Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yeah, I Used Craigslist To Score -- Is That Your Problem?

Boohoo! Another idiotic posting by someone else who tried to embarrass me that I used for quick fuck sessions.

The problem is that I already mentioned a long time ago that I used the to play with men because I wanted to. It is convenient. It is quick. It is simple. It is fun. So sue me. Why do you think is popular these days? It is because people use it as the means to meet, buy and yes, fuck each other.

In fact, several of my friends knew that I routinely post up the advertisements once in a while just to score some fun. I'm not holy man. I am a man with cock. I have the needs. Just ask Char, Sarah, Carrie, Perlis, Beth, Merritt and many more.

This is not a secret that I am ashamed of. In fact, I'm very casual about it. I even told my fraternity brothers about it. I even told close friends about it. It is no big deal, though.

Yes, I did post this up when I was in DC. Why? Because I can. No, if you read carefully, I specifically asked for fuck sessions, not to look for "love". Just to fuck like rabbits.

Here is the posting that someone tried to blackmail me:
Visiting DC -- Husky, Hairy Horny Guy - 31
Reply to:
Date: 2005-07-23, 5:00AM EDT

I'm 31. i'm not VGL, br/hzl, goatee, husky, hairy, nice cock (I fucked professional hockey player four times!) -- do not measure my cock, you do it yourself -- I fuck you, you suck me. WE grind.

I'm not A&F, pretty boy, boi or twink -- I'm just avg who can fuck.

If you can't, you know the drill.

* this is in or around NE - Gallaudet

And guess what? I fucked three guys through that posting. Very convenient and easy to score. Ain't life great? You should try it sometimes, it is a way to release your stress. That person who hides behind the screen trying to defame my character is bitter, sad -- s/he needs a fuck or two. And yes, it is true that I fucked this hockey player. Of course, I am not at liberty to identify who's who. Hahahaha!



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