Thursday, September 22, 2005

9.22.05 Tidbits

Another Reason Why I Loved Bette Midler! Bette Midler poked fun at GW Bush at a fundraising concert for the victims of Katrina in New York:
I got a letter from the Republican Party the other day. I wrote back, ‘Go fuck yourself’ . . . George Bush is a fan of mine — he came to see me in the Seventies. His coke dealer brought him.

Interesting Tidbits about CSD's 2004 IRS Filing: Someone emailed me to mention about few odd things that s/he found on Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)'s 2004 Income Tax filing. Remember the entry I wrote about the salary figures of deaf agencies across the nation? Yeah, the same form that I mentioned about CSD's Executive Director Benjamin Soukup earned $729,596 in 2004.

An anonymous reader emailed me few things that I did not notice and requested that I do not mention hir name at all. I agreed. This is worth mentioning about possible discrepancies in that form. It is good enough to make you wonder what is going on within the walls of CSD in Sioux Falls.
  • Page 7 - Payment of $105,417 to Tiffany Brown for consulting services. The only mention I can find of TiffanyBrown is that she was an entertainer during Deaf Expo sessions.
  • Same page, $118K to R. Lytle.... who appears to be the Chair of the English Department at Gallaudet.
  • Page 19 - CSD owes money on a $280K loan from a member of Soukup's family?
  • Page 22 - Patty Kuglitsch, secretary, makes $140,634 per year for less than 5 hours work per week?

Now this piqued my curiosity. Anyone else?

New DeafGLBT Blogsite! I was mentioned earlier in the day that a new blog is dedicated to the Search for a new national organization for Deaf Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders. As it mentioned on its blog:

There has been an increasing questions against Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf and its function and how it is being run/operated. This is just a brainstorming blog to collect from deaf GLBT community where we could attempt to find the "TRUE" mission/goal for the right GLBT national organization whom belongs to GLBT community, not the Board. This probably could lead to a new national organization being formed. We reserve the copyright for any posting/discussion made in this blog.
Good idea. Let's make some kind of proactive efforts to work things out. Evidently, the RAD Board do not care much for others' concerns. They will go out to alienate and defame others as they did to me earlier in July.

Eww! Poor Kid! I felt bad for this kid!

A Surprise Entry On The Way! Suffice to say, in a short time, I shall unveil an entry that may surprise, delight and shake the Deaf Community. What is it? I cannot reveal what it is but it is going to make lots of people smile. That entry is going to be one of the coolest things that ever happened on this blogsite -- it is my hope that it will not be the last one.



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