Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yes, Dog Ate It

I was out last Friday morning on an errand while Gus and Jason attended one of their friends' funerals. I got home around 1 PM, was out since 8:45 AM. I noticed that Jason's dog, Roxy, has been staring at me as if she knew she did something wrong.

Probably another doo-doo on the floor or a pool of yellow piss somewhere -- at least, it is not my problem but my roommates! But there was no shit or piss anywhere else.

Something has to be up. I could not put a finger on it. So Roxy was not wagging her tail -- she was walking around very slowly ... when I filled the glass with water, I noticed that Roxy peeked at me from the living room.

That bitch did something, I swear.

But an hour later, I found out why in my bedroom -- Roxy has the habit of entering my bedroom and snooping around my stuff. She fucking ate and destroyed my plastic rainbow bracelet that I got in Toronto. It was all in bits!

Suffice to say, when I found out in my bedroom , I turned and screamed -- Roxy ran out of living room into Jason's bedroom upstairs. I'm sure the customers and workers downstairs who operates the Tailor Shop and Manicure Shop were startled to hear loud gibberish scream.

Suddenly, Lily and Skippy, also in the living room, two another dogs freaked out with my hoarse, gibberish sounds as they fled to hide upstairs along with Roxy.

They did not come down for about 2 hours.

Good for them. Did not have to butt-slap 'em at all. One loud gibberish voice did the job of punishing 'em.

Sigh, these dogs! They think they can take, take, take and take! And get away with the murder!


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