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I'm BAAAAACK you fuckers! *laughing* And you thought I was in rehab!? *ppfff* More to come!

Vlog: 3-29-2013 Tidbits

Basically, I have had enough of juvenile remarks or actions by others. I'm not that stupid. I dearly doubt that this vlog will mute these fools when it comes to the definition of cyberbulling. Gee whiz, you can thank Tayler Mayer, DeafHope, Sheri Ann Farinha and others for muddling the definition to a point where everyone gets it wrong.

Really, people, you never cease to amaze me with stupidity.

Speaking of stupidity, there is a stupid vlog created by LoSalee or whoever it is - he is the product of Fremont deaf school. Must be so embarrassing for them to endure the diatribes by this crazy dude.

Oh, there is this crazy dude in Frederick - his name?  Johnny Adamson.  His twitter username, @daddyadamson, branded himself as the so-called loving deaf father of 5. Which is hysterical. Why? Johnny avoided paying the child support for one of his 5 kids. Which is why he was arrested and being sent to Pennsylvania to face the charges related to child support. Apparently, he owed over $30,000 in child support and yet he called himself the loving deaf father of 5?

Living in Frederick, I get to see what's going on. Johnny is not well-liked person. In fact, I kept on getting messages from many deaf people in the area complaining about his behavior at different functions. But Johnny and I never sparred mainly because I never saw him at any local deaf events. He had the audacity to lie by claiming that I delivered food to his place which caused him to lose appetite. The truth is: I never delivered anything to the Adamsons at all. I even do not know where he lived until he was arrested. That's when I found out about his residence.

Karma is bitch, Johnny. Fuck off already.

I'm contemplating about making vlogs focusing on Amethyst. Should I?

Oh, yeah, I am aware that Karen von Pills' blogsite disappeared. It was by an accident. The blogger accidentally deleted her blog by mistake. She had no way to retrieve it at all. So ... I offered her - to write her stuff as a guest blogger of ... this blogsite! And fortunately, she accepted the offer.



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vlog: 3-27-2013 Tidbits

This vlog covers two things:  Spoilers & All About Elena Delle Donne.  



Monday, March 25, 2013

Vlog: 3-25-2013 Tidbits

This vlog is roughly 30 minutes long covering on cyberbullying, green meteor, The Walking Dead, Marvel Comics & DC Comics.



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Vlog: Special Report: Green Meteor

Last night, I true biz saw the streaking meteor rollling from southwest to northeast when I attempted to deliver at Econo Lodge.  It was a fireball leaving a whitish smoke as it rolls out of my eyesight.  After seeing the video clips of Chelyabinsk Meteor Explosion, I was prepared for that meteor to explode at some point. But it never happened. But reports has indicated that it broke up somewhere up in New York & New England States.

It was interesting thing to see. Totally unexpected to see, especially after the reports of meteor explosion in Russia.  I should eat my shoes since I exclaimed that it is such a rare thing to see (meteor explosion, that is!) but I did see a big fireball rolling out in the Maryland sky last night.



P.S.  Mike McConnell, get over with yourself.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

VLOG: 3-21-2013 Tidbits

This vlog covers:

*  My Progress
*  No, it is not the ATM!
*  About Mike McConnell, What Else Is New?
*  About Pope Francis
*  About Venezuela's Hugo Chavez
*  Nostalgic
*  1950s Ruined It All!
*  About VICE



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Vlog: Definition of Cyberbulling

For a long time, I was frustrated with many Deaf people, vloggers and bloggers when they claimed to know what cyberbullying is all about.  Many got it wrong. The blame can be on Tayler Mayer because when he founded, he told many others what cyberbullying meant when he got it wrong. I attempted to address this with him to no avail. It is worthless to do anything with him on this subject. It is like he believes he is 100% correct on this, period.

Over the years, I cringed at seeing so many Deaf people adopting Tayler's misguided definition of cyberbullying.  It is time to stop doing that. So hence this is what I am doing. There is cyberbullying, there is cyberharrassment, there is cyberstalking. All has different definitions which I feel the need to speak in order to stop the misinformation in Deaf Community at large.



Vlog: 3-17-2013 Tidbits

Staring at you with ... contempt!

This vlog covers:  

This vlog covers:

*  A quick correction on Harold Mowl & NCSD
*  My 3-13-2013 Vlog was sacked
*  All about Julia
*  As Usual, Tayler Mayer Is Wrong!
*  MSD Puerile Lockdown
*  Check on DPN news footages



Teaser: Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

Two entries later, my entry will focus on why I am a die-hard of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld since I was 8. Not only that, I shall explain the concept as well as sharing the tales of Amethyst's struggle to triumph in face of tribulations on Gemworld ... and Earth.

To get an idea of what Amethyst looked like as of now?  See below!



                                                                       * * *

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Shame On You, Elena Ruiz!

I would like to let you all know that my previous vlog, 3-13-2013 Vlog which has garnered more than 3,000 views.  It has been taken down by YouTube after a certain person flagged it repeatedly. Judging the comment that was shared with me from YouTube, the comments sounds like it came from Elena Ruiz. Since I exposed Elena Ruiz's antics in the previous vlog, she was active in trying to silence me.  But I'm much sure Heather Grizzle played a small role in this as well.

My previous was about Heather Grizzle, the so-called Jabba the Hutt who tried to pass herself off as DeafBlind when she is not like that. Not only that, I also talked about Dr. Harold Mowl who runs Rochester School for the Deaf which over the years, he managed to turn the school into a cesspool with 8 speech therapists and zero ASL specialists/teachers. Plus, I also talked about Clyde Catron as well. Not only that, I also ridiculed Kat Brockway which I do not need to get in details as well. One word for her:  Schadenfreude. I also exposed Joseph Chen's racist approach via Facebook. In addition, I pointed out that Leala Holcomb equals Hypocrisy mainly because she does abuse the privilege as we speak. And last, I talked about the extremist in Elena Ruiz who is famous for painting white people as evil, painting her exes as the ones who raped her when they realized that she's not their suitable choice all along. I also mentioned that Elena was the one who tried to use the Judicial Affairs to silence a certain friend of mine but my friend hired an attorney who eventually forced Elena to drop the charges.

This country is based on freedom of speech, I recognized that. But unfortunately, YouTube is a private entity which means it has the rights to restrict the freedom of speech whenever they wish. That is when Deaf people like Kat Brockway, Joseph Chen, Heather Grizzle and/or Elena Ruiz attempting to use YouTube to silence the others. That is when I cringed the most.

Amusing is it?  Shameful.

Here is my suggestion:  If you want to retaliate on these people, flag DYUSA's vlogs as hate-filled violence.  That may do the trick to silence Elena Ruiz's continued hateful comments upon the majority as whole.  That would teach the DYSA members that they should not censor people's thoughts and feelings even if they disagreed with them as whole.



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Monday, March 11, 2013

FRC & Dr. Angela McCaskill.

Last October, 2012 - the social conservative but incredibly anti-gay, bigoted organization named Family Research Council (FRC) supported Gallaudet's Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Angela McCaskill when it emerged that she signed the anti-gay petition to force the already passed marriage equality bill onto the referendum.

When Dr. McCaskill held a press conference, the representatives of Family Research Council stood next to her. Dr. Angela McCaskill had the nerve to thank the FRC for their support. FRC has been classified as a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). It is obvious that Dr. McCaskill is clueless about the FRC's background at that time.

This woman has a doctorate degree, for chrissakes! This raised a legitimate question - does this woman keep up with the current events? To me, it is unlikely. Any sane person with doctorate degree would not thank nor stand next to the hate group in FRC. But Dr. McCaskill did.

That moment when Dr. McCaskill defied the Deaf GLBT people by thanking the FRC, it is much worse than just a slap on our faces. It is like she spat, slapped & punched in our faces, really!

Now the FRC has made another headline as of today, the FRC said it is OK to kidnap the children away from their gay parents. See this link for further details.

Yes, the very same group that Dr. McCaskill thanked at her press conference last October.  Yes, Gallaudet's own Chief Diversity Officer Dr. McCaskill, really! I should mention that the so-called Chief Diversity Officer was supposed to have a community dialogue with Gallaudet's GLBT students, faculty & staff since she was reinstated last January. But she cancelled it twice as of far. It is such a shame that this clueless woman who has a doctorate degree used the press conference to thank a hate group for supporting her. Imagine thanking Ku Klux Klan at her own press conference for supporting her, really.

That! That! That!

That should tell you enough about her warped vision of diversity, really.



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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Who Is Racist Pig? His Name Is Joseph Chen

I'm not crazy about Facebook mainly because the company grew so fast to a point where it lost the control of what's going on with its users. For example, I had been suspended for fifth time - all of them were done by retaliation by others when I called them out publicly. But this is a tale that will be told soon but not today.

I have more than 1,500 "friends" - I'm sure, the majority of them are lurkers, fans, haters and shit like that. It takes time for me to trim who's who but it ain't easy. It is never comfortable to reject or eliminate humans but sometimes it is necessary. 

I have more than 150 "friend requests". Since I'm suspended (Gee whiz, you can thank Julia Silvestri for that one), I am unable to accept, decline, remove or block anyone on my friends list as well as friend requests. 

However, I'm going to talk about this particular weirdo kid from Indiana School for the Deaf. His name is Joseph Chen. He is a senior at ISD. Oh, I can talk about him if I want to. Why? Because he is 18. Anyway, few weeks ago, he sent the "friend request" to me via Facebook. At that time, I was suspended from Facebook and you can thank Maria Dollhopf for that. 

Joseph was on my friends list until I removed him last summer after I found out that it was him who engaged in malicious trolling upon me and my friends. So he was kicked out so fast. I have no tolerance for people like that. I also found out that he is infamous for impersonating people's user names to create the problems.
Fast forward to two weeks ago, he sent me the friend request?  No thanks. No way. 

Then today, I got this message from Joseph Chen via Facebook inbox which is quite disturbing thing to see. You see, he sent this message to tell me to approve him as a friend. And he used the n-word. Joseph is not African-American. He is Asian-American. And he used this to address me like that?  Joseph Chen, you are not cool. You are a racist pig. You have no right to use or throw the n-word around liberally. What you did was juvenile and you should be ashamed of yourself.

UPDATE:  Since I posted this entry, Joseph Chen has continued to spew hateful comments via emails. Grow up, little deformed boy!!



Kudos to California School for the Deaf in Fremont!

More than 2 years ago, I made a vlog under (6-24-2010 Tidbits, it started from 00:00 to 05:35) which I talked about the need of having our own symbols that ultimately reflect the true beliefs, mission and social values within our communities across the country and beyond.

Not a long time ago, I was thrilled when I saw the vlog by CSD-Fremont's Superintendent Sean Virnig announcing that CSD will develop and pick the logo that ultimately represents its beliefs, mission and values as well as reflecting the school, community and alumni as well. Obviously, Supt. Virnig saw the need of having a logo mainly because he knew that having a logo/symbol will make a huge impact on people outside of Fremont.

I must congratulate the CSD community in Fremont for doing the impossible task but they successfully pulled this one extremely well.  They saw the need of having a logo that represents the school, with its beliefs, mission and values.  After a brief setback which Elena Ruiz and her so-called Bay Area DYUSA puppets protested the original logos because they argued that the logo with the famous Bear Hunt Statue is racist, demeaning, violent and cultural appropriations to an extent.

This led to CSD's decision to dump the original logos and he turned to its student body to come up with their logo vision.  Then everyone gets to vote on the logos that were created by its students at CSD. 

They chose this particular logo because it fits with CSD's Motto:  Learn, Experience, Thrive. If you look at the logo itself, you'll see that it has 3 images on it (two gray, 1orange) - that represents its motto perfectly ... in ASL.

It is gorgeous!  It is fantastic!  I hope other schools will follow what CSD Fremont did.  Kudos to Supt. Virnig, Wayne Betts Jr, its students, its staff, its faculty, its alumni and beyond as well for doing the right thing!

Once again, congratulations!



Friday, March 08, 2013

You Decide For Yourself

In the previous vlog (3-7-2013 Tidbits), I talked about Clare Cassidy who hated me so much with a passion, claiming that I made fun of her brother's suicide. I vlogged that I never knew that he had a brother until Kurt Ramborger mentioned that to me last year when he was here in Frederick.

Apparently, for years, Clare truly hated me. She often disparaged or left dirty looks each time my friends or others mentioned of my name. I know because they occasionally told me of that and asked me why. I could not figure out what's going on.

After seeing Clare going off against me on a dear friend of mine's Facebook wall, I have had enough of her crap so I vlogged about her. And guess what?

Clare provided the proof.  It turns out that it was not done by email but by my old blog,  Clare kept on forgetting that when I run, I got hundreds, if not thousands, of tips from various people across the nation, Canada and the world. I try my best to edit and put it together for an article on daily basis.  Apparently, yes, I did mention about Clare Cassidy's brother who killed himself.

I wrote only 3 sentences about the death of John Cassidy.  This brief paragraph enraged Clare Cassidy to a point where she felt that I was mocking her and her family on the death of John Cassidy.


I'm going to share the screenshot of that brief paragraph so that people out there can know the truth.

The question is:  Did I mock the Cassidys on the death of their brother?

I think the worst thing is: Clare is a teacher at CSD Fremont, I feel sorry for her kids. If Clare cannot understand what I wrote in 1st place, what kind of teacher is she? *shudders*



His name is Tom Willard

My dear friend, Dawn Schriver wrote this important message on her FB. I feel it is important for me to post this on my blog as well!



*   *  *

Deviants. Social deviants.

This society is FULL of many kind of deviants. This gives me better insights about certain types of deviants.

I'm now reading, studying and learning the profile of abusers, controllers and manipulators.

I have came across a person last night on someone's post. Admittedly, I was involved in a heated argument with this person who seems to think he had done no wrongs to anyone when he is truly a destructive individual. He continues to bash an agency, ASADV and myself as a person to no end.

This person is not a productive citizen to the community given that he has no ability to carry a healthy discourse. Nor can he reason with his actions.

Yes, he is considered as a deviant to the Deaf community.

His name is Tom Willard.

Anyone who comes across this post, remember this name.

* * *

True words were never spoken, Dawn Schriver!



UPDATE:  Tom Willard has quietly turned his blog ( into private after an uproar that seemed to turn against Tom for what he did to others including myself.   This is what community accountability is all about. 

Thursday, March 07, 2013

VLOG: 3-7-2013 Tidbits

Staring at you with ... contempt.

Once again, this vlog is not positive nor pleasant one. But it is necessary for me to expose and address this mess in order to stop the lies and misinformation. This vlog focuses on 5 individuals that I wanted to address:  Dr. Reginald Redding, Clare Cassidy, John Proffer, Alex Long, Jeff Kurz and Keri Macfarlane-Ogrizovich.  

That means what?  I still hadn't gotten a chance to talk about Julia Silvestri, Leala Holcomb, Dr. Harold Mowl, Chris Wagner & Elena Ruiz. That will be dealt in the next vlog or two. 



Messiah Complex?

I finished making the 3-7-2013 Tidbits vlog but could not be able to upload since I'm at work. As soon as I get home, I shall upload the vlog to appease the insatiable viewers like you. However, I appreciated the messages via YouTube, Twitter & my blog asking for it.

On other hand, I have to address this with a certain fool who claimed that I have "messiah complex" - I nearly shot the unsweetened Iced Tea out of my nose when I saw someone flinging this upon me.

Umm, according to wiki, "messiah complex" means: A state of mind in which an individual holds a belief they are, or are destined to become, a savior.


It appears to me that some people confuse or distort one's ability to enhance their knowledge in life with  the so-called messiah complex.  I am on a mission to understand the universal message. It is a personal journey for me to infuse myself with different subjects to empower myself with knowledge. After all, knowledge is power. The more I know about things in life, the more I become confident in my ability to share my thoughts.

And that is when some people would try to fling the messiah complex upon me or others for acquiring too much knowledge.  I find that somewhat ... flattering, though.

It is amusing, though. My first reaction would be: "What's the point of me doing that?"

Absolutely nothing, really.



Wednesday, March 06, 2013

No Anonymous Allowed

People, the comment section has been enabled.

Due to my experiences with the social media in the last 10 years, my tolerance for anonymous commentators are at an all-time low, mainly because of their repeated threats directed at myself and my readers who supported me from time to time. So I am making this an official policy - Anonymous commentators are not *allowed* on this blog at all.

Last night, I already got a notification that someone tried to leave a comment using the "Anonymous" with a discreet threat on me. That person assumed that I knew nothing about the law, defamation and all that shit.  That person thought I am clueless when it comes to dealing with the laws. It is obvious to me that this person has no idea on what I have been doing in the last 5 years. I filed a lawsuit. I won the court cases. I retained the attorney on various topics including blogging/vlogging in the last 5 years. I am confident enough to say one thing: I am well-versed on this matter.

So that person who tried to make a threat on me, that is quite lame thing to do. All I can say is:  Try me.



P.S.  "Cheers" is my trademark and for you to copy my signature says one thing about you: You lack originality and creativity of your own. That is for sure.

UPDATE:  I highly recommend you to check this link where David Eberwein discussed about the anonymous comments in our communities. Here is the link to get the gist of what is going on. Thanks, Joey Baer!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

VLOG: 3-5-2013 Tidbits

Staring at you ... with contempt!

3-5-2013 Tidbits (25:42-min long)

This vlog is not pleasant nor positive. But it is necessary.  This focuses on 4 segments on Richard Roehm, Michael Hubbs, Russell Errigo & Dr. Angela McCaskill, Lindsay Dunn & Sheri Ann Farinha.

Yes, more people will be exposed in the next vlog, but I'm going to identify who's who just to get ahead of time.
They are Dr. Harold Mowl, Dr. Reginald Redding, Elena Ruiz, Julia Silvestri, Keri MacFarlane Ogrizovich, Leala Holcomb, Clare Cassidy, John Proffer, Jeff Kurz, Alexander Long & Chris Wagner.

It is high time that someone has to pull the "community accountability" upon these individuals.  



2000s, 2010s, 2020s

I noticed something interesting about how Deaf people used the internet between 2000s and 2010s.

In 2000s, we had blogs where plenty of Deaf individuals that wrote on various topics which often brought the heated discussions among each other. I remembered arguing with Elisa Abenchuchan, Joey Baer, Amy Cohen Efron, Shane Feldman, Alex Abenchuchan, Jesse Thomas, Allison Polk, Jason Lamberton, Chris Kaftan, Joseph Santini et al on many subjects.  Then after that, in person, we are all fine with each other. We do respect each other. In fact, whenever I saw them in person, we would have a good conversation. It was civilized, really. Except for Mike McConnell, I just can't stand the sight of him. So never mind him at all.

However, Elisa, Alex, Jesse, Jason, Chris, Joseph and so on - they would not try to silence or attack others by reporting or trying to shut our blogs down. I appreciate this kind of people. Why? Because as much as I rarely admit this, I learn something new from their views from time to time.

Fast forward to 2010s, with the age of Facebook & YouTube, a new group of Deaf individuals comes on the internet. Many are trolls. They became disruptive. They abuse the system in their warped attempts to shut or silence others down. They created fake usernames (I know of one person who created 10 different usernames just to sow the conflicts) with their goal: Do anything possible to destroy the others whom they might feel threatened or disagreed with. They would not engage in heavy discussions or arguments, they would do anything possible to get you silenced and at the same time, trying to drag your name through the mud by telling untrue allegations. Today, you have Lindsay Dunn who kept on trashing people from time to time. Same thing goes for Carl Schroeder, Julia Silvestri, Damon Stump, Sheri Ann Farinha, Vikee Waltrip, Robert L Mason, Steven Baier, Richard Roehm ... they participated in pushing for each other to silence the ones they disliked the most rather than to click on "x" and ignore whoever was writing on their webpages. They would try to ostracize the ones that may disagree with them by kicking them out of FB groups, by silencing them by reporting them to FB, by encouraging their peers to find their personal & workplace information in their warped attempts to get them in trouble with this, that and there.

10 years ago, it was not like that. Today, it is common. What prompted the change? I noticed that many older Deaf bloggers/vloggers has reduced, stopped and/or abandoned their blogs/vlogs ... out of fear.  Many said that they could not handle in dealing with the current group's malicious streak. I noticed this with myself as well. But I'm a fighter. I don't cower before these malicious people. I fight back. Why do you think I won the court where one family tried to bully me around with accusations regarding the posts on Facebook?  I am not the kind of person who will tone down my voice just because others threatened me with this, that and there. In fact, it made me more determined to do something about it.

However, I cannot help but wonder what it will be like in 10 years. I shudder to think what 2020s might look like ...



Emotional Entities ... with Contempt.

It is an open secret that I'm a huge fan of Green Lantern in the last 8 years primarily because of this dude, Geoff Johns.  In fact, when I was a kid, I was not into Green Lantern mainly because I thought being part of intergalactic police using the green rings to cruise across the universe was dumb. To make things worse, its green rings were largely ineffective against anything that is yellow. Back then, Ron Marz plotted the series. They really never explained why the green power was powerless against anything that is yellow.

I'm not kidding that no Green Lantern can use its ring to pick up the yellow plastic chair or cup!  I vividly recall one story where John Stewart, another Green Lantern from Earth rushed to another planet named Xanshi, trying to stop the Blink Bomb from blowing the planet - The Blink Bomb is a bomb that can destroy the planets. Xanshi was destroyed because John could not stop the bomb from going off. Why? The Blink Bomb was painted with yellow.  That was one silly crap, in my opinion.

Green Lantern was not my thing back then because so many questions were not addressed nor dealt with. But I was a huge fan of another comic book character, Amethyst. No, I'm not going to talk about Amethyst in this entry. I intend to do that very soon on another entry. However, Amethyst's greatest enemy is none other than Mordru, an immortal being who is quite the most powerful sorcerer who was destined to survive the universe after it dies - in fact, it was said that Mordru was never born nor die.

Whenever Mordru or Amethyst makes an appearance in any comic book series, I pick it up. Many years ago, I instructed my old friend, Dylan Westbury, that if he saw Mordru or Amethyst pop up anywhere, he is to tell me immediately. And one day, he told me that Mordru is showing up in JSA, a brand-new comic book series plotted by Geoff Johns. I quickly purchased it up front.

That's when I was introduced to Geoff from that point on. He impressed me with his ability to revamp, introduce, develop, build conflicts and all that shit. For years, I was annoyed that other authors would portray Mordru as a villain whom you can beat up in your sleep - Many would treat Mordru as a pansy villain who you can fight and stop in *one* issue. But not with Geoff, he made sure that he is truly powerful & dangerous villain and it took many issues for JSA to stop Mordru. Not only that, the dialogues by Mordru towards others were fantastic. None of this would be possible if not for Geoff.

Later, DC Comics offered him to revamp Green Lantern, especially with Hal Jordan. Remember I was not a fan of Green Lantern but with Geoff doing the script, I just had to give it a try. He did a fucking great job. The readers finally found out why the green rings were powerless against yellow and so on. He basically built the mythology of Green Lantern and beyond. Green Lantern Corps is not just an intergalactic police department who are trying to restore order and peace across the universe. It is much more than that. Not only that, he also brought different colors which has their specific emotion - Each color has its own groups and their own missions. Geoff also explored on how the energies of each color works with their central power batteries as well as whether if it can work against different colors.  Geoff also explored the secrets within the Book of Oa which is guarded by the Guardians of the Universe.

Geoff made it clear that Green Lantern Corps are not democratic. It was not, it has not and it will never be one.

Geoff also introduced the Emotional Entities - these are creatures who were the *first* ones that experienced the specific emotion billions of years ago. For that, the universe granted them the immortal & immense powers of that specific emotion. As we learned, they cannot be killed. They can be contained by tossing it inside the central power battery. Often, they would possess the mortal bodies to do whatever it wanted. I mean, they're immortal beings who survived billions of years, they'll do whatever they wanted, right?

Needless to say, I was and am mesmerized by these entities.  I'm not going to explain all in details on these intriguing entities.  However, these entities are my favorite creatures in all of Green Lantern mythology.  Not a long ago in the beginning of the War of the Green Lanterns, a renegade Guardian Krona assaulted the Citadel where the Guardians converged on Planet Oa with the emotional entities and ambushed them in a quick succession. The image of the emotional entities seizing the Guardians are quite powerful. It tells me one thing:  The entities are oldest beings in the universe. They look at you with contempt.  They know more than you do in your lifetime.

Each time I see this image, I think of them staring at you or me with ... contempt.

So when I used them on my vlogs, it is my way of informing the viewers that the next segment is the one that I held whoever I talked about ... with contempt.

And from now on, if you see the image on the below on any future entries on my blog, it means that I am going to talk about someone else ... with contempt.

And here is the image that I was referring to.



Monday, March 04, 2013

You Will Act The Way I Will You To Act, Ganthet.

Already I got a couple of emails asking me to fill in on the latest quote which I quoted from Geoff Johns of Green Lantern #17:

"You will act the way I will you to act, Ganthet."

This quote was uttered by Volthoom, the First Lantern who was imprisoned by the Guardians of the Universe in the Chambers of Shadows for billions of years after Volthoom acquired the full brunt of emotional spectrum powers. The Guardians deemed him as a threat to the universe because he has the powers to distort the time & space continuum.  But in the recent issues, Volthoom was freed and in turn, he imprisoned the Guardians as well as pulling the Guardians to do his biddings in changing the timeline.

Volthoom is immensely powerful. But he is also insane. Who can blame him? I mean, he was imprisoned for billions of years just because he acquired the full powers of emotional spectrum. This time, he is free to do whatever he wanted. But in this book, the Guardians mentioned that Volthoom was already crazy before he acquired the vast powers of emotional spectrum which Volthoom quickly denied.

However, I'm providing this image to show how confident and powerful Volthoom can be. The sentence itself is quite powerful - Volthoom knew the Guardians cannot truly stop him just like that.

And why does the quote strikes me very well at this time?  After what happened on Facebook and YouTube where people attempted to subjugate me on their own terms - I fought back. And this time, it is my turn. People who tried to subjugate me will do my biddings on my own accord.

You just watch me.



Shame on you, Julia Silvestri

My latest 30-day suspension on Facebook occurred 3 days after I finished the 2nd 30-day suspension (Maria Dollhopf was the culprit that reported me to FB that led to my 2nd 30-day suspension). Julia Silvestri was the culprit who tried to silence me by reporting to FB claiming that I was harassing her when I was merely using her and others as an example of what is wrong with everything.

When Karen von Pills posted the personal information of Elena M. Ruiz, Julia Silvestri was one of several people who was very vocal in criticizing Karen von Pills for doing this.

What I saw was hypocrisy on these people. .  There was a similar situation that happened to me 3 weeks prior to this fiasco and I decided I'd write all about it on my wall via Facebook talking about hypocrisy and community accountability.

As you can see the post below, none of my post contained harassment nor offensive comments. It simply called out people who were full of shit themselves. That is why Julia Silvestri got irked and reported me to FB and I got suspended for 30 days for the 3rd time since July, 2012.

You can decide for yourself whether if this warranted the 3rd 30-day suspension for me on Facebook.

Shame on you, Julia Silvestri.



"I had been thinking a lot. About a lot of things. Facundo Element made a post decrying Karen von Pills' blog for publishing Elena Ruiz's personal information. I received an email from Chad W. Taylor complaining about it as well. I saw dozens of people raising a fuss about what Karen von Pills did to Elena.

Meanwhile, Elena Ruiz quickly deactivated her FB account and currently masqueraded herself as a "bullying victim". Whatever.

I have nothing to do with Karen von Pills' blogsite. I will admit that when I saw the personal information on Elena, I did wince and cringe. I chose not to say anything about it. I leave it as is. Why? Why didn't I do something to stop it - some said, "community accountability" - What the fuck? Are you serious?

A couple of years ago when I lived in Virginia, someone posted my home address & phone number along with false accusations on the internet. I had to fight my way around. The cops stopped by my house 3 times because they said they got anonymous calls saying that I was manufacturing Meth. Never mind I don't use it nor knew how to make one. It was quite embarrassing & terrifying to deal with cops that stopped by your home at 2 or 3 AM in the morning.

Not even Sheri Ann Farinha, Julie Rems SmarioMarilyn Jean Smith, Facundo Element, Julia Silvestri and others raised a fuss about it. It is OK that it happened to me. It is not OK that it happened to someone else.

When I fought my way around - I was vindicated. But the damage is already there. I do not forget.

When I moved to Frederick, a certain group of Deaf people (Ella Mae Lentz, Robin Polin & Carl Schroeder to name few) called the CPS on my sister claiming that I was abusing my niece. The CPS stopped by and interviewed us all. I was baffled when the CPS stopped by. Few weeks later, someone shared me the email contents which proved that they came up with an idea to defame me by calling the CPS on my sister. They did it to retaliate because I produced vlogs that pretty much challenged & disputed their views.

Nobody raised a fuss about it. It is OK that it happened to me. But it is not OK that it happened to others.

When I started to post things on Facebook, my account was open to public. People started to abuse the Facebook system by reporting me to FB on this, that and there. They did this because they did not like my posts. I got suspended 4 times in a short time (50 days of suspension in 60 days) last summer. Very few people objected to this. Michelle InsaneMisha Passeck and Cheryl McGilvery Quintal was one of these people who noticed the repeated abuses by other people trying to silence me by getting me suspended repeatedly.

Last month, I decided to make my account private. And that I will monitor who's who on my list. During that time, I also had to deal with this individual who kept on taking my comments from my wall for his vlogs so he can twist it around and attack me repeatedly. That was the day I decided to unfriend Jerome Cain - that was my right to unfriend him, right? So I booted him out just like that.

Someone did not agree with what I did and reported me to FB. I got suspended for 30 days. During that 30 days of suspension, I was effectively muted on FB but I continued to tweet & make vlogs on my own. During that time, Jerome Cain and his friends made dozens of vlogs bullying me around. He even posted my workplace information and urged people to call my boss to get me fired. I had to battle my way around. I still have my job. Someone got the temporary Peace Order (Restraining Order) against me which I contested and won in the court three Fridays ago. At that time, I also had to be there for my mother who was hospitalized twice in a month. I also had to put up with one vlogger who claimed that I was jailed as well. All in the span of 3 weeks when I was muted on Facebook.

I fought my way around. I won. But when Jerome Cain posted my workplace information, nobody raised a fuss about it. Facundo Element did not post to protest the despicable actions that were placed on me by Jerome Cain and his pals. Not even Chad W. Taylor. Not even Leala Holcomb. Not even Ian Smith. Not even Joseph Santini. Not even Julia Silvestri.

It is OK that it happened to me. But it is not OK that it happened to someone else like Elena Ruiz.

And now Karen von Pills turned the table on Elena Ruiz by posting her information publicly and you're making a fuss about it?


And you talk to me of community accountability? My ass.


It Is Time To Resume The Blogging

As you can see, I'm back from the long hiatus. I was never away from the internet, really.  For a long time, I had stopped blogging mainly because my time & energy was spent on different venues such as vlogging on YouTube.

Twitter comes in my life a couple of years ago. I absolutely loved the concept of Twitter.  I still use it frequently. In fact, I tweeted more than 30,000 tweets as of far!  But many of my friends also flocked to Facebook.  So I went as well.  I posted a lot of stuff on Facebook.

Facebook is a great social networking for Deaf people where they can congregate and share their feelings, beliefs, thoughts and so on.  Sometimes it is healthy to make sure that people understand and uphold their
But man, Facebook is one of fastest growing social networking companies in the world but they truly suck at managing the system.  The result is that so many Deaf people would abuse the system by "reporting" the others in order to silence them from sharing their own thoughts.

I had been suspended for sixth time since last summer in July, 2012 (I got suspended for 3 days, 7 days, 15, days, 30 days, 30 days and 30 days) - All of them were reported by Deaf individuals whom I called & challenged them publicly about their wrongdoings & hypocrisy.  They reported to Facebook in order to silence me from questioning, challenging and hold them accountable for their fuck-ups.

This blog is being resumed because frankly, I'm tired of being treated this way by Facebook's incompetent management who got duped by these malicious Deaf individuals out to silence Deaf people at large.

These Deaf individuals who harassed me on Facebook by reporting me repeatedly to Facebook will be identified and scrutinized in next few entries. Payback can be a bitch, people.

This blog will not mean that I will stop using Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. I continue to use Twitter on daily basis. I continue to vlog on YouTube but from now on, I shall add the vlog on this blog as well. When I am unsuspended on Facebook, I shall resume my activities there but I have no intention of stopping this blog from now on.

However, you will realize that I am doing some renovations on my ancient blog.  It is time to bring it back. After all, it is long overdue.