed and exhibited.

More events, film festivals and events are coming up during the 2005-2006 year. It'll be kicked off with Jade's 40th Birthday Bash, also known as the CINEMATIC LIMELIGHT OF JADE. What's more is that JADE FILMS is where the passion of words are turned into action. She sure has been active as an independent filmmaker during the past 15 years! She doesn't just talk the talk; she walks her talk and walks the walk. She's walking and working hard on her way up.

Now, do you wonder who Jade is and what her background is?

Here's her bio from her website:


Ann Marie studied film at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where she earned the distinction of being the first DEAF African American woman to graduate with a B.F.A. degree in 1993 in filmmaking to date. After being turned down a thousand times for jobs in the Film/Television industry, film submission rejections and failed to get Hollywood and the mainstream to hear her ideas because of their fear and lack of exposures associating with her disability (deafness,) she formed her own production companies.

Ann Marie has been in the filmmaking business for more than 12 years. Her mission is to eventually develop a prestigious role in network television using her directing/writing background and develops a market with stories about Deaf and Hard of Hearing people of colors. Ann Marie considers herself an entrepreneur who aims to entertain and educate people about our culture. For more information about Jade’s work, you may go to her website: and view her extensive curriculum vitae (CV) in the Bio section.

Jade has put together a great well-rounded JADE FILMS management team. The team consists of:

* Jade (Filmmaker/Owner/Entrepreneur)
* Sarah Pack (Consultant/Public Relations)
* Guthrie Nutter (Business/Creative Development Consultant)
* Bonnie Kaplan (Business/Development Consultant)
* Allon Yomtov (Financial Consultant)
* Andrew Bryan (Technical Consultant)
* Maleni Chaitoo (Artistic Associate/Assistant)
* Zachary Handler (Administration Consultant)
* Patricia Ordonez (Consultant/Associate)
* Sofia Normatov-Seitchik (Consultant/Business Associate)

JADE FILMS offer products and services. All funds go to DeafVision Filmworks, Inc, a non-profit organization. All films were produced, written, directed and edited by Jade.

Products for sale include:

* Passion of Words Turning into Action: A Black Deaf Filmmaker's Journey (Documentary/Biography/Education/Film History)

A semi-autobiography film featuring interviews, student films, behind the scenes productions, personal video diaries about being a struggling filmmaker, production experience and professional production clips and more.

* Listen to the Hands of our People (Documentary/Education)

An award-winning documentary about seven H.I.V. positive Deaf and Hard of Hearing people living with AIDS. They talk about coping with fears, fears of dying, being alone and accepting it.

* On and Off Stage: The Bruce Hlibok Story (Documentary)

A documentary story about a frustrated Deaf theater artist who claimed fame on Broadway at such a young age until illness cut his acting and writing careet short. He was also a misunderstood and controversial artist.

* Cutting the Edge of a Free Bird (Short Film)

A short film about a confused Deaf lesbian high school girl struggling to decide between a deaf and hearing colleges while her Deaf mother tries to make her life like her own.

To view trailers and photo albums, go to:

* Jade's BioPic
* Behind-the-Scenes
* Listen to the Hands of Our People
* The Bruce Hlibok Story
* Free Bird
* 9/11: Fear in Silence
* PAFF Film Festival
* Half and Half Studio
* PAFF Night of Tribute
* Deaf Filmmakers Panel
* LA Premiere of Jade's BioPic
* San Francisco Film Festival
* Productive Year 2004-2005
* Tampa Film Deaf Festival

Services offered through JADE FILMS include:

* Video equipment rental (for your presentation needs, editing, video production)
* Tutoring
* Consultation
* Videography

When you support JADE FILMS through donations (online, by mail, or in person), all funds go to DeafVision Filmworks, Inc, a non-profit organization. All films were produced, written, directed and edited by Jade. And, the money goes back into the community at large and carrying out Jade's visions and missions through her film work.

We, as a community, colleagues, friends, business partners, consultants, associates, studens, and acquaintances, need to support JADE FILMS, DeafVision Filmworks, Inc, and Jade as the only Black Deaf Independent Filmmaker known in America. Let's show our support through emails, buying her products (films), checking her website regularly for updates and the latest news, and recognizing her accomplishments. When she accomplishes, she also makes a step forward not only for herself but also for the deaf community at large.

Jade Films, LLC (pending)
PO Box 1276
Cathedral Station
New York, NY 10025

Contact Information
Phone/Fax: 212. 665.9668
Business AIM: Jadefilms77
Business email:

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Advertisement from!

Once in a while, I shall advertise on behalf of some readers who requested me to post it for others to read. So enjoy.


* * *





Gotti Brothers & Colin Farrell

Gotti Brothers: When I heard of a reality show on Victoria Gotti and her three sons: Carmine, Frankie and John. My eyes rolled. But when I finally got a glimpse of them on TV recently. These boys are quite handful for Victoria -- I cannot handle these pesky but yet hot guys. Carmine's eyes are hot, Frankie is so sensitive, and John being macho is so cute -- but together, they make things more volatile than necessary.

But either way, it is fun watching them whining. Especially when Victoria ordered her boys to go fishing and camping -- the boys, perhaps sensed that their metrosexuality image is being threatened, barked viciously with lots of profane words that makes me laugh so hard. But as always, Mama Gotti wins. Off they go ...

I do not think I would want to date these three guys but I would fuck Frankie if given an opportunity! I'm not sure how old these boys are -- if they are underage, my immediate reaction would be: SEE YA LATER! Victoria Gotti is a mother I'd love to have -- I mean, it would make my life ... so convenient, really.

Colin Farrell! God, I hate Colin -- actually, I love Colin so much -- I want to fuck him a thousand and one! But he is so fucking cockteaser. He, like me, loves sex. It is in our nature to enjoy sex and so on. I finally saw Alexander tonight where Colin Farrell flashed his ass several times, and him making out with three men ... that was hot. But the film really sucked.

The battle scenes were pretty lethargic at times. I'm like, 'Okay, next!' when they showed excessive gore of violence -- it is annoying that you can see Hephaistion's love for Alexander (and vice versa) on the film but ... not much was touched. Probably because they were afraid of offending people who thinks being gay is bad.

Hephaistion, performed by Jared Leto, his devotion to Alexander was plainly hot. I was hoping for one final, massive tongue-in-tongue kiss -- but that was not to be.

Hell, I can dream, can I?

Time to chase after that Blevins guy. He's mine. Men, can't live or without them. Especially hearing ones. But with Blevins, I'd do everything from the top to the bottom. And he shall scream when I'm done with him.



Lebaneses, Bitch Session And Few Ramblings!

Two Deaf Lebanese Killed Hearies: As Sophia Castillo on The Golden Girls once said to Rose Nylund, "She is Lebanese!" In Albquerque, two Deaf women were arrested for domestic violence and they were linked to the hit-and-run that resulted in 5 dead hearing folks on Interstate 15 just a mile inside California from Nevada's border last year, though. Why Lebanese? You figure it out, honey. If you're that smart. Ain't my place to describe what it is to you.

Bitch Session X Is Coming Up This Weekend: You know the drill. But let's be funnier and nicer a little -- after all, the heatwave is not in. Be creative and cute.

IE Sucks, Period! I already got 4 emails from different readers who complained that they cannot read my blog from AOL's browser and Internet Explorer -- I suggest Firefox! Go to and download Firefox! You see, Firefox is pals with, Google owns where my blog is. Naturally, Internet Explorer is owned by Microsoft, they regarded Google as a threat. Probably has something to do with the programs that enabled others to fuck up when they come to my blogsite. I hadn't changed a thing on my blog from day one. I only updated. It is probably some "technical stuff" between these two corporations. So take my advice, fuck Internet Explorer.

Ack! At Least, This Guy Has Guts! This is definitely disgusting and weird. What was HE thinking when he entered the store, Dollar General with that color on his face?

Watch Out For That Bum! I knew it would happen like this. When the needs needed to be addressed by the White House Administration to deal with, they probably dispatch the different departments to change the subject by scaring the concerned people about this, that and there.

Now when Cindy Sheehan firmly trashed GW Bush's compassion -- and Lance probably sharing the performance-enhancing drugs with GW Bush when he visited him at Crawford Ranch, the Attorney General has issued the warning that the terrorists may pose as vagrants bums in order to survey the areas to plan the terrorist attacks.

Baloney! Next time, they will say that the terrorists will pose as senior citizens in order to survey the hospitals and bomb one as well. At least, it will piss AARP off in that route if they go this way.

It'd be hilarious if someone kaboom the White House -- at least, this time, no Dolly Madison will have the time to save anything out of that building.

Whee! It Must Be Nightmare for 'em! According to this research, none of them feels pain so let's start abort some more today!

Anyone Pity Sen. Jim Thune? Certainly not me. If Tom Daschle did not lose to Jim Thune, Tom probably will save Ellsworth Air Force Base like he did 10 years ago. Jim Thune's inexperience may explode in his face as he cannot save 6,000 civilian jobs in western South Dakota. At least, Jim Thune can brag that he is a true Conservative who wants less government (meaning less jobs) for civilians to work.



8.23.05 Tidbits

Where Are You, Tom Osborne? Several years ago, one Women's Basketball player accused Lawrence Phillips, a popular football hero at U of Nebraska Cornhuskers, of sexually assaulting her. Drama ensued. The female player was eventually pushed out of school and left the women's basketball program in shambles because nobody wanted to go to a school that completely devoted only to football but not others. Tom Osborne used to coach football team who won several national championships at Nebraska. He was vocal supporter of Lawrence Phillips when he was accused of sexually assaulting a women's basketball player.

Today, Tom Osborne is the conservative Republican Congressman. What about Lawrence Phillips? Obviously, Tom Osborne is supportive of persons who abused women when winning comes to him. He does not care if it is right or wrong, as long as it benefits himself. Lawrence helped him to win the games, that's what it counted the most. Typical of conservative Republican.

Another conservative Republican Spewing Dumb Rhetoric: Pat Robertson, a filthy conservative, dirty Republican and wacko Xian, mentioned the death threat on Venzuelan's President Hugo Chavez. That man is nuts. This will prompt Chavez to say, "See? See? They wanted me dead!"

Perhaps, we need to pray bit harder so that Robertson can drop dead as soon as can be. Just to preserve our image in the western hemisphere.

Certain Form of Behavior That Annoys Me: You know, few certain things that annoyed me the most about gay men in general -- they tend to be superficial about almost everything. Today, Gus and I observed a gay couple standing in the doorway, making out with each other -- it was obvious that they wanted to express their "feelings" for each other in front of others. I'm OK with it. But in the doorway where people needs to exit the building?

I personally suspect that they did it just to mask their insecurities by proving to the world that they are "taken". This is one of reasons I really miss New York. Gay men in New York do not do that crap. They are on another level above the "rest". I like it -- so in few weeks, I'm off to New York to play around. To see old friends. To reunite some pals.

It will be great!



Monday, August 22, 2005

My Fabulous Friend Has A Fabulous Idea!

I was horrified when I saw this clip -- and told a close friend about it. In a way, I am not surprised it happened in Oakland, California.

My close friend snapped, "Why not send those guys to iraqi to finish the war?"

What a fucking fabulous idea, honey!


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ummm! Breyer Is Delicious?

Ice Cream Is The USA's Favorite Snack: Sorry, Kyle, I'm eating Breyer's Ice Cream, not your boyfriend! Eating Chocolate Chip Ice Cream can be so bliss sometimes. I'm not quite fond of Baskins & Robbins, they are so ... yesterday.

I prefer Ben & Jerry's. I like Haagen & Dazs. I also like Breyers' Ice Cream. Last night, I was watching the History of Ice Cream on PBS. Very interesting. It mentioned that the United States is the most consumption of Ice Cream in the world -- enough to fill Grand Canyons each year. It mentioned that before Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington whom loved Ice Cream, the ice cream were solely reserved for "the very rich" people in Europe but thanks to Quakers, they found a way to bring Ice Cream to the mass. The rest is history.

Naturally, I went out to buy a box of Breyers' Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

Harmless tidbit: Did you know that I despised Chocolate Ice Cream?! I really FORBIT it! It tasted awful.

What Kind Of Mood Am I In? I'm like this gal on the left. I simply do not care about anything else.

You may click on the picture to read the dialogues. It does not mean that I'm in a funk or depressed. It is just Sunday ... Sundays and Mondays tend to be barf day for me. I rather to be drunk on these days than to stay home, really!

On another thought, I'd LOVE to see something like this picture on your right to happen in this town or New York. That would be a sight to behold! Wait a minute, maybe it DID happen before!

An Old Friend Called: Last night, someone called me by videophone, interrupting me from watching Colin Farrell's performance on Saturday Night Live. You know me, I spring a fast boner for a guy like Colin Farrell. I so want to fuck him like crazy! However, I was delighted to reunite with an old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in 4 years. She and I chatted for more than 3 hours.

That is one thing I really *hated* the most about the videophones, time flew so fast when you're chatting on that medium. And I mentioned that the arrangement where my videophone is set up in the office area is pretty weird. You see, I am right next to the window which overlooks a busy highway. And I have the flatscreen widescreen TV linked to Sorenson stuff. So you could say that I sit pretty close to the wall. Any car would drive by and thought I was talking to the wall. It is travesty, really, for my image. Hell, I have an image to maintain! ;-)

The 3-hour long conversation embarked upon some sensitive subjects that also touched on the blogging business of mine. When we talked about it, it made me realize about few certain things. Perhaps in time, you can figure out I meant by that.

Who Am I?: First and foremost of all, I am RT. I represent myself. I do not represent Deaf Community. Madonna represents herself, not the world, her gender or anything else. Just the way I like it to be. I am proud to be Deaf. I have nothing to hide about my feelings for cocks and manly asses. Some perceived me to be somewhat Militant because I do not hide who I am nor feels about -- there is nothing wrong with who I am. Instead of being quiet, I embrace these that made me who I am today. Thus, that's why I described myself as Deaf Gay Militant. If you have a problem with it, simply click "X" somewhere on your screen. I do not take things in a literal manner. Only you do that, I just provide amusing entertainment for others to enjoy and/or bicker about. Dig what I say?

Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday to three persons I adored the most:

Sarah Pack, Jennifer Perlis and Merritt Holloway. Happy Birthday, guys! Merritt, you are SO going to die of being tickled pink when you get something from me in the mail.