Monday, August 15, 2005

God Hates Boy Scouts & Others

Remember God Killing Boy Scouts? Here is a great article by Karel of -- Perhaps, it will send some kind of message -- where nothing happened in Chelsea, Castro, WeHo, Dupont Circle and Boystown while there are many happenstances in other places.

Heterosexual Bachelor Of The Year: Obviously, this is sick guy.

Time To Buy JSA #79! Dylan forwarded me the message and of course, I'm so thrilled -- read the message:
A DAY OF VENGEANCE tie-in! Amid the ruins of Dr. Fate's tower, one half of the JSA fight for their lives against Mordru, free from his imprisonment in the Rock of Eternity. Meanwhile, the rest of the JSA battle to save the Fifth Dimension from the iron grip of...Jakeem Thunder!

As you can see, Mordru rocks!

Whoa! Take It Easy, Skippy! When I got home from The Lark, the oldest gay bar in the state of Pennsylvania, my shirt and flip-flop shoes were hidden away by Skippy, my roommate's dog, mainly because he was mad at me for leaving him home. Gus smiled and said, "About time, he is doing this to your stuff, not to my stuff!" AT that moment, I really want Lambykins' gorgeous cat's offspring so that it can attack the dogs for me. I so want one, Jason. Okay?

Todd Bertuzzi Deserved Second Chance? Fuck you, Todd. You do not deserve a second chance if Steve Moore cannot play at all. Let me whack your spine out and I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself, you dumbfuck. Stop using the media to ask for "forgiveness" and a second chance to prove yourself -- I hope Steve Moore will sue you to mlik your money 'til you disappear off the planet. What an asshole!

God, Please Terminate Larry King! I cannot stand Larry King! I hate "Larry King Live"! No captions! This show has to get with the program. It is tragic that the popular show on CNN is not even captioned.

Natalee Holloway Over-Exposed by FOX NEWS: According to the statistics, CNN mentioned Natalee 75 times, MSNBC 145 and FOX NEWS 434 times! Goes on to tell you something -- if it was a black woman who got lost, FOX NEWS ignored her. But if she is white, pretty cheerleader -- like any Republican, FOX NEWS is onto her.



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