Friday, September 02, 2005

On A Light Note

One Thing About NOLA: Before I dive in the somber note about things around us -- I want to remind the readers that NOLA does not mean Nola Schriver of Indiana! I already got one IM and 2 emails asking me if I meant Nola Schriver when I said, "Let's face the music, NOLA is fucked."

Actually, NOLA is the abbreviation of New Orleans, Louisiana!

A Prominent University: Yes, you heard it right here. I'm courting a school in Philadelphia to get in for graduate school. For the time being, I will not reveal the identity of school because I am supersitious about it. I do want to get in, so I will not say anything about it, thus increasing good karma on me.

William Penn's Curse?: However, I was chatting with this particular recruiter at that school about the skyline of Philadelphia. I mentioned that I heard that Philadelphia used to disallow any buildings to go taller than the statue of William Penn until in early 1980s. I wondered if it is true. This guy, who used to play soccer at Division III school, nodded and said, "Yes, in 1983. IN fact, for many years, Philadelphia won many championships in football, hockey, basketball and baseball until that year -- 1983. Since the city approved the buildings go above the statue of William Penn, no championship was produced in this town since 1983! Many claimed that William Penn cursed all sports in Philadelphia."

I was intrigued about that.

Which One Can You Find First? He also joked that people probably knew where to find the Art Museum of Philadelphia because of its famed image in Roy Weintraub's infatuation with ROCKY movies running up the 1,654,436,764,231 steps. He said that they probably can find that easier than finding Independence Hall. I grinned and agreed with this cool dude.

Spare Me The STI Jokes, OK? On Friday evening, my roommate's mother is hosting an annual thing called CrabFest which invited any friends and relatives to come and munch the crabs, drink beers and swim. Few Deafies will be there as well. Gus' mother is famous for stuff like that. Italian mother, what do you expect, really? If she wants to, she can feed the whole population of NOLA in an effective manner than the FEMA can.

Confidential to PJ: Many thanks for the help!

Confidential to Anonymous: Excuses, excuses and excuses. Basically, your points are interesting but it does not help many who struggled to meet their ends from paycheck to the next to "understand" their perspectives or try to rationalize their claims to justify their hefty paychecks. Your explanations focuses on how it works with the economy. But is it rational for normal people? No. Do you truly think a person of 28K a year would stand and say, "Yes, I completely understand. You are working hard for us and you deserved that 700K per year than I do. You can have it. I don't deserve it!"? Please find me a person like that and if you do, I'll eat turds for breakfast.



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