Saturday, August 20, 2005


When I was in middle school, Mom told me that Abby Van Buren's sister is Ann Landers. I thought she was full of shit. Later, Abby and Ann mentioned that they are indeed sisters. In fact, they are more than sisters -- they are identical twins.

I normally (routinely?) read their articles for years in Richmond Times-Dispatch, Staunton News-Leader and The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, Virginia). Either Ann or Abby was trying to be sweet by giving out different advice to the readers, but they really suck.

I prefer Dan Savage because he is brutally honest and cut to the chase. If one is cheating, he will say it out right on the spot that one is cheating, period. That's why I stopped reading Ann and/or Abby ever since.

Because of someone, I stumbled upon this article by Abby Van Buren ... I'll leave you guys to decide, mainly because I want to see your true colors. So fire away ...
Neighbor's gay banner causes alarm
Universal Press Syndicate

Q: I live in a family-oriented neighborhood. My next-door neighbor flies his gay pride flag in his front yard. Because we have a lot of families with young children who do not need to be subjected to that kind of thing, I have asked him numerous times to remove it.

His response is, it's a free country and he does not subject anybody to his lifestyle.

I strongly feel that in a neighborhood devoted to children's morals and the way life should be, he should not be allowed to have that flag in his front yard. I threatened to call the police.What should I do?

RIGHTEOUS in New Castle, Pa.

Dear Righteous:

A: First of all, calm down. Your neighbor is hurting no one, and "young children" will not understand the flag. Unless there are restrictions in your neighborhood governing the display of flags, your neighbor has a right to hoist his banner.

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