Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This, That and There Tidbits

Lott, DeLay, Frist ...: About time, Tom Delay got indicted by Grand Jury in Houston, Texas. Bill Frist is being looked in the investigation related to the insider stocks which he sold the shares then few days later, the stocks plummeted. Which indicated that he knew of its plummeting values. One word: Greed. Greed is becoming a common thing with the Republicans in Congress. Rep. Tom Delay moaned, "This is one of the weakest, most baseless indictments in American history. It's a sham." Please.

Payback Is Bitch, David Dreier! It is great to know that the Conservatives balked at the idea of Rep. David Dreier, R-CA from becoming the House Majority Leader. David is closeted gay who appointed his lover, Brad W. Smith to be his Chief of Staff and made him the highest paid staff among the Capitol Hill. Not only that, they travelled more than 25 countries in 5 years ... together. Lived together. What does it says? He supported many anti-gay legislation bills and now he's being discriminated. Payback is bitch, hon.

Always Halliburton ... ! Halliburton got the no-bid contracts to fix up the devastated neighborhoods that were ravaged by Katrina and Rita. This is the same company that Dick Cheney once ran as President and overcharged the Pentagon billions of dollars in Iraq. And our government is still doing business with this company out of Houston?

BlogActive Did It Again! BlogActive outed Jeff Berkowitz with a bang. Way to go, BlogActive!

Idaho Earthquake: According to the DrudgeReport, there was an earthquake in Clear Creek, Idaho -- about 10 miles southeast of Cascade, Idaho -- 3.7 on richter scale. I blame Richie Moses -- he probably fell off the bed and jolted the area. ;-)

Intriguing Stuff About ...: I had been reading about Taylor Behl, a female student at Virginia Commonwealth University who was reported to be missing and still is ... lots of drama ensued. I did not mention about it until Jason Lamberton indicated that he's sick of hearing about her down in D.C. - I figured if anyone else wanted to know about Taylor Behl, they can check on this link.

More Military Idiots To Be Proud Of! Sempfer Fi! FYI: This will piss Arabs, Muslims and Iraqis more and yes, more US soldiers will be blown away and die as well. Just expect more coffins on the way. Look at the pictures -- Why did they smile? Or even poking fun at charred body? Not only that, the Army claimed that they cannot prove that these pictures were traded to a website for the free access to porn websites. Of course, most soldiers are sick perverts. It always make me smile when people say naive things about soldiers.

It is travesty that the American media cannot publish the pictures of American soldiers mangled, but allowed us to look at Iraqis' mangled bodies. We can count our DEAD soldiers but no need to count THEIRS. Their explanation: They ain't important, therefore we should not know a thing about 'em.

Believe It Or Not: Last night in Center City, I wandered from a bar to the other until I entered the Woodys Bar. Just because it was on my way back to a place where I was staying at, so I went in for a drink. Shortly, I met a charming fellow. Bit older than me, but still charming. He was so sweet and funny. We talked and kidded with each other. He asked me if we could get together and maybe hit the kayaking. I never tried that before. It'd be cool -- I told him that I'd like to do that.

We talked a little about this, that and there. My guts said that this fella is Republican. I asked him to circle: DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN. He saw it and hesitated and circled the dread word but quickly wrote, "Please don't do that to me. I'm registered Republican but I don't like GW Bush."

I smiled and said, "You're still cute. I'd love to go out with you sooner or later." He beamed a huge smile and leaned in for a kiss. He was quite the kisser. Shocking, is it? He's cute, funny and smart. That's what counts the most, I guess.

This Is Not Surprising! I'm not surprised with this outcome -- am working on a plan to live in Center City, though. This will enable me the means to hop on NJ Transit to New York, Atlantic City, or on Amtrak train to DC or Boston. Which is why I wanted to operate my business in this area.

Oh, Yeah! Bitch Session is due this Friday at midnight. Start fire away.

Oh, Yeah! Part II: The anchorman said on, "Curious about the next election of Gallaudet University President ..." Somebody please tell Jon Kessel that nobody gets *elected* to be the President of Gallaudet University. Instead, the Board of Trustees merely select a candidate.

Oh, Yeah! Part III: Gallaudet football team is now 3-0 after thrashing of Berean Institute, 32-22. Coach Ed Hottle is still HOT. One day, I'll have to sit and drool at his antics. And his basketcase if the rumors are correct.



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