Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Blighting of New Orleans

You Knew It Is Finished: When you heard that the rule of law is virtually nonexistant in New Orleans, it is time to hang it up and let the city die on its own. Let it go. Move the population to Biloxi or something. It was reported that the police officers are involved in looting as well.

Once The Wetlands Disappeared...: Each year, 25 square miles of Louisiana Wetlands disappeared into the ocean and threatened the existence of New Orleans, it is time to face the inevitable -- New Orleans is not simply the place to live. The wetlands for years, has protected the inland communities from the ravages of hurricanes. But once it disappeared into the Gulf of Mexico, the defensive mechanisms are gone -- New Orleans became the vulnerable place for hurricanes.

Rapes, Fires, Riots AT SuperDome: It was reported by DrudgeReport that the rapes, fires and beatings are happening at Superdome where they were largely imprisoned by the soldiers who said they will bring food, water and medicine for the last 3 days.

Twin Towers Are One Thing, This is The City! Let it go already -- the mother nature made it clear that they do not want to lease this property to the residents of New Orleans. Look at this map of New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina's punches. Let it go.

Even Republican House Speaker Thinks So! House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) told the local newspaper in Chicago that he does not think to rebuild the city of New Orleans is good idea.

Payback Is Bitch! It was reported that the animals which broke out of New Orleans' Zoo has roamed the city of New Orleans, hunting people. It was reported that someone saw a shark in Downtown New Orleans, swimming around. Someone reported that there were alligators sitting waiting for people to wade in the waters.

Anarchy In New Orleans: The Mayor of New Orleans mentioned that the national guardsmen are authorized to shoot and kill anyone else. And it was reported that the trapped people were afraid of very organized armed gangs roaming around the neighborhoods attacking, beating and raping people at will. In fact, New Orleanian is now seven times more likely to be murdered than a New Yorker -- this is prior to the Katrina's visit! In fact, many New Orleans cops turned in their badges because they lost everything and they did not feel right nor comfortable in the line of being fire for something that is meaningless to them.

Telethon? Charity? GW Bush asked his Papa Bush and Bill Clinton to lead the relief efforts to help the displaced victims in Gulf Coast. Among the idea was to set up the telethon? What the fuck? They wanted us to pay more money on soaring gas prices! We are fucking poor to donate anything to any telethons that they wanted to set up! From what I understand, telethons are expensive to start, and the fundraising efforts has been somewhat minimal. It was reported that the Carnival Cruise Lines were asked by the government to let them use the ships for the refugees, the company said they will *think* about it. Think? What the fuck?

Some people debated that I make an effort to donate to Red Cross, my reaction was: Are you fucking kidding? This is the same organization that forbade gay people from donating their blood because they felt that gay people are "high risk" -- never mind the fact that they have the technology to screen it out. I will *not* donate a cent to an organization that actively discriminate against who I am. Not even the Salvation Army. Not even the Boy Scouts. So fuck off already.

Where Is FEMA When You Needed Them Most? One victim said, "This is not a FEMA operation. I haven't seen a single FEMA guy, we can send massive amounts of aid to tsunami victims, but we can't bail out the city of New Orleans." Well said.

Anti-Gun Into Pro-Gun? After seeing the anarchy upon New Orleans, I am thinking about going pro-gun, merely to protect myself. It is evident that our government cannot protect us in the hour of need. I think what happened to New Orleans is a prime example of what people needs to examine ... it is all about self-protection when it mattered the most. You see, I hate the guns. I freak out when I see one -- but I may as well as get one someday.



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