Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Garbage Tidbits for 8.1.05

Dog Victorious! I once rode the boat to Alcatraz Island in March '88 along with a large group of Jr. National Association of the Deaf delegates and sponsors. They explained that the San Francisco Bay is pretty chilly all year long to swim in. And that the prisoners who escaped the island probably died of hypothermia. Thus lies the mystery of Alcatraz escapees -- did they make it or simply drown? However, this dog is nuts.

Spoiled Gotti Brothers: I finally get to watch few episodes of Growing Up Gotti -- these spoiled brothers need to be sent to the Darfur region in Sudan to shape themselves up. They are so fucking narcissistic!

GW Bush Really ... ! When I read the comments by GW Bush who claimed that he completely understands the hard-working families who earned the hard coins to support their families. How dare of him to say that? He was never poor. He was living off of his Daddy's wealth. He never flipped a fucking hamburger at McDonalds! He never worked as a waiter at some restaurant! He never did a day of carpenting! He never worked a hard labor for a year or two with minimum wage! He practically played as a male cheerleader at Yale, that was his last "hard job" -- now with 50 vacations in 5 years working in White House -- as well as someone saying that he is the most "fit" ever to hold the office in White House's history -- of course, he works out during his working hours! The truth is that GW Bush never worked hard for a day of his lifetime.

Let's Go For $100! The oil prices is now at $62.30, much to the oil corporations' delight. It has been on upward figure in the last 5 years -- it is all bullshit. They just said that the concerns of Iran's nuclear power and the death of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd contributed to the increase of oil prices. That is the problem. The oil corporations will blame anything else to indicate the increase. IN fact, if you fell off the cliff and get bitten by a shark that attracted the national attention, the oil prices will gain .10 cents -- I can easily vouch for that -- first hurricanes and now this. Next, Eric Heckman's Presidency.

I Told You So! After the Day 64, people are still mesmerized with the disappearance of Natalie Holloway. Because she is white trash, she continues to have the nation's attention. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, a pregnant black woman has been missing after 18 days, there is no national attention on her being missing. Racism? Of course it is!

Sempfer Fi ... My Ass! Here is more information where we should be proud of our Marines. Not!

Perjury for Palmeiro? Rafael Palmeiro testified at the Congress that he never took steroids or performancing-enhancing drugs. And he was just suspended by MLB for violating the drug policy. Obviously, this warranted the perjury charge, does it? When Rafael got suspended, it just made Mark McGwire look bad than ever -- his credibility went down badly. The best thing about this fallout is that it improved Jose Canseco's credibility. After writing the book which Canseco pointed clearly to McGwire and Palmeiro about their steroids usage -- know what they said? Canseco lied. But Canseco was right.

Wanna Go To LIAR? In Memphis, the parents decided to send 16 years old, Zach to "Love In Action" Retreat for children to be "cured" of their homosexuality tendencies. That camp which its abbreviations is, fittingly, LIAR claimed to be legitimate which it is not -- they claimed to be successful with curing the "graduates" but they do not keep track of "graduates" -- they probably went back straight to Memphis gay bars! Hell, I would! Perhaps, it is the whole purpose of going to the retreat -- learning how to lie all along just to get out of their parents' hair!

One More Thing -- I really want this. So desperate for one. Even I hate the beach, I still want this -- this is just cool, though.

Oh, Yeah, One Last Thing -- Thanks to Deaf258, you guys can access the comments on my entries from now on. Fire away. Comments for Bitch Session is due this coming Friday the 5th, so email me if you dare.



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