Monday, September 19, 2005

As Expected, RAD & CMRA Did Not Pay the Interpreters & SSPs!

When I heard that the RAD and CMRA claimed that they will compensate the deaf/blind interpreters and Service Support Providers (SSPs) $25 per hour by working with the deaf/blind conference participants within a month after the conference ended on July 23, 2005, I knew they will never do that. And I warned a friend that s/he will never be compensated. Or it will take years for them to get the pay from the corrupted RAD or CMRA organizations.

Well, I got alerted by someone else that the coordinator of Deaf/Blind services could not get ahold of Bill Terrell, the RAD 2005 Conference Chairperson, and RAD 2005 Committee to finalize and issue the paychecks to more than 40 people who worked as interpreters and SSPs during the conference.

"the coordinator of deafblind tried to reach bill t and others they avoid him! damn! guess we will never see the money! fuck them!" One disappointed interpreter said to me via the IM.

It is September 19, 2005 -- 56 days has passed since the end date of the conference. The Deaf/Blind Interpreters and Service Support Providers were robbed by Bill Terrell, Ricky Drake and RAD Board. This is the reason why I believed that the RAD organization is not legitimate from day one. They simply cannot hold a honest nor meaningful conference for anyone else without resorting to the powerplay and corruption practices within the organization.

"Did you know that I'm amazed that RAD ran on its own with its fractured bylaws for nearly 30 years?" One person who observed the meetings commented to an interpreter who relayed the information to me a while ago.

As you can see, I was right. I knew the interpreters and SSPs won't be paid because it is their typical characteristic to do things like that unless someone provoked them to do something about it. Like me writing an entry about it, they will run around and do something about it. Just wait and see.

Shame on RAD, Bill Terrell, and Ricky Drake for reneging the agreements to pay the bill. Pay up the bill as agreed, you faggots.

UPDATE: Jeffycito wrote an entry on this subject. Excellent one.


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