Friday, September 23, 2005

Few More Tidbits for 9.23.05

Another Sex Scandal: I was notified by Michelley that in Rochester School for the Deaf, Timothy Talbott was fired for having a relationship with 16 years old. Apparently, it was said that everyone at RSD knew that they were going at it but did not get caught until recently. That name, Talbott, is familiar. Remember that, Deaf schools are not the only ones that do this. So does the public schools.

Rita Heading Straight to Port Arthur! This is a new development, Rita is not heading to Galveston but to Port Arthur. About 18 miles northwest of Port Arthur lies a bigger city in Beaumont, Texas. This is the same town where many Deaf graduates go to Lamar University for Deaf Education. Including the infamous boy, Dave Hunter, from Gallaudet old days.

How Many Did I Finish Dealing With These Storms? Check this marvelous link ... I attempted to count the storms (does not matter if it is a hurricane, tropical storm or remnant), I already experienced 21 storms out of this. Ain't that cool?

Interesting But Alex Is In It! A friend of mine forwarded me the link to the website which Gallaudet's Student Body Government provided the first online broadcast of what is happening on the campus and I checked it. I thought it was nice and cute until I saw Alex Abenchuchan in it. Naturally, I got enamore by the sight of him. Why can't I have a guy like that? C'est la vie.

Rumors Has Confirmed ...: That MJ Bienvenu is applying to be the President of Gallaudet University. Stay tuned.



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