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Who Is Jade?

A certain friend of mine requested me to post this up to encourage people to check out Jade's stuff. I certainly agreed with Sarah. I already met Jade several times, she is very laid-back and easy to converse with. Despite the successes with her films, it does not stop her from socializing with her true roots in New York.

It is time that we demonstrate some kind of support for people like Jade.



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JADE, A Film Producer/Director/Entrepreneur

Jade, my dear friend, is well on her way up in the film industry.

See, over the past year, she's been invited to and accepted into a number of film festivals, had a film premiere, and attended events including but not limited to:

* Pan African Film Festival (California)
* Deaf Filmmakers Panel (California)
* PAFF Night of Tribute (California)
* BioPic Premiere in Los Angeles
* San Francisco Film Festival (California)
* Tampa International Deaf Film Festival (Florida)
* National Black Deaf Advocates Conference (Florida)
* South Street Seaport Deaf Fest (NYC)
* NYU Entrepreneuership Conference (NYC)
* DCTV Collaboration Project

This summer, the Director Guild of America (DGA) invited Jade to join their prestigious union membership. What a honor that she was being recognized in the Hollywood and Independent mainstream film industry as a director! DGA provides East and West coast union membership supports to independent directors in their efforts to get their films made, distributed and exhibited.

More events, film festivals and events are coming up during the 2005-2006 year. It'll be kicked off with Jade's 40th Birthday Bash, also known as the CINEMATIC LIMELIGHT OF JADE. What's more is that JADE FILMS is where the passion of words are turned into action. She sure has been active as an independent filmmaker during the past 15 years! She doesn't just talk the talk; she walks her talk and walks the walk. She's walking and working hard on her way up.

Now, do you wonder who Jade is and what her background is?

Here's her bio from her website:


Ann Marie studied film at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where she earned the distinction of being the first DEAF African American woman to graduate with a B.F.A. degree in 1993 in filmmaking to date. After being turned down a thousand times for jobs in the Film/Television industry, film submission rejections and failed to get Hollywood and the mainstream to hear her ideas because of their fear and lack of exposures associating with her disability (deafness,) she formed her own production companies.

Ann Marie has been in the filmmaking business for more than 12 years. Her mission is to eventually develop a prestigious role in network television using her directing/writing background and develops a market with stories about Deaf and Hard of Hearing people of colors. Ann Marie considers herself an entrepreneur who aims to entertain and educate people about our culture. For more information about Jade’s work, you may go to her website: and view her extensive curriculum vitae (CV) in the Bio section.

Jade has put together a great well-rounded JADE FILMS management team. The team consists of:

* Jade (Filmmaker/Owner/Entrepreneur)
* Sarah Pack (Consultant/Public Relations)
* Guthrie Nutter (Business/Creative Development Consultant)
* Bonnie Kaplan (Business/Development Consultant)
* Allon Yomtov (Financial Consultant)
* Andrew Bryan (Technical Consultant)
* Maleni Chaitoo (Artistic Associate/Assistant)
* Zachary Handler (Administration Consultant)
* Patricia Ordonez (Consultant/Associate)
* Sofia Normatov-Seitchik (Consultant/Business Associate)

JADE FILMS offer products and services. All funds go to DeafVision Filmworks, Inc, a non-profit organization. All films were produced, written, directed and edited by Jade.

Products for sale include:

* Passion of Words Turning into Action: A Black Deaf Filmmaker's Journey (Documentary/Biography/Education/Film History)

A semi-autobiography film featuring interviews, student films, behind the scenes productions, personal video diaries about being a struggling filmmaker, production experience and professional production clips and more.

* Listen to the Hands of our People (Documentary/Education)

An award-winning documentary about seven H.I.V. positive Deaf and Hard of Hearing people living with AIDS. They talk about coping with fears, fears of dying, being alone and accepting it.

* On and Off Stage: The Bruce Hlibok Story (Documentary)

A documentary story about a frustrated Deaf theater artist who claimed fame on Broadway at such a young age until illness cut his acting and writing careet short. He was also a misunderstood and controversial artist.

* Cutting the Edge of a Free Bird (Short Film)

A short film about a confused Deaf lesbian high school girl struggling to decide between a deaf and hearing colleges while her Deaf mother tries to make her life like her own.

To view trailers and photo albums, go to:

* Jade's BioPic
* Behind-the-Scenes
* Listen to the Hands of Our People
* The Bruce Hlibok Story
* Free Bird
* 9/11: Fear in Silence
* PAFF Film Festival
* Half and Half Studio
* PAFF Night of Tribute
* Deaf Filmmakers Panel
* LA Premiere of Jade's BioPic
* San Francisco Film Festival
* Productive Year 2004-2005
* Tampa Film Deaf Festival

Services offered through JADE FILMS include:

* Video equipment rental (for your presentation needs, editing, video production)
* Tutoring
* Consultation
* Videography

When you support JADE FILMS through donations (online, by mail, or in person), all funds go to DeafVision Filmworks, Inc, a non-profit organization. All films were produced, written, directed and edited by Jade. And, the money goes back into the community at large and carrying out Jade's visions and missions through her film work.

We, as a community, colleagues, friends, business partners, consultants, associates, studens, and acquaintances, need to support JADE FILMS, DeafVision Filmworks, Inc, and Jade as the only Black Deaf Independent Filmmaker known in America. Let's show our support through emails, buying her products (films), checking her website regularly for updates and the latest news, and recognizing her accomplishments. When she accomplishes, she also makes a step forward not only for herself but also for the deaf community at large.

Jade Films, LLC (pending)
PO Box 1276
Cathedral Station
New York, NY 10025

Contact Information
Phone/Fax: 212. 665.9668
Business AIM: Jadefilms77
Business email:

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