Monday, August 08, 2005

Even My Frat Brothers Thought I Was Odd

At Gallaudet, my fraternity's famous bratwursts which was barbarically devoured by many students. It was and still is the most popular thing to eat during Homecoming Day, CobraFest, Oktoberfest and among few events, especially during or after the drinking binge.

All of my fraternity brothers devoured when they can. Except me.

I gag at the smell of bratwurst. I simply cannot bring myself to munch one. I prefer hot dogs over the bratwursts. Even some fraternity brothers threatened me that during the retreats, they'll forcefeed me. They always fail at it. I just thought it was barf thing to eat.

Even my friends criticized me -- how can I join the fraternity and not eat its fraternity trademark? So fucking what. I like my friends, I did not join up for the bratwursts!

Yes, I cooked it. I prepped the preparations for others to munch. But you will never see me eat a bratwurst. Never-r-r-rrrr!

On the same note, this 99-pound woman, Sonya Thomas, munched 35 bratwursts in 10 minutes! And to top it all, there are famine in Africa, hunger on six continents, poverty problems all over the world and we have this organization?

Sonya Thomas, at 99-pound woman, held 24 titles in different categories including Asparagus -- one thing for sure, her urine stinks!



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