Sunday, August 14, 2005

To Ponder Your Own Thoughts

Remember The BlackList Interpreters? After some heavy thoughts about it, I have decided to go ahead with this. After consulting with several professional interpreters and professional advocators who complained that the interpreters, indeed, has their own list which they used to deny the ASL transliterators from getting the jobs as deserved. And that many interpreters pulled each other in order to get the jobs they wanted for more money.

NO, I will not put the names of interpreters on the blacklist just because s/he is not pretty, or anything very silly. It has to do with how they handle the job in a professional manner. For instance, some interpreters cannot read fingerspelling at a persistent rate. Some interpreters simply cannot sign well. Some interpreters refused to sign offensive words just because they do not like it and did not want to interpret these words. Some interpreters attempted to take over the conversation and manhandle the whole thing. These stuff do happen all the time, some interpreters argued that RID has its rules but do they enforce? They can demote their certificates and all that crap, but not many organizations, agencies and or businesses would care because they are concerned about hiring the cheap interpreters.

These stuff has to stop somewhere else.

Ben Moore has developed a website where you can rate the interpreters -- aww. That is nice. But we need to have a formidable reputation that can shatter one's illusions of getting away with everything. Hence, the Blacklisted Interpreters will start as soon as can be. I have several persons ready to compile the names and information in major cities such as Washington, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area.

Your Own Interpretation: Of course, there are people that annoyed me to no end. Some people managed to attack me by creating bogus blogs, using the anonymous names to berate me, creating false stories just to derail who I am. If they truly have a problem -- I dare them to face me in person. Of course, they won't. Because they knew I'd bury them just easy as committing a sin. For people who are bitter about me, these are for you -- enjoy!

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The panels were written by Keith Giffen and artwork by Esteban Maroto -- great stuff to be made.

My detractors, face me and eat shit.

Confidential to A Woman at CSD-Fremont: Arrested for DUI? Gee whiz, at least, you're human as of now.



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