Tuesday, August 23, 2005

8.23.05 Tidbits

Where Are You, Tom Osborne? Several years ago, one Women's Basketball player accused Lawrence Phillips, a popular football hero at U of Nebraska Cornhuskers, of sexually assaulting her. Drama ensued. The female player was eventually pushed out of school and left the women's basketball program in shambles because nobody wanted to go to a school that completely devoted only to football but not others. Tom Osborne used to coach football team who won several national championships at Nebraska. He was vocal supporter of Lawrence Phillips when he was accused of sexually assaulting a women's basketball player.

Today, Tom Osborne is the conservative Republican Congressman. What about Lawrence Phillips? Obviously, Tom Osborne is supportive of persons who abused women when winning comes to him. He does not care if it is right or wrong, as long as it benefits himself. Lawrence helped him to win the games, that's what it counted the most. Typical of conservative Republican.

Another conservative Republican Spewing Dumb Rhetoric: Pat Robertson, a filthy conservative, dirty Republican and wacko Xian, mentioned the death threat on Venzuelan's President Hugo Chavez. That man is nuts. This will prompt Chavez to say, "See? See? They wanted me dead!"

Perhaps, we need to pray bit harder so that Robertson can drop dead as soon as can be. Just to preserve our image in the western hemisphere.

Certain Form of Behavior That Annoys Me: You know, few certain things that annoyed me the most about gay men in general -- they tend to be superficial about almost everything. Today, Gus and I observed a gay couple standing in the doorway, making out with each other -- it was obvious that they wanted to express their "feelings" for each other in front of others. I'm OK with it. But in the doorway where people needs to exit the building?

I personally suspect that they did it just to mask their insecurities by proving to the world that they are "taken". This is one of reasons I really miss New York. Gay men in New York do not do that crap. They are on another level above the "rest". I like it -- so in few weeks, I'm off to New York to play around. To see old friends. To reunite some pals.

It will be great!



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