Monday, March 04, 2013

Shame on you, Julia Silvestri

My latest 30-day suspension on Facebook occurred 3 days after I finished the 2nd 30-day suspension (Maria Dollhopf was the culprit that reported me to FB that led to my 2nd 30-day suspension). Julia Silvestri was the culprit who tried to silence me by reporting to FB claiming that I was harassing her when I was merely using her and others as an example of what is wrong with everything.

When Karen von Pills posted the personal information of Elena M. Ruiz, Julia Silvestri was one of several people who was very vocal in criticizing Karen von Pills for doing this.

What I saw was hypocrisy on these people. .  There was a similar situation that happened to me 3 weeks prior to this fiasco and I decided I'd write all about it on my wall via Facebook talking about hypocrisy and community accountability.

As you can see the post below, none of my post contained harassment nor offensive comments. It simply called out people who were full of shit themselves. That is why Julia Silvestri got irked and reported me to FB and I got suspended for 30 days for the 3rd time since July, 2012.

You can decide for yourself whether if this warranted the 3rd 30-day suspension for me on Facebook.

Shame on you, Julia Silvestri.



"I had been thinking a lot. About a lot of things. Facundo Element made a post decrying Karen von Pills' blog for publishing Elena Ruiz's personal information. I received an email from Chad W. Taylor complaining about it as well. I saw dozens of people raising a fuss about what Karen von Pills did to Elena.

Meanwhile, Elena Ruiz quickly deactivated her FB account and currently masqueraded herself as a "bullying victim". Whatever.

I have nothing to do with Karen von Pills' blogsite. I will admit that when I saw the personal information on Elena, I did wince and cringe. I chose not to say anything about it. I leave it as is. Why? Why didn't I do something to stop it - some said, "community accountability" - What the fuck? Are you serious?

A couple of years ago when I lived in Virginia, someone posted my home address & phone number along with false accusations on the internet. I had to fight my way around. The cops stopped by my house 3 times because they said they got anonymous calls saying that I was manufacturing Meth. Never mind I don't use it nor knew how to make one. It was quite embarrassing & terrifying to deal with cops that stopped by your home at 2 or 3 AM in the morning.

Not even Sheri Ann Farinha, Julie Rems SmarioMarilyn Jean Smith, Facundo Element, Julia Silvestri and others raised a fuss about it. It is OK that it happened to me. It is not OK that it happened to someone else.

When I fought my way around - I was vindicated. But the damage is already there. I do not forget.

When I moved to Frederick, a certain group of Deaf people (Ella Mae Lentz, Robin Polin & Carl Schroeder to name few) called the CPS on my sister claiming that I was abusing my niece. The CPS stopped by and interviewed us all. I was baffled when the CPS stopped by. Few weeks later, someone shared me the email contents which proved that they came up with an idea to defame me by calling the CPS on my sister. They did it to retaliate because I produced vlogs that pretty much challenged & disputed their views.

Nobody raised a fuss about it. It is OK that it happened to me. But it is not OK that it happened to others.

When I started to post things on Facebook, my account was open to public. People started to abuse the Facebook system by reporting me to FB on this, that and there. They did this because they did not like my posts. I got suspended 4 times in a short time (50 days of suspension in 60 days) last summer. Very few people objected to this. Michelle InsaneMisha Passeck and Cheryl McGilvery Quintal was one of these people who noticed the repeated abuses by other people trying to silence me by getting me suspended repeatedly.

Last month, I decided to make my account private. And that I will monitor who's who on my list. During that time, I also had to deal with this individual who kept on taking my comments from my wall for his vlogs so he can twist it around and attack me repeatedly. That was the day I decided to unfriend Jerome Cain - that was my right to unfriend him, right? So I booted him out just like that.

Someone did not agree with what I did and reported me to FB. I got suspended for 30 days. During that 30 days of suspension, I was effectively muted on FB but I continued to tweet & make vlogs on my own. During that time, Jerome Cain and his friends made dozens of vlogs bullying me around. He even posted my workplace information and urged people to call my boss to get me fired. I had to battle my way around. I still have my job. Someone got the temporary Peace Order (Restraining Order) against me which I contested and won in the court three Fridays ago. At that time, I also had to be there for my mother who was hospitalized twice in a month. I also had to put up with one vlogger who claimed that I was jailed as well. All in the span of 3 weeks when I was muted on Facebook.

I fought my way around. I won. But when Jerome Cain posted my workplace information, nobody raised a fuss about it. Facundo Element did not post to protest the despicable actions that were placed on me by Jerome Cain and his pals. Not even Chad W. Taylor. Not even Leala Holcomb. Not even Ian Smith. Not even Joseph Santini. Not even Julia Silvestri.

It is OK that it happened to me. But it is not OK that it happened to someone else like Elena Ruiz.

And now Karen von Pills turned the table on Elena Ruiz by posting her information publicly and you're making a fuss about it?


And you talk to me of community accountability? My ass.


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