Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Tidbits

Remember Brokeback Mountain? Two weeks ago, I mentioned about this film will release sometimes in September. And thanks to DowntownLad's tidbit, the film received a rave reviews at Venice Film Festival -- in fact, it was reported that many critics were shellshocked when the film ended. You can see the advertisement of Brokeback Mountain -- I'd love to see this with captions but knowing the non-profit organizations that promoted the films with subtitles rarely went after the films that has been rated as "R", let alone a gay film. So we'll have to wait for months in order to enjoy this film. Such is a life like that, eh? That is why I hated the non-profit organizations, they get to choose the films for us.

Another Gay Film: Today I watched the British film made in early 1980s called My Beautiful Laundrette -- I was impressed with it. I was expecting some kind of suicide, a blow to their relationship and all that between the gay Pakistan and tough Briton but in the end, they still stick with each other. Nice. Too bad, the next film that turned me off is Green Plaid Shirts. Know why? It is not captioned. Of course, I stopped watching it and pulled it off. Of course, my review for that film is automatic F.

A Film Review Coming Up: I got a gift from a dear friend of mine that was produced by Jade of -- it is about the life story of Bruce Hlibok. The story that the Hliboks do not want you to know. In fact, it was reported that someone phoned Jade and left her a threat not to proceed with the film about Bruce and his volatile relationship with the Hliboks. As many of you knew, Bruce's younger brother is none other than Greg Hlibok, one of Deaf President Now Movement's leaders. So expect a review of the film in few days.

Wow, Mike Brown Is So Qualified! Wow, Mike Brown is so qualified to run the FEMA! Absolutely stunning to read but that is how it works when you campaigned for GW Bush, you get the positions within the departments regardless of your inexperience or mismanagement. Of course, the Homeland Security and GW Bush Administration defended Mike Brown as usual.

Disaster Breeds Loons: These folks needed the lifetime therapists.

Chief Justice William H. Rehniquist Croaked: AS many of you already knew, the Chief Justice William H. Renhiquist lost his life to Thyroid Cancer and that means what? Our worst fears are to come true -- the hapless fool fella that runs the White House will appoint two neocons on the bench. Perhaps, someone will imitate Pat Robertson's recent antics on some folks ...

Vacation, vacation and vacation! Where was GW Bush for the last 4 weeks? On a vacation in Crawford, Texas. What about Dick Cheney? On a vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What about the Secretary of State, Condeleeza Rice? On a vacation as well. It was rumored that Dick is too sick to function which is why he was "sent" home. But that is just the rumor.

Can You Guess This? I'm trying to lighten up the mood so here it goes. This picture was snapped by talented woman in Judith Hummer -- this woman can hear very well but cannot use her voice because of a freak accident that damaged her vocal chords. Judith went to Gallaudet and chose me to be her guinea pig with photography -- she said that I am one of few Gallaudet smooth ASL users. Whatever works for her. So she asked me to babble about anything else. I was signing to the wall and it was pretty difficult because I never felt so stupid talking to the wall. If she could put a mirror, I might say few words -- mainly because I can get a reaction from myself -- but the wall? Nothing at all. But the picture ended up looking very good. So can you guess what I was trying to say?

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