Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Few Tidbits for 9.27.05

Shawntinice Polk Is Dead: This is shocking revelation when I read The Philadelphia Inquirer last night that Shawntinice Polk, a bright star player for the University of Arizona who averaged 15 points per game and 9.5 rebounds per game, collapsed and died at the Tucson campus. She was not practicing nor working out at all. Why did I mention her? Virginia held 2-0 lifetime versus Shawntinice Polk and in each game, Shawntinice Polk came up big for the Wildcats. It is just sad to see her go -- she's only 22.

UPDATE: It was reported that Shawntinice Polk had Pulmonary Blood Clot in her heart, a rare but fatal one.

Guess What? You thought Michael Brown was removed from FEMA as the Director of FEMA? Yes, he was. But he is still on the payroll. Which means what? He still answers to the Bush Administration. His hearings with Congress comes with no surprise -- he is shifting the blame on local and state officials -- probably on an order from the Bush Administration to exonerate themselves of the responsibility.

Some people mentioned that it was admirable for GW Bush to accept the responsibility. Did he ever apologize? No, he never did. Think about it.

Currently in Center City: I'm here in Woody's Bar, just got here from checking out the stores. It is good to see Travis and Bev once again. I told Bev about my passion to set up a bed & breakfast inn but was not sure about the name. She suggested, "Bulge" -- I thought it was hot if I name the business "Bulge" -- what do you think of the name?

Watch Out for Bob Rittenhouse & Ralph Osborne: It is distressing, but not surprising, to learn that in Knoxville, Tennessee -- people like Bob and Ralph are doing things to harm others by ruining their careers. Ralph is well-known for being liar, manipulative and thief who lives off on government assistance for years in Northeast Tennessee. I grew up in Virginia and I knew of his name. People warned me not to loan, trust or believe anything that comes out of Ralph's mouth ... or his ass. My cousin lost his job with CSD as installer after Bob Rittenhouse and Ralph Osborne conspired to attack my cousin's reputation by telling CSD bad things. And as expected, CSD dismissed my cousin without any due process.

CSD is famous for dismissing people without any due process. Especially with Tim Rarus. I think someone has to get the IRS to investigate the CSD. That would be a good retaliation, in my opinion. Mary, as you can see why I think Tennessee sucks big time. Just look at people down there.

Last Night, Something Cool Happened: A bartender at a certain bar in Center City asked me to stay until everyone left the bar -- and he locked the bar. Closed the curtains and dropped his pants. He bent down to take my cock up his ass and I went to do the deed.

Yes, it was hot. To fuck a bartender in a bar is so fucking hot.

Up next is a Mormon guy in a Mormon Church someday.



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