Tuesday, September 13, 2005

MTV's Real World Sucks

It sucks. It plainly sucks.

This season in Austin with Johanah, Nehemiah, Wes, Danny, Mel, Lacey and Rachel are definitely boring. Why?

Too pretty twinks and bitches.

They are all gorgeous girls and good-looking guys. They do not have an average looking guy or gal. Never had a chubby or disabled person on that show.

I admitted that I did apply about ten years ago for it. Never got a call. They probably did not want to touch a pole that emits "DEAF" all over it. After talking with friends who admitted that they did apply for this as well -- never got in touch with them. It is clearly bias. They probably have an unwritten rule not to include a Deaf person.

I think I'd make a good one on that show, I'll brag about it. Who is the best person to make fun of hearing people behind their backs and still maintain a fake smile? Of course, who else? Moi.

I would bring Deaf friends on weekends just to cause a drama in the House. Beth, Merritt, Manny, Gus, Jason, Perlis, Sarah, Erin, Santini -- they would entertain the viewers to no end with their snappy comments. Many people do not realize that we do drink, booze, smoke, snort and deal the stuff in our community. Except that we often get away with it when we tangled with the authorities. Hearies get busted, we rarely get busted -- except at Gallaudet! C'est la vie!

If I'm drunk, I'm darned slow reader but fast talker without a thought -- so you can imagine what it is like for me to get in a conflict with hearing people who could not communicate effectively ... I lack patience when I'm fucked up, especially when I'm annoyed. I'm not animalistic like Marb(t)y Bonales but I can supply the firepower.

The truth is that whether if I get on the reality show, I'd cause the FCC to censor the show permanently, really!

Fuck the Bunim/Murray Productions for denying Deaf people a chance to be part of something else! I once emailed a LONG TIME AGO about the opportunity to be part of something else. Of course, they did not respond. Fuck 'em. What do you really expect from a group of hearing people who monopolized the whole thing?



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