Monday, August 29, 2005

The Question Is: Is It Wrong?

A certain fellow referred me to and I browsed through the latest Fiscal Year budgets from different agencies for/of/by the Deaf. Oh, man. Is Communication Services for the Deaf supposed to be non-profit organization? What about the Captioned Media Programs? What about National Association for the Deaf? It mentioned the salary figures of prominent persons which I think the readers should know. After all, it is legal. If hearing people can do this, so can they.

At CSD according to 2004 FY Budget
Benjamin J. Soukup, President/CEO: $729,596
Patty Kuglitsch, Corporate Secretary/Compliacne: $140,634
Randy Gerloff, Corporate Treasurer/Chief Financial Advisory Officer: $357,795
Dr. Roslyn "Roz" Rosen, Consultant: $105,417
Jim Skjeveland, Senior Vice President of Contact Center Operations: $158,539
Dr. Phil Bravin, Technology & Research and Development Officer: $172,409
Ann Marie Mickelson, Senior Vice President of Interpreting Operations: $212,382

Except for Rosen, all lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota which is relatively cheap place to live. I completely understand that they are in these positions, but it is non-profit organization which does not really mean anything to larger non-profit organization -- why so enormous? Hell, I need that 30K out of Soukup's salary annually, really!

At NAD & CMP according to 2004 FY Budget
Nancy Bloch, Executive Director: $108,994
Andrew Lange, NAD President: $0
Anita Farb, Director of Outreach and Communications: $61,920
Kelby Brick, Director of Law and Advocacy: $55,336
Bill Stark, Captioned Media Program Project Manager: $98,669
Dianne Stark, Captioned Media Program Production Developer: $88,272
Jason Stark, Captioned Media Program District Manager: $68,587

I have no objection to these except for three Starks -- I think it is conflict of interest. I'm not familiar with this stuff so I'll leave you to your own imagination.

At Gallaudet University according to 2003 FY Budget
I. King Jordan, President: $513,364 with deferred compensation up to $69,304
Paul Kelly, Vice President of Administration and Finance: $268,301 with deferred compensation up to $36,221
Dr. Jane K. Fernandes, Provost: $233,263 with deferred compensation to $31,491.

Gallaudet also paid $217,958 to two investment firms in 2003 to manage their investments ... I think.

Gallaudet University Alumni Association according to 2003 FY Budget
None earned more than 90K. I guess they are that POOR! Contribute bit more to GUAA when you're in DC for Gallaudet's Homecoming!

Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness, Inc. according to 2004 FY Budget
Dr. Patriicia Hughes, Executive Director: $106,627

Nobody comes closer to her salary figure because there is a high turnover ratio at GLAD.

Deaf Counseling, Advocacy, and Referral Agency according to 2004 FY Budget
Rob Roth, Executive Director: $326,259 $89,252.

No one came closer to his salary figure at DCARA in Bay Area. I wonder why it pays more than GLAD in Los Angeles? As of now, Rob Roth resigned from his job and Jim Brune is now the Interim Executive Director.

UPDATE: Rob Roth informed me of an error which I checked and can confirm that he did not earn $326,259. IN fact, he earned $89,252. Thanks for letting me know so that I can correct this, Rob.

DeafREACH according to 2004 FY Budget
Sarah Brown, Executive Director: $68,645

Perhaps the only reasonable organization of all that is pretty fair.

New York Society for the Deaf according to 2003 FY Budget
Kathleen Cox, Executive Director who cannot sign worth a shit: $80,892
Elaine Weiss, Director of Housing who cannot perform anything: $59,622
Linda Lawson, Chief Financial Officer: $55,797

There are names on NYSD that I chose not to list because they are no longer working at the agency, what's the point of pointing if they do not work there?

As you can see at NYSD, these three persons hold so much power at NYSD -- Lawson, Weiss and Cox -- all cannot sign nor read anyone's signs. It is travesty that we allow these people to take over the operations and act in "good faith" or "goodwill" to represent us. Please get rid of people who cannot sign worth a shit.

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