Thursday, September 01, 2005

Few Tidbits 9.1.05

Irresponsible Pope: Pope Benedict XVI is irresponsible for telling people to multiply for "the good of society". What was he thinking? By doing that, he is pushing the society backwards in time. With famine, poverty, unclean water in addition to the overpopulation in third world countries, the future is not feasible for many. For Pope Benedict XVI to tell the others to multiply is irresponsible.

Roommate Complained: Last night, Gus told me that he went to the gas station to fill his gas tank for his convertible Mustang, he was stunned to see that the regular unleaded are out at two stations. And there are long lines at nearby gas station. He asked around -- someone told him that it was reported that in the next few days, 3o to 40 cents will rocket due to the "dire situation" in Louisiana.

Sometimes ASL Sign Comes to Fruiton: You know there is this infamous ASL sign for Louisiana? I guess this particular sign is, if not any, fitting as of now, considering the circumstances in Louisiana.

Few Questions: Was the evacuations for rich people or people who can afford gas or motels? When the city of New Orleans issued the mandatory evacuation to leave the city, was it reserved for people who can afford the means to get out of the city? The poor, mostly African Americans, can just go to Superdome to weather the storm out. I have a question -- why did not they provide the buses or means of transportations to haul thousands of people out of the city when it is certain that the destruction of the city is assured?

The Poor Retaliated The Rich: This was not a surprise at all. It is expected that for years in The South where hopelessness reigns supreme amongst the people in poverty who barely meets their needs week after week, there will be people who resents the people who can afford to leave the town during the category 5 hurricane evacuation. They should expect to come home to see their luxury homes ransacked. Survival of the fittest, basically. The point is that there was not anything that the government did to provide an adequate means to get out of the city in the first place.

Is New Orleans The Atlantis? Since the Army Corps of Engineers are having difficult time in plugging the levees, it is time to face the music. Few bloggers wondered if it is good idea to save the city of New Orleans. It will take billions of dollars to restore parts of New Orleans -- remember this is a huge, cosmopolitan city, not the Twin Towers buildings. Suppose if the La Palma Tsunami struck New York -- will people remain? Suppose if the New Madrid Fault jolt and shatter the city St. Louis, will people remain? Why should we keep the city? Never mind the nostalgia, they say. Some cities vanish, some cities prosper. This city is simply difficult to handle considering the environmental damages on all counts. Maybe it is time to accept the reality that the city of New Orleans is now part of Lake Pontchartrain?

Condi Rice's 2008 Aspirations: Condi Rice's 2008 Presidential aspirations by some Republicans may be shot after it was reported by DrudgeReport that:
Eyewitness: Sec of State Condi Rice laughs it up at 'Spamalot' while Gulf Coast lays in tatters. Theater goers on New York' City's Great White Way were shocked to see the President's former National Security Advisor at the Monty Python farce last night -- as the rest of the cabinet responds to Hurricane Katrina..."
Too bad for Rhymes With Right who are so keenly in love with this nut. Here is the link to what people are saying about this gap-toothed bitch.

Scott McClellan Is Just Silly: He addressed the media at White House that the White House is "assessing" the scope of natural disaster in New Orleans. What the fuck? Did not they hear enough in the last few days to realize that this is simply the disaster that the scientists has been talking for years that already materialized before our eyes on our TV sets. I never thought I'd say that I liked Ari Fleischer.

Let's face the music, NOLA is fucked.


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