Saturday, September 17, 2005

9.18.05 Tidbits

Chris Beckman Sucks! When I first saw Chris Beckman on Real World's Chicago, my red alarm goes off. He said he aspires to be an artist of some sorts. I just surfed his website -- it is shitty. I'm like, "A retard can do this!" It is so bad that I will not even link to it at all. And to top it all, I heard that he is snorting Tina and is now with a sugar daddy, Sandy Gallin in New York. Bleargh.

Kevin Maddox Sucks! At Gallaudet, there is a wacko running loose around the campus. That boy, Kevin Maddox needs to be euthanatized immediately. Why? I heard the countless of horror stories about this guy despite the fact that he made his first appearance at Gallaudet last July! Anyone can comment about their encounters with Kevin Maddox in my Haloscan comment box.

Bizarre Situation In Orlean Place! Just off from the campus of Gallaudet by 7th Street lies a narrow street that runs only one block long called "Orleans Place". This is a street where many drug dealers convened and mingled with Gallaudet students to a point where they actually learned some signs for us to communicate in order to purchase weed or so. As the neighborhood began its gentrification to uplift the looks, Orlean Place seemed to be stuck in some post-1968 Riots.

By that, it means cheap rents for Deafies to live. Not always safe but when I used to live in the District (I used to live on K Street NE and Morris Place NE) -- when you see a white person walking around on the streets just north of H Street, NE, the white person has to be Deaf, no question about it. You just knew that this white is Deaf, period. But today, thanks to the gentrification, you're no longer certain if the white person is Deaf or not when you drove around the neighborhoods north of H Street NE.

However, back to the Orlean Place, I was notified by a friend that a certain fellow that I knew of had a gathering in her apartment on Orleans Place -- they were chatting amongst each other when suddenly of all, an African American guy ran into their apartment, interrupting the mellow atmosphere. Suddenly, another African American guy came in as well and shot this hearing African American in the ass in front of stunned Deaf folks as he flopped on Paloma McLelland's couch. He did not die. But he left a pool of blood on Paloma's couch -- which peeved her off as she had it taken out of the apartment.

Such is a life in Orleans Place.

What A Family! Florida Governor Jeb Bush's son was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. It is not the first time that one of Jeb Bush's children got arrested. Coming from a family who preached "family values", they surely cannot control their children. What a rip-off. Too bad, John Ellis Bush is cute but I'll never touch a Bush pole.

What About Dogs At Gallaudet? What's up with this? I heard some grapevines that the DPS (formerly the DOSS) are now fining people for having an unleashed dogs and not picking up the poops? And Gallaudet is in process of making it "all-dog free campus except for service dogs".

You know what it reminded me of whom? Andrew Korpics! Many years ago, I was in the library when I saw this student, Andrew Korpics who has the severe form of Usher's Syndrome -- he was walking down to Ely Center from Hall Memorial Building. Someone's friendly dog wanted to play -- the dog saw Andrew and jogged into his limited vision which scared Andrew. Since the dog was playful, Andrew somehow misconstrued the dog to be aggressive.

I stood inside the library and watched the whole thing unfold as Andrew got freaked out and ran down the hill to avoid the dog ... the dog thought Andrew was playing so the dog ran after Andrew all the way into Ely Center. Not nice but it was hilarious. Later, Andrew, who lived next to me in a dormitory, told me that the dog was trying to bite him. I explained that I saw the whole thing and that the dog is incapable of biting -- he wanted to play a little and be pet -- the dog happened to see Andrew in the area. Andrew realized and said, "I hope nobody saw me running like that."

I never told him that MANY people saw him running insane with a playful dog chasing after him.

Gay Films! I saw two films today. Steam: The Turkish Baths and Friends & Family. Steam: The Turkis Baths sucked. Thank God for the subtitles which was burned into the panels as I used the remote control to make it FF X2 and left it alone as I read the subtitles in rapid manner -- never mind the slow moves -- damn the foreign films for wasting time on staring at walls, landscapes -- cut the fucking chase and get to the point. Then I saw the second film, Friends & Family. It was good film but one negative thing about this is that they have two gay characters who are in a relationship -- they never hugged nor kiss throughout the film. What a farce.

Hilarious Conversation! Thanks to DefBef for the hat tip, this is hilarious.



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