Friday, September 16, 2005

A Good Reminder For Women When They Are Dating Jeff Carlson!


There are things that I encountered from girls that sometimes left me speechless. I wouldn't know what to say. Sometimes they should shut up. It would make me think, "Gee, that was too much. You have just changed everything of how I see you". Don't get me wrong, I love open-minded girls. But, to a degree. Here is the list of what every girls should never say to me or maybe other guys out there.
1) Am I the right girl for you?
[Baby! Thanks for asking. Now, you will never be.]

2) I need your sperm, because I want my baby to have your blue eyes.
[Yeah, right. Like it is for giving away.]

3) You don't have to say anything to impress me, let me look at your baby blue eye.
[I felt stupid when a girl told me that.]

4) You are smarter than I am.
[I definitely, seriously, absolutely, and dreadfully hate it when people do that.]

5) How do you get to be that smart?
[Duh! How do you get to be that stupid?]

6) I think I am going to have diaherra soon.

7) What do you think of that guy's ass?
[Flat, fat, flab, or tight and muscular... I just don't care.]

8) My parents said I can't...
[Hate it when a girl can't show her independency. I am talking about older than 20.]

9) My pussy does smells bad.
[Where's the gas mask? One girl made a lame-ass excuse that her vagina odor was from condom. And she hasn't had sex prior to telling me for three months.]

10) I had a yeast infection.
[It can happen. But, please! That was too much information.]

11) I have bushy pussy.
[Yuck! This isn't the 70s. My advice is trim it or Brazilian wax it. But, don't tell me it's fluffy. I don't want to know.]

Taken from Jeff Carlson's xanga. I occasionally enjoyed Jeff's comments. Perhaps, in time, he will guestblog on my blogsite.

Chris Is Cute: I met the local blogger, Chris, at The Post last night near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. The Post is small, cozy, dark and nice place. I finally met Chris who wrote his blog. He's pretty short (my type), cute and nice fella. I even teased him about his ass. Because he wrote an entry that at 38, many men's asses goes south, his buns still stand "high, tight and nice to look at." I can vouch that his buns are exact what he wrote. Shortly, two small drama ensued -- a guy next to Gus was so drunk that he accidentally knocked the microphone that was being used for karaoke against the wall, emitted a loud vibration across the small, cozy bar -- startled everyone else in the process. The guy is okay, then the bartender, Jimmy, apprehended one person about him swiping the money off the counter from someone else. Suffice to say, he was booted out. I think I'm going to like this bar.

This Is Funny! Jeff sent me this -- I think people needs to read this.

Bitch Session Is Due! At midnight, I will start to work on it. It is amusing to note that there is someone else out there that creates an AOL account in honor of me -- it reads: -- grow a spine and find a new hobby to play with.



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