Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dave Hunter's Disaster With Texas Highway, not Hurricane Rita

Got an email from my fraternity brother, Dave Hunter -- a guy that I mentioned in the previous entry.

Interesting stuff.


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hey ridor .. still see that your corrupting everyone via your blog :) hope things are going good for you. just wanted to share my experience in evacuating from beaumont.

saw your blog .. me and my family made it out of beaumont yesterday. Took us 18 hours to travel 60 miles! We left at 1030 am on thursday and arrived in woodsville, texas, about 54 miles up the road, at 630 am on Friday morning. Drove NON-STOP! It was
choas .. ppl leaving their cars on the road without gas .. the evac route - no gas stations along the way. Just terrible .. terrible planning on that part.

I am pretty sure my things at my house in beaumont will be gone or at least, very wet. I had a small woodframe house .. I am watching CNN and seeing pictures of beaumont and it just doesn't look good.

I was in a shelter run by the ARC yesterday, at a local high school in woodsville. Was with Stacey and our 3 kids and her mother. About 2 pm, the police showed up wtih 10 schools buses and evacuated everyone from that shelter to Crocket Texas. My van had no gas. was stuck at the shelter. The entire county and country next it to was dry of gas.

ARC in crockett managed to call my parents and they came and got us last night. I arrived at my boyhood home around 10 pm last night.

I know you have issues with the ARC regarding their unethical treatment towards gay men, but i just want to say that god bless them for helping me and my family out yesterday. At least the local ARC in Crockett and Woodsville.

Lamar prolly gonna be closed for a while. Lamar is about 20 - 25 miles north of Port Athur..seems that the seawall held and no serious surge storm but severe wind knocked down the trees and electric crap everywhere. I hope I have a house to go back to. I dont know how to explain that to my kids.

Anyways, we are safe in Temple, Texas! And I am not infamous :)

C'mon, Dave! Remember the M Street? The K Street? The fraternity thing? You're indeed infamous, like it or not. Glad to know that you're doing alright in Texas despite the fact that the whole state sucks big time. You need evidence? GW Bush, simple like that! :-)

AS for your kids -- how to tell them? Umm ... tell them that the house is in Oz. They'll think it's cool. Or honesty is the best policy. Tell them that the storm did it. I ain't good at parenting.


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