Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another Day With Dealing Crap

Today I got an IM from Ted Sims, an obvious idiot fella from Jacksonville, IL who was upset about the posting that I made in 2004 which a friend from Illinois passed it to me to warn others of Ted's illicit behavior.

Ted attempted to intimidate me via the IM which I think is hysterical at times.


Ridor9th: what?
Ridor9th: What is your problem?
FORDRTS: Yeah! I want KICK ur ass!
Ridor9th: You must be so desperate to wait for me to show up online
Ridor9th: Aww, I'm so scared. How may I help you?
FORDRTS: Oh yeah u better be scared if u know who I am..
Ridor9th: Then tell me
FORDRTS: Help me? Scoofs! Loser!
FORDRTS: Kiss my ass!
FORDRTS: U raped 2 girls in colorado..
Ridor9th: What? I am gay. I dont do women.
FORDRTS: Gay people will do anything!
Ridor9th: ROTFLMAO -- I'll copy and paste what you said
FORDRTS: Cuz they are sick people..
Ridor9th: Whatever you say, I do not touch chopped liver but do you think you'll understand what it means? No. Typical coward
FORDRTS: U will never scared me...
Ridor9th: Speak properly, you coward
FORDRTS: Oh ha! U don't even know me or confront me if it's reality..u coward!
Ridor9th: do u know what a coward means?
FORDRTS: Look who is talking? Loser!
Ridor9th: TELL Me who you are -- I'll kick your breeder ass --
FORDRTS: Gay people are sick..
Ridor9th: Heterosexuals are sick
FORDRTS: Lolol! Yeah! Ted Sims!
Ridor9th: Who is Ted Sims? I have no idea who Ted Sims is
FORDRTS: Give me ur address and I will stop by and put cork in ur asshole!
FORDRTS: And tennis ball in ur mouth..
Ridor9th: Sure I will --
FORDRTS: Lololol...gay guy from colorado...
Ridor9th: u're simply a buffoon to start with -- you think I'm from Colorado?
FORDRTS: I think? Read my language,bonk ur head! I know u are from colorado!
Ridor9th: Get this through your fucking skull -- I am in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- I do not live in Colorado -- the last time I visited was in 2001 -- so fuck you, you dumbfuck.
Ridor9th: Go back to school and re-educate yourself, you dumbfuck.
Ridor9th: Show your real name and I'll kick your fucking ass, you stupid prick.
FORDRTS: Please? Kiss my black ass!
FORDRTS: I think u are no body!
Ridor9th: good for you
Ridor9th: bye
Ridor9th: you're coward that u hide behind your fake name -- tell me who u are so i'll kick ur black ass -- better yet, I'll print what you said on my blog.
Ridor9th: do u know what a blog is?
FORDRTS: Blog is for gay people's sexuality thing..stupid!
Ridor9th: u're definitely idiot
Ridor9th: bye
FORDRTS: Kick my ass? Lol! I'm football player..
Ridor9th: oooh, i'm so scared. Fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck me!
FORDRTS: Lolol! It won't work! U moron!
Ridor9th: Of course it wont work -- you're pathetic -- ever heard of sarcasm, idiot. Tell me your name, I dare you.
FORDRTS: Lolololol! I'm laughing so hard!
Ridor9th: you are emotional fucked up
Ridor9th: as well as mental fuck up -- go to state hospital
FORDRTS: Cuz I'm normal human being,not U! Sicko!
Ridor9th: Who wants to be normal, you're wacko -- quit stalking me, Ted Sims from Jacksonville, Illinois.

These are one of many common stuff that I deal with idiotic people from time to time. I thought you guys need to see the truth.



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