Sunday, September 25, 2005

9.25.05 Tidbits

Still Desperate For More! Whoa! Desperate Housewives opened its second season with a bang. Absolutely hilarious to see Ida's challenge with God. The ending part is chilly. I could not tell whether if the hands were white or black. Perhaps in time, we shall find out.

Great, Now Beachgoers Better Watch Out! Another reason not to go to the beaches.

Remember Pat Tillman? This boy was shot by our own Armed Forces in Afghanistan then he was painted as a hero who died fighting Taliban and Al-Qaeda but the Army withheld the information for five weeks that it was our own soldiers that killed Pat Tillman. You can read the comprehensive article of what is wrong with our brave, heroic idiots. Read what one soldier said, "I could hear the pain in his voice as he called out, ‘Cease fire, friendlies, I am Pat f—ing Tillman, dammit.' He said this over and over until he stopped, I then looked over at my side to see a river of blood coming down from where he was ... I saw his head was gone.” Yep, you get it right -- his head was blown away by our own. Congratulations! Sempfer Fi!

Day of Mourning! Ashton Kutcher married. This is sad day. Really, he's hot. I'm sure Demi will share him with me someday. ;-)

God Has To Be Gay!! Look at his Angels, they looked like men. Plus, God is considered to be He. And so far, he has been ravaging on Christians more than gays in the United States. Killed more Boy Scouts than gays, destroyed the credibility of Catholic Church, destroyed the rural areas more than the urban cities through hurricanes -- even flooded the parts of New Orleans where lots of Xians lived, gays mostly lived in French Quarter which was virtually untouched. I think it is safe to say that God does not like you, breeders.

More Anti-War Protesters, Less Pro-War Supporters: In Washington, the Police Chief Charles Ramsey said, " "That's as good a guess as any." when asked whether he thinks 150,000 Anti-War Protesters showed up? It is more likely that about 100,000 showed up. Only less than 400 pro-war supporters showed up the next day. What does it says about the Bush Administration? They do not care about your rights or freedom at all -- you must be delusional to think that they do care!

Ahh, SouthPark is on. I'm off! Tomorrow, I get to see Travis for few hours in Center City. That should be fun.



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