Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Shaq Is Cool

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Shaq Is Big, Bad Ass: Shaquille O'Neal, all of his massive body at 7'1 and 325 pounds, could have just ignored the whole thing and let the gay bashing incident vanish. But Shaq did not. He was instrumental in following a gay basher, Michael Gonzalez, 18, and flagged a cop to bust this guy for bashing on gay couple in Miami Beach.

By doing this by example, I hope this sends a message to the players in NBA that it is cool for them to be man enough to stand up against homophobia. Shaq is simply great.

Interesting Pick: It is interesting to note that they used the word: Bulge to describe the area which the scientists alarmed that there is an activity. Sarah IMmed me to check her blog of an article -- which I already read a while ago. Maybe the scientists need to get laid.

Ever Had A Bad Roommate? Some of us felt we had our shares of bad roommates. But thanks to Michelley's link -- I feel much better about my shitty roommates (figuratively, that is!). The best part is that the shitty roommate is the son of wealthy parents. This is akin to what I told Gus that there is a high chance that Queen Elizabeth II cannot tie her shoelaces -- because she probably never did it in her lifetime -- why should she learn to do that?! Gus' eyes widened and said, "You think she does not know?"

I asked him, "Do you truly think she needs to learn something like that?"

Be My Guest, Do It! It is virtually that nearly all hearing people are using cellphones and iPods. What do I think of them? It is their right to do so -- I'm fine with it -- but in 20 years, they'll be full-fledged member of our community who cannot sign worth a shit. How horrible is that?



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