Thursday, September 22, 2005

An Interview With Michael Lucas

You know how it is with my blogsite, I try to keep things interesting as much as I can. And I managed to get the questions from friends scattered all over the nation and London for the special interview with ...

Michael Lucas!

Who is Michael Lucas? He is the gay porn star/director/producer of LucasEntertainment Company that is pretty popular with gay men, founded in New York where I heard incessant raves about his productions. It is rare that a man like Michael Lucas gets to do what he wanted. He was born in Russia and left for America, where the family settled down in Brooklyn. He has a gorgeous family which you can check this out. So I can feel that we can relate to Michael Lucas more than any gay porn stars/producers because of English as second language.

I compiled questions from friends across the nation and London so that I can submit to Michael before he flew to California today. Michael is one cool dude.


I know that you're from Russia which means English is not your first language. Do you have any frustrating experiences in dealing with people or business when it comes to that? How do you manage to circumvent this barrier?

Yes, as you know I've lived in the US for 8 years, and of course, sometimes people don't understand me. Especially back in 1997/1998. It was very irritating, upsetting and inconvenient. But things are much better now, and I've taken about 20 speech improvement exercises and so it's happening less and less now. At least in NYC. :)

(from Miami) How did you get involved with the gay porn industry? Did you ever aspire to make regular movies?

I never aspired to do regular movies, because I don't have a filmmaking background. I know much more about sex than about videography. I got involved in the industry by simply sending pictures to some California-based companies.

(from Cincinnati)
I would like to ask Michael which is the best swimming pool he's ever been to?

I'm not much into swimming pools, so I wouldn't even know what to say.

(from Sioux Falls) If you had to pick the best scene in any of your movies, which would it be?

There have been so many great scenes, so it's difficult to answer. The recent scene I remember best was a scene between me and Kent Larson on the special bonus disc included in the Director's Cut of Dangerous Liaisons, which is only available directly from Lucas Entertainment's website. My latest movie, Straight to Prague, is another great one. I'm in nearly every scene. Talk about a speaking barrier! Those guys didn't speak anything but Czech. We were communicating through a translator, and of course, body language.

(from Los Angeles) Don't you ever get tired of fucking some hole over and over again?

I probably would, but I switch holes all the time.

(from Sioux Falls) If you could perform with any mainstream actor in a hard core movie, who would it be?

I think Tom Cruise would make a good bottom.

(from Austin) Do you test them for STD's? And how do you screen that with your gay porn stars?

No, I don't test anyone for STDs. But we all wear condoms. there is also a risk of getting STDs, though after ten years of being in the adult industry, I've never had an STD or crabs. hard to believe, but it's the truth.

Have you ever fucked a deaf guy? IF not, ever wanted to?

I've been with deaf guys, when I was an escort. It's neither a turn-off or turn-on for me.

(from Austin) When will you put the damned captions on the videos so that we can read what others has to say on the videos?! (It is annoying to watch the non-sex dialogue for a while!)

It's all about the budget. We unfortunately don't have enough money to provide close-captioning or subtitles. I hope one day we will. But seriously- my movies aren't about dialogue. Well, I hope they're not! In quick translation: How are you? You have a nice ass. You have a big dick. Will you fuck me? Yes, sir. Right now. Stick it in. Are you in?

(from Sioux Falls) Have you ever wished you were deaf while being with someone during sex??

No, but I've wished I was blind.

Would you hire a deaf actor on your videos if he's hot and has massive cock?

Absolutely! I prefer hot deaf guys to ugly guys who can hear.

(from London)
Did you shag Joe Santini yet in New York City? How do you communicate in terms of angles or postures? Do you pull him around like a lump of meat? When I went for an arty softcore photograhy session once, I couldnt lipread the photographer, so he would just push me into the postion he wanted. I hated it.

I don't know who Joe Santini is. And in any scenario, I never discuss celebrities I may or may not be having sex with. But I would never push people around like a lump of meat. One of the directors of a company I distribute is a deaf man and I communicate with him weekly through a special operating service which he uses.

(from Washington, DC)
What benefits do you think by being deaf when you engage in sex?

I don't know about benefits. I think it's something one should deal with the same as when you're gay. You don't necessarily have benefits, it's just a part of your everyday life that you have to deal with. It's not good or bad it's just a fact.

(from Los Angeles)
My co-worker wants to know if you had been to Puerto Vallarta? How is it? Details!

No, never been there, though I've been to Mexico.

Any advice for Deaf gays in how to hook hot guys like you or Chad Hunt? It is not easy to talk via the paper and pen -- it is unattractive to do that, man!

I think it's usually eye contact. Whenever I or anyone else has anonymous sex, you never know the name of the other person, you never talk. You just follow each other, have sex, and the most you say would be "See you around." So I guess I have slept with many more deaf guys than I first thought!

(from Washington, DC)
If you were Deaf for a day, what would you do?

I'd probably do what I do every day: have my coffee, my egg whites, read the NY Times, search the internet, go to my favorite blogs, answer a hundred emails, and end the day with a good book.

Michael hoped that the readers will like his answers. I think I better get my PayPal to get something from his website. Thanks, Michael, for doing this. One day, I shall get to kiss that lips of his in New York.



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