Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Root for Brian Ellner

I'm not political when it comes to the local stuff -- despite the fact that I am currently living in Philadelphia, I still heart Manhattan and Brooklyn. I may return to Manhattan when I am done with my dreams in Philadelphia.

Nevertheless, someone whined about this advertisement which Brian Ellner (Democrat) is campaigning to be the President of Manhattan Borough. He is gay. Since I could not hear what it was being said. I sought a cute hearing guy to write down. He did it. I was amused by the advertisement.

The script goes like this:
He says he promotes life but sends our soldiers to die. He says he'll leave no child behind but he won't fund out public schools. He claims he's a uniter but new yorkers know; the emperor has no clothes.

"Hi I'm Brian Ellner and I'm running for Manhattan Borough President to stand up for our progressive values and it starts here. I grew up in Stuyesvant Town and I know something about New Yorkers. We tell you how we feel, we don't apologize for what we believe, and we're not afraid of a fight. I'm Brian Ellner, and this is my partner, Simon.

Vote Brian Ellner, and make New York proud.

It does not hurt that Brian Ellner is cute as well. So is Simon. If I was in New York, I'd vote for Brian Ellner. Something different. Something new.



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